The freezing chest does not cool, does not turn on, does not freeze - and other malfunctions

Why the freezer does not turn on or freeze? The answers to these questions can be found in the article. Also find out what other problems users complain about.

A typical freezer

Content of the material:

  • 1The cache is not cold - reasons and troubleshooting
    • 1.1Capillary system obstruction, leakage
    • 1.2Evaporator, thermostat sensor malfunction
    • 1.3Freezer chest does not work
    • 1.4The device strongly or slightly cools
    • 1.5Noise while working

The cache is not cold - reasons and troubleshooting

The freezer can store products for a long time at temperatures from -18 to -25 degrees. Why did his work fail? To find out, you need to find the cause of the problem. First check:

  • If the device does not turn off, pay attention to the set mode. Perhaps you accidentally turned on the "Super Frost" mode or forgot to disable it in the mechanical model. The mode is used for quick freezing - the motor runs without stopping, and snow and ice are on the walls.
  • The thermostat is at the maximum level. The operating instructions indicate which temperature is normal for the equipment. If in the heat you decide to set the regulator to "Maximum the compressor will run without stopping to catch up with the cold. This leads to wear of the motor.
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Check the thermostat values

Before buying, pay attention toclimatic class of equipment. He indicates in what environment the chest is better to be exploited. If the indicators exceed the norm, you need to cool the room.

  • The freezer does not freeze, but it works. Perhaps the lid does not fit tightly, or the rubber seal worn out. Then warm air penetrates into the chamber, and the compressor compensates for the difference by constant work. Check the door and replace the seal.

All these problems usually happen due to the user's inattention. However, sometimes they indicate a breakdown that requires repair.

Capillary system obstruction, leakage

You may have noticed that the technique does not turn off for rest, while the chamber is warm. This indicates the clogging of the capillaries, through which the coolant circulates and cools the chamber. In such cases it is better to contact the master. What should he do:

  • Determine the place of blockage.
  • Clear the blockage.
  • Fill the system with freon if necessary.

The same happens when the refrigerant leaks. The leakage can occur if the steel circuit is damaged mechanically or because of corrosion. Repair is similar. The specialist must eliminate the leak and fill the system.

Refrigerant leakage

The video will help you figure out how to fix the leak: = 31Vz_2ItZ6Q

Evaporator, thermostat sensor malfunction

These instruments serve to measure the temperature in the chamber and transmit data to the control module. If one of them fails, the board "does not understand" that it's time to turn off the compressor. In this case, the office is very cold.

Thermostat appearance

Need a replacement sensor or thermostat.

Freezer chest does not work

  • There is no mains voltage.
  • Check the quality of the network connection (perhaps the fork has gone off).
  • The fuse has turned off the power. This happens at power surges in the network.
  • The thermostat is deactivated.

Check all of the items. Set the regulator to the optimum temperature.

The device strongly or slightly cools

  • The cache stands back to the wall. There is no normal ventilation, the system can not give off heat and overheats. Move the equipment at least 5 cm from the wall.
  • The case is placed near the battery, the stove, it receives sunlight. According to the rules, the device must be installed away from heating objects.
  • The lid often opens for a long time. Too much warm air penetrates into the compartment.
  • The chamber is overloaded. The compressor does not have time to cool the food. If possible, clean excess food in the refrigerator.
  • On the walls a snow coat has come - this interferes with the normal heat exchange in the system. Perform defrosting of the equipment for at least 24 hours.

Body walls are heated

Inside the case there is a heat removal tube. Therefore, during operation, the panel is heated - this is normal.

Noise while working

Make sure that:

  • The freezer is stable. Installation should be made on a level, on a flat surface. You may need to adjust the legs of the unit.
  • The body does not touch other objects, walls. This will increase the sound.
  • The motor runs loud, but then the noise decreases.

Sometimes users complain that the door does not open. Need to check:

  • Do not interfere with the normal opening of the food.
  • Do not you think that snow and ice are so bad that it's impossible to open the door.
  • The mechanism did not break (jammed).

Follow the instructions from the manufacturer, defrost and clean the equipment in time. Do not overload the compartment to avoid problems with work.

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