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Perhaps, after hearing the name of the dish - pilaf with mushrooms, someone will make an unhappy grimace. After all, for many, this oriental dish should necessarily be with meat. However, it is not always cooked with lamb, as is customary in the Caucasus, but is happy to eat with friends.

It turns out cooking is a wide field for creativity, where any violation of traditions is welcomed by grateful people. If you replace the meat with mushrooms, you will get an excellent and healthy dish, not inferior to the classical version. How to cook pilaf with mushrooms? Quite simply, if you follow proven recipes.

The classic variant of cooking a dietary dish

Nothing is more pleasant than a violation of the age-old tradition of cooking certain dishes. After all, no one has ever forbidden to cook pilaf without meat, especially to replace it with mushrooms. Such a dish will be appreciated by lovers of low-fat and diet food. And also those who constantly struggle with excess weight.

The traditional recipe for a low-calorie dish consists of products:

  • mushrooms of any kind (champignons, oyster mushrooms, honey agarics, white);
  • several bulbs (many onions do not exist);
  • carrots (2 or 3 pieces);
  • rice;
  • garlic (3 or 4 cloves);
  • vegetable fat;
  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • turmeric;
  • barberry;
  • parsley or dill.

If wood mushrooms are taken for plov, they must first be welded in salted water. Otherwise, the food can cause serious health problems.

When the ingredients are ready, proceed to the preparation of pilaf with mushrooms in a classic way:

  1. Preparation of mushrooms. If the dish is chosen mushrooms, they are thoroughly washed with running water, trying to remove the remnants of the earth. If necessary, remove the skin. Dry it. Slice quarters or halves.
  2. The main ingredient is rice.To make the pilaf beautiful and tasty, rice is thoroughly washed in the "seven waters". When the liquid is clear, the product is ready for cooking.Next, pour the rice with hot water to make it swell. So you can save time cooking.
  3. The first step towards the goal. Deep frying pan or cauldron is greased with vegetable fat and heated to a high temperature. Spread the chopped mushrooms and fry until half cooked. During this time, the juice evaporates, and they will brown.
  4. Vegetables. The chopped onion is thrown into a container where the mushrooms are already roasted and stewed for about 15 minutes. Then add the grated carrots and mix the base of the pilaf.
  5. Condiments. When the vegetables become soft, spices such as pepper, barberry and turmeric are added to the mixture. Thanks to this, the dish acquires an amazing aroma.
  6. Fig. The swollen croup is spread into the cauldron and poured with water so that its level rises 1 cm above the rice.
  7. The final stage is to fire. Having done the necessary operations, the dish is sent to the oven. If this is not possible, cook on a regular stove, without covering the frying pan or cauldron with a lid. In the finished dish sticks of chives, to enhance the aroma.

Practice shows that it is better to use long-grain rice for plov, because it produces less sticky material. As a result, the pilaf will turn loose, which many people like.

Serve hot pilaf, pre-decorated with parsley or dill. Who can refuse a fragrant dish prepared with love? Hardly there are such.

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Simplified rice recipe with mushrooms

In connection with the dressed pace of life, many people try to prepare food quickly and efficiently. To do this, they use suitable recipes, which include simple products. Boiled or braised rice with mushrooms is an excellent solution to the problem. The dish is prepared quickly, contains useful elements and is suitable for any diet.

To cook such a dish is best in a deep frying pan or saucepan.

The recipe for rice with mushrooms contains ingredients:

  • rice (preferably long-grained);
  • fresh mushrooms (champignons);
  • onions (several pieces);
  • carrot;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • spices;
  • greenery.
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The mushrooms are poured with cold water and left for 5 minutes. During this time, the remains of the soil will be dehydrated and settle on the bottom of the bowl. Water is drained and the mushrooms are washed under the tap. Spread out on the table to dry out.


In the frying pan pour vegetable fat and fry in it finely chopped onions until the golden crust. Then throw into the pan mushrooms and carrots. Stew on medium heat until the liquid evaporates completely.

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While mushrooms are fried, rice is thoroughly washed and poured with boiling water so that it can swell. This method reduces cooking time.

In a container with mushrooms, carrots and onions add rice and salt. Everything is mixed well to distribute the vegetables evenly. Bring to a boil, add water to completely cover the rump. Cover the frying pan with a lid and simmer until slowly.

To get the food crumbly, you can not interfere with it during cooking. It is enough to do this once in the beginning.

Spices are added to the rice 5 minutes before cooked. A great option is garlic and pepper (lovers of spicy food). Greens use to choose - traditional parsley or basil. For dinner, served hot in a company with cucumbers or salad. Why not cook rice with mushrooms after a hard day's work. Fast, simple, tasty and useful.

Pilaf with mushrooms in a multivarque - video recipe

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