Overview of gas boilers for home and cottages

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A gas boiler is a device for heating water by burning gas. Such a water heater is indispensable in the country or in houses where there is no central supply of hot water. All boilers are divided into two large types - accumulating and flowing.

Gas storage boiler

The storage water heaters consist of a gas combustion system (gas burner) and a tank in which water is located. The tank has a thermal insulation, because the quality of heat conservation allows you to save up to 50% of the fuel.

The tank, shut off from the gas, keeps the water temperature up to 7 days, and all thanks to the multi-layer heat-insulating cushion.

The storage gas boiler for heating water is divided by the volume of water in the tank. For example, for the kitchen and the shower (provided that no more than two people live), 50-80 liters is enough.

If the family consists of 3-4 people, there is a child, the bath is often recruited, then the volume of the storage boiler can not be less than 100 liters.
In technical works, as well as in production, a 200-liter gas cylinder is used, or even more.

The advantage of storage boilers is that they work perfectly with a weak gas flow, and they also retain a lot of hot water for a long time. Well, the disadvantage of such water heaters is that they have a large volume of construction, such a boiler spoils the whole view of the bathroom. That's why it is often installed in attics or basements.
Another disadvantage of this boiler is the limit of hot water. If you took a bath and spent all the water, then the other person should be washed, you will need to wait at least an hour.

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The storage gas boiler has a power regulator that determines to what temperature the water is heated. Also it shows how much was used during use and how much hot water remains. If you started taking a shower or washing dishes, do this for more than a few minutes, the boiler automatically turns on and starts to warm up the newly arrived cold water. If you no longer bathe, it continues to work until the water is heated according to the set values, then it automatically turns off and stores ready-made hot water for you.

Direct-heating gas boiler

A flow-through water heater, also called a gas column, is, in its essence, a heat exchanger. Water does not heat up in advance, it is heated at the moment when it goes through the pipe. The gas column starts to work from increasing the water pressure when the faucet is opened directly.

This design is very compact and convenient, it can be placed under the sink or behind the bathroom. The disadvantage of direct heating boilers is that sufficient gas pressure is necessary to ensure their proper operation, at least 12 mbar.


Just like the storage boiler, the gas column has a temperature regulator, thanks to which it is possible to set the water temperature at the outlet. In different models, the power adjustment can be either manual (using the handle) or automatic (the amount of flame varies depending on the strength of the water flow).

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When buying a running water heater, pay attention to its useful power - the one that accounts for the heating of water. A boiler with a capacity of 12 kW per minute is capable of producing up to 10 liters of water with a temperature of 50 degrees.

Safety of gas boiler Ariston

Like any gas equipment, a gas water heater must have safety sensors. When installing a gas boiler, there must certainly be a chimney for the discharge of gas combustion products.
On modern devices there are special valves and fuses, which instantly turn off the gas supply if some violations - the water stopped flowing, the carbon monoxide got into the room instead of the chimney, or if the flame for some reason it went out.

The review of gas boilers shows that modern water heaters protect us from possible danger, but it costs remember that the installation of gas equipment - a matter of great responsibility and trust it is worth only professionals.

Video review of the Ariston FAST EVO gas boiler

Which gas boiler should I choose?

To answer this question, you must first determine the type and type of water heater. About the cumulative and flowing you already know, and will be able to choose one that suits your needs and capabilities.

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Gas boiler has a number of advantages over electric, namely, its cheapness. However, water heaters that work from the grid are safer and do not need a chimney.

When you decide which gas boiler to choose, pay attention to the manufacturer. At present the following brands of boilers are on the market:

  • Ariston is one of the leaders in the production of boilers. Reliable, durable water heaters.
  • Electrolux is also one of the best. The only negative - you need to do service every 2 years.
  • Termex - good models, budget option.
  • Gorenje - similar to the previous brand.
  • Edisson - good water heaters, judging by the reviews on the network, very durable
  • BAXI- inexpensive, but very worthy boilers, original design.

Installing a gas boiler

As already stated, it is very dangerous to install a gas boiler independently. However, when installing a water heater by professionals, it is worth paying attention to some details. Before the boiler is installed, you need to obtain permission to install gas equipment in GorGaz or Raigaz. It will be easy to do if you put a gas water heater in place of the old one, to its original location.

If the gas column is not provided, then you will have much more trouble. I would also like to note that the purchased boiler must meet all standards and have quality certificates. And then the gas water heater will last you a long time, providing you with comfort and safety.

Video: how to choose the right gas heater

Overview of gas boilers for home and cottages

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