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Is there a person on earth who would refuse to taste a delicious dish of fish? Even the most fastidious gourmets know that mackerel baked in the oven won many hearts. After all, it is prepared for only half an hour, and the aftertaste remains for a long time. In addition, the product contains a number of useful elements that contribute to the normal functioning of the human body.

Fish is considered one of the main products of almost all the nations of the planet. It is boiled, steamed, fried, salted, dried and, of course, baked. It is in this form it is most appreciated. Therefore, culinary experts from all over the world offer hundreds of proven mackerel recipes baked in the oven, among which it is important to choose the best. But before that you need to get acquainted with them. We will try to plunge into the world of culinary masterpieces and experiment in our kitchen.

Fish baked in foil - fast, tasty, healthy

Many have noticed that lately, the pace of life is constantly increasing. Therefore, the housewives have to choose simple recipes of dishes that can be cooked in a short time. And how much to bake in the oven mackerel in foil? The figure is really ridiculous - 30 minutes. But the dish is obtained with excellent taste and aroma. To prepare it you need these components:

  • freshly frozen mackerel;
  • butter;
  • seasonings for fish;
  • lemon;
  • black pepper in powder form;
  • salt.

To buy fish of good quality, you need to know a few secrets. The eyes should be convex, but not dull. Gills - red or pinkish. The carcass is elastic, shiny and slightly moisturized.

The stages of preparation consist of such processes:

  1. First the mackerel is thawed at room temperature.To do this, put it on the plate until the moment when it can be cut to remove the entrails.
  2. Purify the fish, trying to remove all the dark films that cause bitterness. Those who make mackerel, baked in the oven with their heads, clean the gills. After this, the product is thoroughly washed out under a moderate stream of water. Wait until it drains, and then wipe with napkins.
  3. Pure fish rubbed with salt from all sides and sprinkled with seasonings. Leave for half an hour to make it a little marinated.
  4. Prepare a sheet of foil, which exceeds the length of the mackerel several times. Abundantly lubricate only the place where the carcass will lie. The lemon is cut into round slices, and then spread on the lubricated area of ​​the foil.
  5. Scoop on butter with butter on all sides and spread over slices of lemon. Then carefully wrap it in foil, avoiding tears.
  6. The oven is heated to 180 degrees and mackerel is placed in it. After 30 minutes, puncture the carcass with a toothpick. If the juice is light color, then the dish is ready.

To emphasize the specific taste of sea fish, it is good to use a mixture of peppers, ginger, thyme, melissa and a little bit of oregano.

Serve the mackerel baked in the oven, in foil, fully opening it. Sometimes it looks like shiny silver plates with fish. The food leaves no one indifferent, since it exudes a pleasant aroma, causing an appetite. Do not you want to taste this fish? Many have already appreciated its excellent taste.

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Fish combined with herbs and lemon

According to nutritionists, meat is better absorbed by the body, if you eat it with herbs. This also applies to fish. Prepare mackerel, baked in the oven with lemon and herbs can be made from such ingredients:

  • freshly frozen mackerel;
  • a tomato;
  • lemon of medium size;
  • dill, parsley, basil;
  • bulb onions;
  • a piece of butter;
  • seasonings (pepper, coriander);
  • salt.

Step-by-step instruction for creating useful food:

  1. The first thing is to defrost the fish naturally (at room temperature). Remove the insides and gills, then carefully wash and wipe with napkins.
  2. The carcass is abundantly rubbed with salt mixed with spices inside the abdomen and outside.
  3. Onions are peeled and shredded with rings. Just cut the lemon and tomato.
  4. On the dried carcass mackerel make a few cuts, where they insert pieces of lemon and onions. The remains of vegetables are pushed inside the abdomen along with parsley, dill and basil.
  5. The foil sheet is greased with animal fat, especially the place where mackerel will lie. Then it spread and tightly wrapped. The oven is heated to a maximum temperature of 220 degrees, after which the product is put into it. Bake no more than 30 minutes.
  6. Serve the fish hot to enjoy its aroma and delicate taste.

The foil has two sides. It was noticed that the matte surface is excellent for heat, and glossy - reflects. Given this fact, it is better to put the fish on a shiny surface so that it is well baked and remains juicy.

Fish in company with queen of the garden

Since the introduction of potatoes into Russia, it has become a favorite product of true cooks. And if you combine it with fish meat, you get amazing dishes. Consider how mackerel is cooked in an oven with potatoes, and maybe someone will like this recipe.

So, the list of necessary products:

  • potatoes;
  • mackerel;
  • several bulbs;
  • lemon juice;
  • branches of parsley, dill, rucola;
  • fragrant crushed pepper;
  • seasonings for fish products;
  • salt;
  • grease to lubricate the foil.
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The option of making appetizing foods includes the following processes:

  1. Peeled mackerel rubbed with a mixture of pepper, salt, seasonings and lemon juice. Throughout the length of the carcass make oblique incisions, so that the meat is better roasted.
  2. Potatoes cut into small slices, preferably of the same shape.
  3. Chop the onion into pieces of beautiful shape.
  4. On a sheet of foil, greased, spread an even layer of potatoes. Cover it with slices of onions, after which the vegetables are salted and peppered. The top layer is the fish.
  5. Products carefully wrapped in foil and sent to the oven for 50 minutes (as long as necessary to bring the potatoes to ready).When the dish is baked, the foil is opened, decorated with greens and served for dinner.

