Young housewives to help a silicone baking dish from China


If you need to quickly make a cake, the housewives use special silicone molds. After all, in this case, you do not need to think about how to decorate a cake, how to make it, and so on. It is necessary to simply knead the dough, pour it into a mold and put it to bake. After cooking, cover the cake with icing. That, in fact, that's all.

Today in the shops you can find a huge variety of forms of different types: heart, flower, starlet, droplet and so on. There is even a form in the form of small houses.

Most often, the baking mold is made of silicone. This material makes it easy to pull out the cake after cooking. In addition, the dough never sticks to the walls of the mold and does not burn. Silicone mold can be used in any oven. By the way, in this form you can even freeze jelly.

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Advantages of silicone bakeware:

  1. Simplicity. In silicone, it's easy to cook.
  2. Non-stick form. Cake in this form will never burn. By the way, it is not necessary to lubricate it with oil, so that after cooking it is easy and quick to get pastries. After all, the silicone form is easy enough to bend in the other direction.
  3. Compactness. The baking dish takes up enough space in the cupboard.
  4. Purity. Silicone mold does not require additional care.
  5. Versatility. The form can be used for cooking both hot and cold dishes.
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Thus, a silicone baking dish should be in every kitchen. However, how much does it cost? In online stores in Ukraine and Russia, this product costs 449 rubles. A fairly acceptable price for a baking dish.

However, on the website of Aliexpress, the same silicone form for baking costs only 196 rubles. For such a low price is really worth buying this product.

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Characteristics of the Chinese baking dish:

  • material - silicone;
  • diameter - 23 cm;
  • height - 4 cm;
  • shape - flower;
  • blue color.

As you can see, every owner needs a silicone mold for baking. After all, this device facilitates the process of preparing many dishes. However, this product is bought only from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, its price for a silicone form is rather low, in contrast to the price indicated by the domestic manufacturer.

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