Robot vacuum cleaner Panda i5: a review of options, pros and cons + comparison with competitors

If you believe advertising, the Panda i5 robot vacuum cleaner is just a godsend for those who don’t like to waste time on regular hours-long cleaning.

Manufacturers declare that this miniature unit will not only cope with various garbage qualitatively, but also itself plans the route and develops a safe algorithm of movement in order to quickly and imperceptibly clean hosts Let's see if this is true.

The content of the article:

  • Key features of Panda i5
    • Appearance and equipment
    • Technical and functional nuances
    • Additional features of the unit
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Panda i5
  • Comparison with competing models
    • Competitor # 1: iClebo Arte Ironman edition
    • Competitor # 2: iClebo Omega
    • Competitor # 3: Robo-sos LR-450
  • The best deals on the market

Key features of Panda i5

The Panda i5 robotic unit is a new generation model from the Japanese manufacturer Panda Robotics. Despite the fact that devices are assembled in China, the products of this brand are distinguished by the use of high-quality components and the use of innovative technologies.

Therefore, even among the premium models Panda i5 stands out not only for its original design, but also for its unique technical equipment..

Appearance and equipment

The device itself has a modern laconic design and surprisingly compact size. The mass of the robot is 2.3 kg, the height is only 60 mm, and the diameter is 25 cm.

The case is made of high-quality plastic and is offered in two colors - Gold Gold and Black and Red.

Panda i5 Red and Gold

The manufacturer offers to purchase a vacuum cleaner with all the necessary components for dry and wet cleaning. The only thing you have to buy yourself is a memory card of the required volume if you plan to save camera recordings.

The package, except for the vacuum cleaner itself, includes:

  1. Station for recharging.
  2. The washing panel with the water tank.
  3. 2 side brushes with six "rays".
  4. Spare filter.
  5. Remote control.
  6. Power Supply.
  7. 2 microfiber cleaning wipes.
  8. Instruction and warranty card.

The unit is designed for cleaning the floor, and it can work not only on hard surfaces, but even clean long pile carpeting.

And thanks to the built-in container with water and a two-layer wide napkin, it is efficient to perform combined dry and wet cleaning on tile, linoleum, laminate, parquet, without leaving wet marks and divorces.

Technical and functional nuances

Despite its very modest size, the Panda i5 robot is equipped with a powerful engine with low sound, a lithium-polymer battery with an impressive capacity of 7000 mAh and a large dust collector for 500 ml.

This allows the vacuum cleaner to cope with the cleaning area of ​​200-240 m2 and act without recharging for at least 140 minutes.

The main parameters of Panda i5

The main technical characteristics of the Panda i5 allow it to compete successfully with other robotic vacuum cleaners from the premium range (+)

Thanks to the ultra-thin body and small diameter, the robot easily penetrates into hard-to-reach places, including the space under the furniture.

It cleans deposits of dust, pet hair, various small debris - scraps of paper, sand, earth, husks from seeds.

And with the help of a well-thought-out routing algorithm, when the battery is discharged or after the assignment is completed, it is sent to the charging station.

Panda i5 in work

The chassis of the robot vacuum cleaner allows it to easily overcome thresholds and other "barriers" with a height of up to 25 mm

It can work in the following modes:

  1. Auto - cleaning along the established route allows you to maximize the cleaning of the entire accessible surface of the floor.
  2. Dot - cleaning of small, highly contaminated areas, in which the vacuum cleaner turns on the maximum suction power.
  3. Around the perimeter - a passage along the walls and around the furniture, with an emphasis on cleanliness in the corners and near the baseboards.
  4. Express - fast 20-minute cleaning in the automatic mode.
  5. Delayed start - with the ability to set the exact time and any day to start work.

The principle of dry cleaning in Panda i5 is no different from other vacuum robot robots - it draws in dust and debris. throughout their journey, changing power depending on the level of pollution and helping themselves to spin brushes.

By the way, unlike many analog models, Panda’s brushes rotate at a good pace and do not scatter litter over the entire floor surface.

