Review Liebherr refrigerators: characteristics, models, reviews

Planning to buy a Liebherr refrigerator and do not know which one to choose? Today's review focuses on features, faults and popular models. The range of single-door, two-door, recessed and freestanding options. Regardless of your means and the size of the kitchen you will find suitable.

material Contents:

  • 1 About
  • 2 Popular models
    • 2.1 Liebher CUP 2221
    • 2.2 Liebher CU 3501
    • 2.3 CUP 3533
    • 2.4 Liebherr CN3313
    • 2.5 CNesf 5113
    • 2.6 ICUNS 3314
    • 2.7 SBS 7212
  • 3 Marking
  • 4 Faults


It happens that the producers of refrigerators are companies that manufacture cars, airplanes and even tanks. The German firm "Liebherr" is exactly that.

The brand exists since 1949, and household refrigerators appeared in 1954.Reliability and modern technology quickly provided the technique with great popularity. In addition, all products are warranted up to 36 months.

Where do they make the technique? There are three lines on which

are born: freezers, refrigerators and wine cabinets .The main plant, which is located in Germany( Oxenhausen), currently employs more than 1,900 people. Among the company's clients are not only ordinary users, but also pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, etc.

All appliances are assembled in Europe.

Fact! The specialists of the company "Liebherr" are the pioneers of safe technologies. They were the first to launch a model that works without freon.

Popular models

Liebher CUP 2221

Let's start with the smallest refrigerator: its dimensions are 136x55x62.8 cm. Single-chamber models with such dimensions are a frequent phenomenon. But the CUP 2221 is the most common two-compartment refrigerator, only in a smaller version.

The volume of the "baby" - 196 liters, 54 of which fall on the freezer. Most users are accustomed to pre-purchase products for a week or even a month. Of course, this model is not suitable for such purposes. But for one person who spends a lot of time at work and dines in cafes or restaurants, this option will appeal. In addition, if you have a small kitchen, the purchase of this device will greatly save space.

There is a significant drawback - the high price of almost 13 thousand rubles. But to buy high-quality equipment for less money is impossible.

It is quite usual that it is single-compressor. There is no need to equip such a small appliance with an additional motor for the freezer. The control takes place using an electromechanical control system.

Freezer is equipped with the latest Smart Freeze cooling system. She allows to send products to a deep freezing without loss of useful properties.

Liebher CU 3501

One of the best models with dimensions of 180x60x73 cm. The volume of the refrigerating chamber is 221 liters, 89 liters per freezer. The equipment is equipped with one compressor, like most models of the middle class.

In CU 3501 you will not find unnecessary functions, and not everyone is chasing the "bells and whistles".But, despite the modesty, the technique has one special technology - Frost Safe. These are sealed boxes of transparent plastic, located in the freezer and created for long-term storage of products. Feature - the content does not freeze to the walls, preserves the taste and vitamins.

Thanks to transparent containers, it is not necessary to search for products in all the boxes, disturbing their temperature. The advantages should include the function and emergency freezing - Super Frost. Electronic control mode allows you to easily adjust the temperature, enable and disable super-freezing.

Cost within 20 thousand rubles - an economical option of high quality.

CUP 3533

This model can be purchased at 2-3 thousand more expensive. The size and location of the shelves are the same as the previous one. Technique has one of the new technologies - Smart Freeze. Thanks to the energy efficiency class A ++, you save an impressive amount of electricity in a year.

Liebherr CN3313

Refrigerator with No Frost system( No Frost) - you can forget about the frozen ice crust. The system operates on the principle of a fan, ensuring constant movement of cooled air in the chambers. Cool air creates favorable conditions for the storage of food - they do not freeze to the walls of the chambers or to each other. The frost collects outside the chamber, melts, flows into a special container and evaporates.

The system can be called convenient, but it must be borne in mind that products should be carefully packaged in film or foil, otherwise they will quickly lose moisture and dry out.

