Camera fake from China

Safety at home always comes first. However, it is very difficult to protect your property in a small village surrounded by dense forest. A guard dog and a barrier at the entrance do not save from uninvited guests, so gardeners have to act independently.

Together with a high fence on a country site, as a rule, they equip a video surveillance system and an alarm button. Unfortunately, not all gardeners have free cash that can be invested in their own security. For this reason, video camera dummies are in special demand - fake instruments have a psychological effect on offenders.

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When choosing a model, it is important to pay attention to the quality, because experienced housekeepers are well versed in security issues. In addition, the "doll" must be resistant to temperature extremes and precipitation.

A huge selection of video surveillance simulators are presented in Russian online stores. The price for a dummy in the form of a classic camera is about 700 rubles. The device is made of durable black plastic, you need two batteries for work( type AA).The dummy is attached to the fence or building with ordinary screws, and the red LED and wire provide realistic fake equipment.

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Twice cheaper than video camera models can be purchased on AliExpress. A similar model is also made of black plastic. According to the manufacturer, AA batteries should be changed about once every three months.

Reviews mark the high quality of fake cameras, which even at a distance of two meters is difficult to distinguish from real ones. The red signal on the device is constantly on, so in the dark people around you can conclude that the video surveillance system is working. Included is a warning sticker and screws.

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Let's talk about the shortcomings. Some buyers question the water resistance and frost resistance of the plastic case. In addition, to replace the batteries, it is necessary to disassemble half of the camera, which causes certain inconveniences.

It is interesting that sham cameras are very popular among Russian buyers. In order to save an order worth making on AliExpress. At a discount, one model will cost 363 rubles. Additionally, you can purchase fake motion sensors and alarms. The only problem is long delivery, during which due to improper packaging the product may be damaged.

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