Happy gardeners with multifunctional pliers for electricians from China

Summer Resident - is not only a person who is engaged in the garden and arrangement of his backyard, he is also a jack of all trades. Builder, carpenter, cattle breeder, gardener and electrician. Perhaps this is a complete portfolio of work in which he is engaged. Therefore, in the arsenal of every summer resident, and in combination with an electrician, there must be multifunctional pliers from China. They will help the wizard to perform many tasks.

Manufacturers notify users that these pliers are not designed to handle hard steel wire. Best tool suitable for electrical cables.

Five-star format

All types of electrical work should be done only with high-quality tools. These pliers will be a great "assistant" in the assembly of the electrical panel, as well as the installation of electrical wiring. Their design features will allow an electrician to perform the following 5 operations:

  • removing the insulation layer( processing range - cables with a diameter of 0.8 to 6 mm);
  • cut wires of different thickness;
  • crimping liner contacts( easily handles awg 10-22 terminals);
  • deburring with a serrated surface on one of the ribs;
  • twisting several details at once( this is possible due to the needle-like shape of the nose).
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The edge of the cutting base is made of hardened metal, therefore, without problems, bites 10 strands of centimeter wire. With these pliers, the master will be able to qualitatively clean the cable without damaging its internal conductors.

To prevent the tool from “chewing” the material, you can slightly tighten the central screw. Often in the production of their maximum twist.

High-quality assembly of parts - the key to a long "life" and the smooth operation of the tool. In this regard, the anti-corrosion chrome coating protects the steel from rust and other damage. All fasteners are well lubricated and securely fastened. The tips of the "sponges" fit snugly together without the formation of gaps. Special lock allows you to store the item in its proper form. This contributes to the extension of its life.

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Comfort - first of all

In order to provide the most comfortable working conditions for an electrician, manufacturers have provided rubberized handles. When a person's palm is sweating, thanks to these rubber inserts the tool seems to stick to the hand. Therefore, the employee will not be overly worried that he will drop him on the stepladder. Despite this multifaceted functionality of pliers, they are fairly compact in size. Their length is only 21 cm, so they are comfortable to hold.

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Many people have long decided where to buy this miracle thing. Such Chinese pliers are very easy to find at an affordable price on AliExpress. Some sellers, they cost only 1 574 rubles. In other online stores these unique things can not be found. But if they are still there, then the cost of such pliers ranges from 2,300 to 3,800 rubles.

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