On the case there are two electronic displays that display the temperature in the chambers. For comparison, you can take the Sharp SJ-P48N, it is cheaper and has similar characteristics. But do not forget the rule - good technology is worth good money.

CNesf 5113

Description: a popular two-compartment refrigerator with a bottom freezer and an inverter type compressor. The doors are made of stainless steel - this significantly increases the service life. There are two systems of defrosting: drip and No Frost.

. From the features: super-freezing, temperature indicator and cold auto-saving up to 21 hours. The disadvantages include overpriced and fragile plastic in boxes for bread and vegetables.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions - 75h63h202 see
  • Number of compressors - 2.
  • Number of doors - 2.
  • Management - electronic.
  • Freezing capacity - up to 14kg in 24 hours.
  • Volume - 442 l.
  • Battery cold.

ICUNS 3314

Embedded model, dimensions: 54x54.4x177 cm. Like the previous one, the ICUNS 3314 refrigerator is equipped with superfrost, temperature display and combined defrosting for cameras. Pretty narrow, but for small rooms this is a plus. Of the benefits - high energy efficiency, LED light. Some users claim that the technique hums loudly.

Product specifications:

  • Number of compressors - 1.
  • Number of doors - 2.
  • Management - electronic.
  • Freezing capacity - up to 4 kg in 24 hours.
  • Defrost - No Frost, drip.
  • Preservation of cold - up to 20 h.
  • Volume - 262 l.
  • Features: re-hanging the door.

SBS 7212

Popular and relatively new Side-by-Side design. It has a wide range of functions, including super-freezing, supercooling, door open alarm and temperature display.

rated, this refrigerator is the largest among its counterparts, its total volume is 651 liters. Included is a cold battery, which provides up to 43 hours of work in a disconnected state. Gathers exclusively in Germany, in the city of Oxenhausen.

From user reviews are visible drawbacks: the lack of instructions in the assembly scheme, the doors open quite tight.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions - 120x63x185.2 cm.
  • Management - electronic.
  • Freezing capacity - up to 20 kg in 24 hours.
  • Number of compressors - 2.
  • Number of doors - 2.


Many users are interested in what the letter marking on the refrigerator means. Deciphering letters will help identify some of the features "at a glance."

  • B - the built-in zone of freshness( Bio Fresh).
  • W - wine department( wine cabinet).
  • P - energy efficiency class A + and A ++.
  • C - the presence of two cameras.
  • ST - the presence of one compressor( with the top freezer).
  • CU - the presence of a single compressor( with a bottom freezer).


It's not a secret that any device can break - no matter how much it costs or how many functions it has. A breakdown may catch you suddenly if you ignore the safety rules. The factors independent of the owner also influence the work. For example, the mains voltage or the quality of installed parts.

Types of breakdowns:

  1. If you notice that the temperature in the refrigerator or freezer has increased, most likely a freon leak occurred in the foamed part. In no case do not repair yourself.
  2. A thermostat must be replaced if the compressor runs continuously or does not start at all. Pay attention to the thermostat knob. If the thermostat breaks down, it will not work.
  3. If ice is frozen on the walls of the chambers or a snow coat is formed, the main cause of the breakdown is a fan failure. Most often, No Frost models suffer from this problem.
  4. The display shows error code F2 , the Alarm button is lit, did the temperature in the refrigerator compartment decrease significantly? You have experienced typical symptoms of a temperature sensor.
  5. If the motor-compressor is working intermittently, does not start or starts with pauses, it is necessary to replace the starting relay( PZR).

In some cases, correcting the temperature or installing a new light bulb will suffice to correct the problem. And others require the immediate intervention of a repairman. In any case, for the equipment to work stably, regular maintenance is necessary. If you ignore the rules, you may get an unpleasant smell or frost. This will affect the quality and safety of products, and the equipment will simply break down as a result.

In addition to the models described, there are others: with an ice generator, multi-chamber, mini and even refrigerators for champagne. Liebherr is able to please even the most demanding customers.

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