Cleaning route planning

The built-in echolocation system and 4 groups of sensors help the robot to recognize obstacles, work out a safe route and avoid collisions with people and objects

The air trapped inside the vacuum cleaner passes through several stages of cleaning:

  • preliminary - using a fine-meshed mesh, on which large debris remains;
  • HEPA membrane - eliminates various allergenic particles (dust mites, fungal spores) and other small inclusions;
  • fine cleaning - through activated carbon, which filters even microparticles of dust and other debris up to 0.03 microns in size.

The function of wet cleaning is interestingly solved: a flat module with a water tank and a cleaning microfiber cloth is attached to the lower part of the body.

As a result, the robot first draws in the trash, then moistens the floor surface and wipes it dry.

Wet cleaning module

The module of wet cleaning is easily fixed on the bottom of the case, but does not affect its patency, because it does not change the height of the case (+)

You can control the robot through the remote control or program the cleaning mode using the program installed on your smartphone / tablet.

The device moves randomly, starting to move in a straight line, and when confronted with an obstacle, changes direction in an arbitrary order.

But if necessary, you can set another algorithm for movement: in a spiral, along the walls, or allow it to combine modes automatically.
Appearance, Panda i5 robot grade:

Additional features of the unit

The device not only copes with its direct duties as a cleaner, but is also equipped with a mass of highly technical devices. Consider the most interesting features of the robot vacuum cleaner Panda i5.

On the front bumper of the unit there is a video camera with a panoramic view, a night vision function and a built-in slot for a card of up to 32 GB.

Thanks to this, the device can also be used as a guard to get information about what is happening in the apartment at any time. When there is no need to take pictures, the eye of the camera can be closed with a shutter.

Robot Vacuum Chamber

Panda i5 is the first robot vacuum cleaner equipped with an active panoramic video camera with the ability connections via a smartphone that allows you to shoot in real time and save materials to flash card

To work in the dark, infrared lamps are used, installed on four sides of the case.

The principle of operation of the module is almost the same as the function of the car DVR.

Through it, you can not only monitor the progress of cleaning, but also set the direction yourself or adjust the route of the device through a home Wi-Fi network.

Fall Protection System

The fall protection system helps the device keep track of changes in the height of the floor surface and prevents falling from the steps or the high podium.

Other nice bonuses:

  1. Intellectual navigation - with the help of the same camera and sensors detecting obstacles, the robot independently makes a map of the house and remembers the places where it was already cleaned and where it still has to go.
  2. Innovative echolocation system reduces the likelihood of a vacuum cleaner colliding with objects by up to 96%. And for robots that use only infrared sensors, this figure does not exceed 80%.
  3. Remote control via Wi-Fi - access to the control unit can be through a home router or a mobile application.
  4. Camera Can work continuously even while charging the battery.
  5. Microfiber cloth On the washing module has a special structure of the pile, which effectively collects moisture, pet hair, hair, dust.

Of course, it was not without additional, but useless functions. For example, on the device you can make a video call and talk on a vacuum cleaner, like on Skype.

How to configure the connection of the robot to Wi-Fi and smartphone, clearly demonstrated in the video:

Advantages and disadvantages of the Panda i5

So, summarize all the positive aspects of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Pluses of the unit:

  1. A power of 1.2 kPa allows the removal of even the smallest particles of dirt, even from fleecy carpets, not to mention smooth surfaces.
  2. The new high-tech processor is responsible for the accuracy of building the route and the terrain plan, fast switching of modes, the work of the system for preventing falls and collisions.
  3. Ultra-slim body and low weight provides excellent maneuverability and maneuverability.
  4. The possibility of combining dry and wet cleaning.
  5. Side brushes are equipped with protection against winding threads, hair and other debris, and their increased diameter allows you to increase the efficiency of cleaning hard-to-reach areas and angles by 30% compared with previous Panda models.
  6. The width of the cleaning napkin is 28 cm, which is almost twice the size of standard floor polisher for analog devices.
  7. Increased volume of water tank containing 280 ml.
  8. Function of automatic removal of excess moisture.
  9. Automatic charging.
  10. The minimum noise level from a working device.
  11. Warranty 2 years.

Of course, according to the manufacturers and sellers of equipment, the instrument does not have any minuses. But if you examine the reviews of buyers who have already checked the operation of the vacuum cleaner in practice, we can note several shortcomings.