Dietary fish baked in the sleeve

People who are contraindicated in fatty foods, also want to eat delicious meals. For them, the cooks offer mackerel, baked in the oven and in the sleeve. This dish turns low-fat, and the meat just melts in the mouth, causing a pleasant sensation. For a dish you need to take:

  • mackerel;
  • bulb;
  • lemon;
  • spice;
  • salt;
  • vegetable oil.

Prepare it quite simply. The prepared fish is cut in half. After that, rub with spices, salt and sprinkle with lemon juice. On one half put onion rings, on the other pieces of lemon.

Next, connect the two parts of the fish. Top with vegetable oil. Lay the carcass in a sleeve, pack it and send it to the oven for about 30 or 40 minutes.

Serve the dish with boiled potatoes, vegetable salad and greens as an easy diet dinner.Those who know how delicious to bake mackerel in the oven for dietary intake, always eat delicious dishes. Can not sin take advantage of a new recipe and eat healthy food? Try it.

Baked fish with sauce

For those who like hot food, cooks offer a special recipe for baked mackerel with mustard sauce.

List of required components:

  • fresh mackerel;
  • mayonnaise;
  • bow, several heads;
  • soy sauce;
  • mustard;
  • spice;
  • salt.

Steps to prepare:

  1. Cleaned from the insides of mackerel cut into small pieces of medium size. Fold in a deep container.
  2. Onions are peeled from the husk, shredded with semirings. Mix with fish.
  3. Next, prepare the sauce: mayonnaise, mustard and soy sauce pour into a small cup. Thoroughly mix with a spoon until a homogeneous mass is obtained and the fish are poured. After that, the product is sent to a cold place for 30 minutes.
  4. In a suitable form, pickled carcasses are put together with the present sauce. Put in the oven for half an hour. The maximum temperature is 180 degrees. Mackerel, baked in mustard sauce, served with mashed potatoes, rice or vegetable salad.

For food it is desirable to choose a fatty fish. Identify it can be on the wide back of the frozen individual.

Original food for the festive table

To surprise close friends, many try to use the recipe for an unusual dish for a festive table. Experienced cooks offer to cook stuffed mackerel, baked in the oven. To do this, you need to buy a list of ingredients:

  • fresh mackerel carcasses;
  • Champignon;
  • carrot;
  • potatoes;
  • vegetable fat;
  • large onions;
  • lemon;
  • curly branches of dill;
  • garlic (several denticles);
  • pepper;
  • a set of spices for fish dishes;
  • salt.
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A traditional cooking option is available for inexperienced housewives and consists of the following steps:

  1. In defrosted mackerel, remove the gills, eyes and viscera (some cut off the head). Wash thoroughly under the faucet. Wipe with napkins. The carcass is sprinkled with spices for fish, salt and pepper. Withstand a quarter of an hour to marinate.
  2. Onions are cut into half rings, after which they are dipped in a pan with butter. When it becomes soft, add grated carrots. Fry until the color changes.
  3. Peeled potatoes shred thin slices, and squeezed lemon in small pieces.
  4. On the sheet, greased, lay the fish back down and stuff the abdomen with fried vegetables. Between them are placed slices of lemon. Around the fish put potato slices and mushrooms. Season with spices, lemon juice, salt and pour vegetable grease with garlic.
  5. In a preheated oven put the shape with the fish and bake for about 50 minutes. Before serving, the product is poured with vegetable oil sauce, chopped dill and garlic, passed through the press.

Apparently, this recipe for mackerel, baked in the oven, is prepared easily. But ideal for a festive table. Guests will appreciate the efforts of the hostess, and, perhaps, they will ask for supplements. Is it more valuable to thank for the food than to ask for more?

Fish dish with hard cheese

When you want to diversify your diet, you can try an excellent dish - mackerel, baked in the oven with vegetables. Prepare it from a simple set of products:

  • mackerel freshly frozen;
  • potatoes;
  • hard cheese;
  • carrot;
  • mayonnaise;
  • oil for heat treatment;
  • caraway;
  • a mixture of condiments;
  • pepper;
  • salt.

The cooking process includes simple actions:

  1. Peeled potatoes cut into thin circles or figured slices. Put in preheated oil and lightly fry. Add the carrots to it, mix thoroughly to extinguish a few minutes.
  2. Gutted mackerel washed under running water, wipe with a napkin.
  3. Vegetables are laid on a leaf of a foil, they are leveled with a wooden spatula. Above put the fish. Season with spices from above and inside the carcass. Sprinkle with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese.
  4. The product is wrapped in foil and baked in an oven for about half an hour. They serve the table in a warm state.

To the food turned out with a ruddy crust, a few minutes before the readiness, it is desirable to remove the upper ball of foil. Then put it in the oven for another 5 minutes.

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