Folding shovel from China

Several flower beds and a magnificent juicy lawn - some gardeners are not ready to spend all their time on the improvement of the site. Such owners, as a rule, do not have a separate building for storing a dozen buckets, various rakes, shovels or villas, a seed stock and the necessary fertilizers. However, the minimum set of tools and a pair of gloves on the site should still be.

Russian online stores offer a great way out - folding shovels. For everyday use, such products are not suitable, but for planting flowers once or twice per season will definitely come in handy. In addition, a folding shovel can be taken for fishing or for a picnic.

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One of the most expensive products is produced by the famous Finnish brand Fiskars. Spade Fiskars Quality, for example, will cost about 4,000 rubles. Special plastic and hardened steel and aluminum ensure durability of the product. The handle is not subject to corrosion and endures low temperatures. Comes with a canvas case for storing a shovel.

The price of goods from the Finnish manufacturer is quite high, so many buyers are looking for cheaper options for their “six hundred square meters”.For example, the product from tool steel "Palisade" costs only 500 rubles. This is a versatile shovel with a convenient handle that also comes with a nylon case for easy storage. Black enamel protects against corrosion.

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An even more advantageous offer is presented on the AliExpress website - about 427 rubles. The bucket itself can be installed in two positions: in the straight position, the product is used as a shovel, and at a 90 degree angle a hoe is obtained.

The multi-function stainless shovel has become very popular among buyers. Reviews mark a comfortable grip with a rubberized coating. On the bucket on one side there are teeth, with which, if necessary, something can be cut. At the bottom of the shovel there is a compass, but according to reviews, it is most often faulty.

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The manufacturer suggests using a folding shovel not only for gardening, but also for clearing snow, digging trenches and other serious works. However, photos of buyers suggest otherwise. The dimensions of the product are so compact( 41.5 cm) that the real benefit from it will be only in a flower bed. Comes with a case included.

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