DIY decoupage fridge

Decoupage - the word comes from the French "cut", "hack".Thus was born the art of inlaying furniture. Chinese ornaments were in fashion, but they were expensive."Art for the poor"( the second name of the decoupage) solved the difficulty. Skilled craftsmen of wood cut out the patterns, then pasted on the furniture. It turned out not worse than the Chinese good, if you cover 30 - 40 layers of varnish, but it was much cheaper. So in the 15th century they began to make the first fakes under the Chinese decoration technique. Refrigerator decoupage is the topic of today's conversation.

Interior decoupage of the refrigerator

Why do I need decoupage of the refrigerator

People often look at the decoupage of the refrigerator from the point of view of aesthetics, and we unwittingly look for advantages from a technical angle. It is known that the white color of the refrigerator was given in order to minimize the exchange of energy with the external environment. And if you put a wooden ornament on top to match the kitchen set, cover it with 30-40 layers of varnish? The insulating properties of polyurethane foam or glass wool( in older models of refrigerators) are enhanced by additional layers. Heat leakage will decrease, the compressor will have to work less to reach the specified mode.

The decorative qualities of refrigerators depend on craftsmanship. By the way, remember that the independent decoupage of the refrigerator automatically deprives the right to warranty service.

Often it is difficult for people to quickly master the art of virtuoso airbrush manipulation in order to decoupage the refrigerator. Let's take a quick look at how the pros do, and then try to do the decoupage of the fridge yourself!

  1. Surface Cooked. Selected couturiers simply sand the powder paint of the refrigerator, then get down to business. Others completely remove the layer to the metal, degrease with special compounds, then primer. This requires knowledge of the hull material. Soil in each case varies. A primer is applied on top, for example, white.
  2. Airbrush is a pneumatic sprayer with a narrow nozzle. It is possible to blow out paint or air. In the first case, colored strokes are obtained; in the second, the wet paint is pushed to the sides, and the ground is exposed. With two techniques, a skilled artist quickly creates a beautiful picture. The captious master works much longer, but the fact remains: a new job like this is beyond its power.

Stencil for decoupage the refrigerator

Stencils for decoupage the refrigerator

We were interested in a lot of repairs, we want to say: you do not know how to draw, use a stencil. Try searching here There are plenty of other resources where you can download interesting motifs for free. Then you need to print the stencil. Please note that when scaled, the picture format can exceed A4.In a special program or Paint, break the drawing into files. Pieces are made the same; when printing, you cannot select the Stretch property on the whole sheet.

The result is a set of paper. Excess cropped, going to the future drawing on the floor.

  • Glue the area of ​​the future stencil( separately by sheets) with wide tape.
  • Cut the desired pattern neatly along the lines.
  • Mark the refrigerator with a pencil under the sheets.
  • Attach a border of 7 to 10 cm wide to the sheet so that the paint from the sprayer does not exceed the required limits.
  • Number any sheet, and on the fridge, carefully draw an order with a pencil.

Proceed. Buy in the store for auto paint or just a good paint in cylinders. Act a jet from a distance, a little bit, so as not to form a leak( immediately work down the drain).At the time of the work is to fix sheets magnets.

Caution! Do not grease the previous work borders of the next sheets. Wait until the layer dries. For automotive paint - a few minutes.

If you selected a number of colors, and the details are close, it is not scary. The time has come for the readers to learn that it is possible to copy a drawing of any complexity from a children's coloring book with patience. Even closely spaced parts do not interfere with creating a composition.

  1. Scan the drawing first. Put parallel or perpendicular, then do not dub.
  2. Print as many copies of the pattern as there are colors available. From the blank is cut the desired part that you want to paint.
  3. Sign the taken leaf, to what color it belongs. Numbering is preserved.
  4. Use the templates consistently, patiently waiting until the applied layer dries.

Work is varnished. To create a colorful background, we offer the following options:

  1. Today in the store it is easy to buy self-adhesive film. Paint will fall without difficulty.
  2. It is possible to print the background on thin paper, then paste it on the refrigerator. Or use immediately inkjet printer.

    Decoupage Refrigerator

  3. Refrigerator decoupage is done, for example, with canvas. Take it to art school, take it back with the desired pattern. If you stick a cloth on the refrigerator, the result will be curious. Covering the canvas with varnish is not recommended( although possible).
  4. Can you cut well? Recall the experience of 15th century Europe. Buy a thin veneer, and for the cause. Show the West where the true architects live, then varnish to last forever.
  5. It is possible to use a rug, giving the refrigerator the look of a sofa from the Thousand and One Nights.

It is important to understand that with modern choice of materials it is not required to pay big money for primers, wield a grinder, cleaning out old paint, have an airbrush at home. The master will solve the problem in his own way, according to the situation, financial possibilities. Otherwise, just hire a wizard to do the work.

Napkins for the decoupage of the refrigerator

Today it is a massive phenomenon, we decided to talk separately about decoupage with napkins. This is a relatively new type of application. The meaning of the work: a beautiful picture is applied to the translation. After peeling off the anti-adhesive film and applying a special compound, anyone will decorate their own fridge, two methods!

Napkins for decoupage

  1. The composition for hot decoupage is applied immediately under the sticker. Then through waxed paper need to iron a hot iron( between the second and third mode).Not the fact that the technique is suitable for a metal surface that removes heat.
  2. The second method is a bit more complicated from our point of view. An application that does not have an anti-adhesive film will need to be put on its face on a paper folder( preferably transparent).Then the seamy side generously poured water to form a small puddle. It is easy to check if there is enough water: take a wide brush, attach it at a slight angle and pull the applique to the side. Drawing should smoothly go on plastic. Then attach the application to the right place. Then, with a brush, on top of the plastic, the pattern is smoothed. With a new step, remove the folder. Gently pull the angle parallel to the surface. When a little away, take off. Now from the other side. First, tearing the corner, then pulling at a distance of a centimeter, parallel to the surface. It remains the main thing - until the napkin is dry, spread with glue. Through the wet material composition gets to the base. Do it smoothly with a brush attached at a slight angle.

Refrigerator decoupage is possible with your own hands!

Today they told what decoupage is, what to make jewelery from, and discussed features. Of course, it is possible to talk on the subject indefinitely, it is probably better to try one day. Applications can be painted with acrylic paints and varnished.

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