Rating TOP-5 Kitfort Robot Vacuum Cleaners: best models, options + reviews

The modern housewife has less time to clean the house. The only salvation is a special technique that simplifies the maintenance of cleanliness. A vivid example is robot vacuum cleaners. They automatically clean the rooms.

If you do not know which manufacturer to give preference, then you should pay attention to the robot Kitfort vacuum cleaners - reliable, durable and practical equipment.

The content of the article:

  • Reviews of the manufacturer of robot Kitfort
  • TOP-5 best robot vacuum cleaner brand
    • Place # 5 - Model Kitfort KT-511
    • Place # 4 - Model Kitfort KT-512
    • Place # 3 - Model Kitfort KT-518
    • Place # 2 - Model Kitfort KT-519
    • Place # 1 - Model Kitfort KT-516
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Reviews of the manufacturer of robot Kitfort

The company's office is located in Russia, in the city of St. Petersburg. Its products are represented in almost all chain stores that sell household appliances.

Kitfort designers develop several color solutions for vehicles. This allows each hostess to choose a device that matches the technical characteristics and color.

Blue robot vacuum cleaner Kitfort

The Kitfort range includes dozens of cleaning drones. Each, even the most budget model, has a rich functionality, acceptable technical characteristics and an affordable price.

The name of the company is a combination of two English words Kitchen and Comfort. Accordingly, its main activity is the development of appliances intended for use in the kitchen.

The constant expansion of the range has led to the emergence of robotic vacuum cleaners. They are indispensable helpers who will relieve the housewife from unnecessary worries.

As a rule, the owners of Kitfort robot vacuum cleaners are satisfied with the purchase. Most attracted ease of use and affordable price.

Stylish design of automatic assistant

Buyers also liked the cutting-edge design of cleaning devices, which harmoniously fits into the classic and modern interior design.

Among the shortcomings of the products there is only low productivity.

TOP-5 best robot vacuum cleaner brand

Choosing a cleaning drone is a laborious and time-consuming task. In order not to make a bad choice, we will make a rating of the best robots of vacuum cleaners from Kitfort and consider all their positive and negative sides.

Place # 5 - Model Kitfort KT-511

If you need a model that will do its job well and is easy to manage, then Kitfort KT-511 fits both of these characteristics. Such a drone is distinguished by its cheapness and the absence of any unnecessary functions. The number of reasonable advantages of the model include simplicity of design, so that the number of failures of the device is minimized.

Technical specifications. The height of the case is about 90 mm. This is the average for this kind of technology. But it will be enough for the drone to sneak into almost all parts of the apartment and clean out dust and debris.

A nickel-metal hydride battery is used as a power source. Its capacity is about 800 mAh, which is enough only for 30 minutes of work. At the same time charging time reaches 8 hours. Such battery parameters can be considered a significant drawback.

Two side brushes are used to clean the surface. With their help, Kitfort KT-511 easily removes the floor near the baseboards, furniture and corners. The volume of a dustbin is standard and is 300 ml.

Drone cleans intake air. For this purpose, apply coarse filters. As for the noise level, the model works quite quietly. Its volume rarely reaches 68 dB.

The following video will introduce the features of the mini vacuum cleaner:

Functions and Modes. The functionality of Kitfort KT-511 is quite modest - the robot can work only in one mode. But if you take into account its cost, then you can close your eyes to this.

The model is used for dry cleaning of smooth surfaces - tile, tile and linoleum. It is also suitable for cleaning the carpet with a minimum pile height.

Design and additional accessoriesThe appearance of the Kitfort KT-511 differs in its bold form. The body is painted in black and light blue. Also, the manufacturer offers a version made in a pure black shade.

The model has no display. Instead, a pair of indicators is used. Several slots located on the sides of the case, designed to return, cleaned with filters, air. In addition, they make the design more aggressive and modern, which can not fail to attract.

The dustbin cover is located in the center of the upper panel of the housing. To open it, press the Open key. For convenience of use the container for dust is equipped with the convenient handle.

The secret of model success. Model KT-511 entered the top five cleaning drones "Kitfort" because of its unique advantages. It is worth noting its cost - it is no more than 5,000 rubles. This makes the model available to the buyer with any income level.