Echolocation system

The Panda i5 echolocation system is a unique development for collision avoidance, in which the principle of orientation in the space of bats and dolphins (+) was taken as the basis

So, the robot does not pass through high thresholds, defining them as an obstacle, so if there is a podium or other height differences on the floor - the device will have to be moved from room to room.

Some users have noted problems with the wet cleaning function - sometimes too much water flows from the holes in the container., and the robot literally floats in a puddle until the rag absorbs all the moisture.
The principle of operation and control of the vacuum cleaner are presented in the video:

True, manufacturers respond to this claim that the matter is not in the vacuum cleaner itself, but in the wrongly fixed tank.

Charging from the station

The problem with the return to the charging base is easily eliminated, if you correctly determine the place for the station - it should not hide behind the sofa or other massive pieces of furniture

The routing system also raises questions - not everyone likes the chaotic movements of a vacuum cleaner, many would prefer to set the exact path for cleaning themselves.

There are claims to the developers of the application that allows you to control the device from a smartphone or tablet - sometimes the image from the camera or soft buttons disappears and a reboot is required.

But in general, customers are satisfied with their assistant and his work, and their minor flaws are not deterred.

Comparison with competing models

Let's compare the Panda i5 model with automatic cleaners able to compete with it, which are close in terms of customer demand and as extensive technical capabilities.

Competitor # 1: iClebo Arte Ironman edition

The model successfully copes with wet and dry cleaning options. It takes 1 hour and 50 minutes to charge, and to get a new portion of energy when it exhausts the previous one, it returns independently. From the battery, the device can work 2 hours. Pleases an impressive volume of the dust collector, equal to 0.6 liters.

The case is equipped with a display with basic management tools. The choice of operating mode and programming of the card is made using the remote control. Infrared sensors are built in to detect obstacles. 55 dB noise.

To perform wet flooring iClebo Arte Ironman edition is complemented with microfiber cloths. Among the extremely useful features is a timer that allows you to choose a convenient time for work. It is possible to calculate the cleaning time and program the activation of the unit by day of the week.

Competitor # 2: iClebo Omega

This robotic vacuum cleaner is also subject to both dry and wet type of cleaning. The device is charged for 3 hours, from a prepared battery, it works for 1 hour and 20 minutes. When the energy received ends, the automatic cleaner himself rushes to the parking base. In case the room alignment process was interrupted, after charging the robot returns to the point from which it went to charge.

To detect obstacles iClebo Omega is equipped with optical sensors. Technical stuffing from the effects of accidental collisions protects soft bumper. A magnetic tape is included in the package for separating the cleaned area. If necessary, enhance the suction effect, you can use the turbo mode.

It is controlled by electronics, a touch screen is mounted in the case. Programming the scheme of work and building a map of the processed premises is performed using the remote control. For convenience, the display is illuminated by LEDs. This model makes noise 68 dB.

Competitor # 3: Robo-sos LR-450

The automatic cleaner is capable of dry and wet floor cleaning. The minus of the model is by right recognized as a long charge lasting 6 hours. From the battery, the robot runs for 2 hours without a break. When charging is depleted, the model will independently stand at the base for renewing the energy reserve. Noise during operation only 45 dB.

Robo-sos LR-450 is equipped with optical sensors that detect obstacles in the way of a vacuum cleaner. The processing area is limited by the virtual wall. The body is equipped with a soft bumper that minimizes the effects of possible collisions. On the cover there is a display illuminated by LEDs. Also in the management and selection of modes used remote.

Vacuum cleaner can be adjusted by day of the week. There is a system for selecting the most suitable suction power, taking into account the degree of contamination and type of coating. Dust collector volume 0.8 l. You can program the device by day of the week.

The best deals on the market

Of course vacuum cleaner Panda i5 will not solve the problem of complex cleaning, but if you have small children, a spacious house with impressive area or shaggy pet, such a device will be an excellent help to maintain floor cleanliness.

And for those who can not decide on a purchase in any way, many sellers of equipment offer not only detailed expert advice, but also a home test-drive of a robot vacuum cleaner.

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