Decorative film for windows from China


One of the most simple and budgetary ways of interior design is decorative film. Unusual patterns can decorate doors, bookcases and, of course, windows. However, at the dacha is not so important aesthetics, as a practical benefit.

Many owners of suburban real estate choose a classic protective film for windows for several reasons:

  1. Protection. The special foil coating on the outside prevents ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Disguise. Curious neighbors see only their own reflection when they try to look into your windows.
  3. Preservation of heat. The use of a protective film can reduce heat loss by up to 40%, reducing the cost of heating during the winter season.
  4. Strength. If the glass breaks, the fragments, thanks to the film, will not scatter throughout the room.
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In the Russian Internet shops the film for windows for any taste is presented: decorative, matte, mirror. In addition, you can choose the right shade. The most popular is a silvery color, but some buyers prefer a brighter blue, noble bronze and even a luxurious gold color.

Mirror film sold rolls (, 2 to 30 meters), but to design a country house you will need a much smaller volume. For this reason, some domestic stores have the opportunity to cut off the required quantity, and the price is set for one running meter - about 430 rubles.

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On the website AliExpress, the buyer orders ready-made rolls of film - length, meter, width from 30 to 85 centimeters. Price: from 300 to 1000 rubles per roll. Reviews are advised to carefully choose the seller, because the main problem may be not in the quality of the film itself, but in its packaging. Many buyers complain that during transport there are strong creases, which even when applying a film on the glass can not be removed.

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The manufacturer warns that in the dark during the artificial lighting of the windows still need to be closed with blinds or curtains. In general, products in Russian online stores and on AliExpress differ only in price, and not in favor of sellers from the Middle Kingdom. Transparent film does not spoil the view from the window and perfectly protects against ultraviolet radiation - in the rooms facing the sunny side, curtains and furniture do not burn out.

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