The list of benefits should also include the following:

  • the impressive length of the side brushes, which allows you to clean up the corners and the surface near the walls;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • acceptable technical specifications.

Among the minuses of Kitfort KT-511, one should single out the low performance of the device and the rather modest battery capacity.

The main disadvantages of this robot vacuum cleaner include the fact that it has a too low fit. This makes it difficult to overcome thresholds whose height exceeds 2-3 mm.

Place # 4 - Model Kitfort KT-512

The fourth place in the ranking of the best robo vacuum cleaners of the brand was taken by the Kitfort KT-512 model. It belongs to the average price segment and at the end of 2017 its cost was about $ 200. This is a good choice if you need to order inexpensive equipment with standard features.

Appearance. The design can hardly be called unique - it is classic. The case has a round shape and is painted in a black shade. An interesting decision from the designers was to combine matte and glossy plastic.

Sensors that determine the change in height are located on the outside of the case behind the bumper. This design prevents the drone from colliding with furniture and interior items, protects it from damage.

Functions and equipment. The manufacturer during the development of Kitfort KT-512 has focused on ease of management. The device is turned on by pressing a single button. Included is a special remote with which you can set a program for cleaning the room.

The robot is oriented in space due to infrared and optical sensors. In this case, the drone builds a good route around the room.

The user has the opportunity to choose one of four modes of operation. The program can be set for a week or make it daily. In the box with a robotic vacuum cleaner is the base for recharging. In the process, he finds it on his own and connects with infrared sensors.

The video in an accessible form represents the technical capabilities and advantages of the model:

Operating parameters. The height of Kitfort KT-512 is 95 mm, and the width and length - 320 mm. Weight stopped at around 3.5 kg. These are average indicators for robots of this price segment.

The model has a good suction power - 22 watts. This will be enough to clean even the oldest carpets. In addition, during operation, the owner will hardly hear any noise. After all, the drone's volume level does not exceed 50 dB.

The battery capacity is 2,200 mAh. This battery will last for an hour and a half of painstaking cleaning. As for the time required for charging, it reaches 360 minutes.

Positive and negative sides. After several months of use, the Kitfort KT-512 owners emit high build quality and the lowest possible noise level.

Many liked such an additional accessory as the “virtual wall”, which allows to limit the cleaning area.

The list of features is worth adding these advantages:

  • the possibility of programming;
  • a large number of modes of cleaning;
  • correct location of the side brush;
  • low cost;
  • self-charging device.

Essential minuses in Kitfort KT-512 were not found.

The only thing I would like to fix is ​​to increase the efficiency of local cleaning, reduce the charging time, and also report on the set of batteries for the virtual wall and the control panel.

Place # 3 - Model Kitfort KT-518

Another budget model is the Kitfort KT-518. It is convenient in operation and stands out among its competitors with a carefully thought-out design and excellent technical characteristics. Therefore, the device is in demand in the domestic market.

Specifications. First of all, I would like to mention a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2,600 mAh. Because of this, the device may be cleaned for two and a half hours, while charging will take no more than 270 minutes.

The height of the drone is only 80 mm. Therefore, he will make his way to all the corners of the house that are difficult for a regular mop and will qualitatively clean dust using a pair of long side brushes.

The suction power stopped at around 20 W, which is quite an impressive result for a unit worth 10,000 rubles. In this case, the engineers managed to achieve the lowest possible noise at work - 59 dB.

With the work and functionality of the mini-vacuum cleaner KT-518 will introduce the video:

Appearance. The design of the drone will attract to itself lovers of modern and stylish technology. Its body is painted white and only the central part - the lid of the dust collector - is framed with a ring of black plastic.

Literate decision was to make the bottom corners of the robot rounded. Thanks to this, he can easily overcome small obstacles.

The device is not equipped with a display. Its function is performed by one touch button and a pair of LEDs. With the help of LED-bulbs, the user can find out the level of charge and determine the mode of operation.

Advantages and disadvantages. The low noise, attractive design, the presence of side brushes, which significantly increase the efficiency of work, and the modest height of the hull, which allows it to penetrate under low furniture.

There are no drawbacks due to which you should refuse to buy, KT-518 does not. But you need to know that the device can not clean the carpet with high pile and the user does not have the ability to turn off sound notifications.

Place # 2 - Model Kitfort KT-519

Kitfort's KT-519 is a functional, but at the same time, inexpensive model of a robot vacuum cleaner. The secret of popularity lies in its reliability, low noise and sufficient power. Consider all of its characteristics, features and disadvantages in more detail.

Design. The manufacturer offers four options for painting the Kitfort KT-519 case. It is silver, brown, gold and light green.

On the top cover is located only the power button. This design decision makes the appearance of the device minimalistic and greatly simplifies management.

Equipment. Here at Kitfort KT-519 everything is standard: a dust collector with a volume of 450 ml, 3 filters with different levels cleaning, several turbo brushes, including spare, a base for automatic charging of the drone, as well as a remote management.

The remote control is designed for manual operation control. With it, you can customize the schedule of cleaning the room on days of the week, which allows you to automatically maintain cleanliness in the house.

Specifications. A distinctive feature of the model is a small-sized case, whose height is 75 mm. As a result, the floor covering under the beds, tables and sofas will be qualitatively cleared of debris and dust.

The work is provided by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of about 2,600 mAh. Batteries will be enough for cleaning for two and a half hours. Recharge will take about 300 minutes.

Kitfort KT-519 is designed exclusively for dry cleaning. In this case, the robot can work in one of four modes: chaotic movement, in a spiral, zigzag or along the perimeter. The user is given the opportunity to set the cleaning parameters using the remote control.

With the advantages of the model and the functionality will help to understand the following video:

Advantages and disadvantages. Features of the model can be considered the possibility of cleaning all kinds of surfaces. For Kitfort KT-519, even a 2.5 cm nap is not a problem. The device will perfectly collect dust, garbage and even pet hair.

Drone can remove any particular place. This will be useful when you need to treat an overly contaminated area. This mode allows you to make every inch perfectly clean.

With its small dimensions, the assistant is distinguished by an impressive suction capacity. The garbage is collected in a special cyclone dust container, which makes Kitfort KT-519 as autonomous as possible. It can work for 3-4 days without maintenance.

The manufacturer guarantees that this model will last at least 5 years. But in case of problems, the buyer during the first year of operation can count on a free service.

It is worth including the list of deficiencies that in some cases motion sensors do not work. Also, if the drone started cleaning not from the base, then later it is unlikely to find it.

Place # 1 - Model Kitfort KT-516

The ranking leader is Kitfort KT-516. The Russian company managed to produce the most convenient and practical device that copes with all its obligations. The robot is used not only in dry, but also in wet cleaning.

Design and accessories. The case of the model is distinguished by its originality, stylishness and harmoniously complement absolutely any, whether classic or modern, interior style. The top cover is covered with a high-density polymer film. Accordingly, minor scratches, chips and mechanical damage to him are not terrible.

To navigate in space, the drone uses infrared sensors that read the situation in detail. Control buttons are conveniently located on the top panel. For programming the work, the direction of movement and the choice of the desired direction is used remote control.

The bottom is equipped with a pair of pads, swivel roller, main and one side brush. To detect obstacles and elevations near the edges of the case are sensors that determine the height difference. This will save the robot from falling from the ladder.

Video presentation of the flagship model:

The reason for the popularity of the model. The secret of success and the reason to put the Kitfort KT-516 in the first place lies in its technical characteristics. The height of the case is only 100 mm, and the diameter is 350 mm. He is agile and can get to every corner of the house.

Nickel-metal hydride battery ensures uninterrupted operation for one and a half hours. In this case, the recharge will take no more than 6 hours.

The list of modes deserves attention. There are four of them:

  • auto;
  • manual;
  • local;
  • Scheduled.

You can get acquainted with the detailed description of each cleaning method using the instruction manual.

It should be noted that there is another mode called “cleaning near obstacles”. It is useful for collecting dust along walls, furniture and other interior items.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Expert opinion and testing of robotic vacuum cleaners of different brands, including Kitfort appliances:

Robots vacuum cleaners from the domestic manufacturer "Kitfort" over the years of its existence have established themselves as reliable, functional and durable equipment. They do an excellent job with their main task and at the same time are available to most potential buyers.

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