Review of washing machines Atlanta

Despite the fact that washing machines "Atlant" are manufactured in Belarus, the majority of users take them for the technique of domestic production. The price policy of the brand is affordable, and the modern appearance and the availability of useful functions make the styaralki popular.

In the article we will provide an overview of the most popular Atlant models, let's see how they differ and whether to buy economy class equipment.

Review of washing machines Atlanta

Content of the material:

  • 1The origin of the brand
  • 2Features of SMA Atlant
    • 2.1Series 02 Maxi Function
    • 2.2Series 06 Logic Navigation
    • 2.307 Series Multi Function
    • 2.4OptimaControl Series 08
    • 2.5Series 10 Smart | Action
  • 3Advantages and disadvantages
  • 4Models of washing machines "Atlant"
    • 4.1Atlant СМА-45У104
    • 4.2Atlant СМА50У82
    • 4.3Atlant 60С107
    • 4.4Atlant 50U108

The origin of the brand

As you understand, Belarus is engaged in the production of AGA Atlant. But how was the company founded? In 1959, the plant for the manufacture of refrigerators began to be built. Already in 1970, the refrigerators Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 conquered the European market.

After the formation of the independent Republic of Belarus, the Atlant joint-stock company was established at the plant. The manufacturer initially produced refrigerators, where for the first time it introduced technologies of electronic control. Also stopped using freon.

The origin of the brand

On the basis of this company in 2003, a factory for the production of washing machines was built. The Atlant company is still very popular among users.

Features of SMA Atlant

In the shops of Russia, washing machines of this brand are represented by five series. Let us consider in more detail how each of them differs.

Series 02 Maxi Function

A series of styaroks was released in 2011. This is small (the depth of the case is 328 mm), narrow (400 mm) and standard (493 mm) models. Allowable load of laundry in this series - from, to 7 kg.

Series 02 Maxi Function

The control is electronic, there is a display where all the specified parameters are reflected. There are several washing programs, including express programs, stain removal, delicate mode. There is a protection against leaks Aqua protect. There is also a self-diagnosis system that displays faults on the screen.

The maximum spin in this series is 1000 revolutions.

Series 06 Logic Navigation

Also small, narrow and standard models with loading from 5 to 7 kg are provided. The series was released in 2012, equipped with convenient controls. Among the useful technical innovations are Logic Navigation. You can set the washing parameters yourself.

Series 06 Logic Navigation

Of the useful included: the function of self-diagnosis, protection from leaks, night mode. The latter mode provides a quiet night wash, stopping the water tank. The spinning is done manually.

Also there is a panel protection from children, system memory. In addition to the main wash modes, additional soaking, rinsing, and easy ironing are provided.

07 Series Multi Function

The dimensions do not differ from the previous ones. Loading also from 5 to 7 kg. The control panel of the electronic type is equipped with an LCD display. With the help of the buttons and the selector, you can select any program and function. The spinning power is 1000 rpm.

07 Series Multi Function

The series is released with leakage protection and self-diagnosis system. The spin speed and water temperature can be adjusted by the user. From the functional there is a "Night wash" with noiseless work, "Delayed start "Easy ironing".

Series 08OptimaControl

This model includes models with a narrow and standard body. The machines are manufactured in 2012, are characterized by simple operation and control. In the 08 series, manufacturers decided to collect only the most popular functions.

OptimaControl Series 08

Electronic control with light indication makes it convenient to choose a mode. From other releases, these stylals are more affordable. Of the features can be identified protection against leaks Aqua protect.

Washing programs are standard. Additionally included "Prewash "Additional rinse "Easy ironing".

Series 10 Smart | Action

The series offers only standard models with a capacity of 6 and 7 kg. The 10 series has a distinctive feature. For example, the control panel is made at a slope of 15 ° so that the user does not have to tilt.

Series 10 Smart | Action

An electronic door lock is also provided. When the electricity is turned off, it is possible to open the hatch in emergency mode. Programs in the series are expanded. Here you can wash even the top and dark clothes. In addition, the following modes are provided:

  • The Eco-Game. Allows you to save on water and electricity consumption.
  • Intensive mode. Used for things with heavy dirt. The drum rotates more intensively, which allows better disposal of dirt.
  • A delayed start allows you to load things and set the start of the wash at any convenient time.

In addition, you can use the "Easy Ironing" or "Night Wash" mode.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition, all series and models of SMA Atlant have such advantages:

  • Large sunroof and swivel door. You can conveniently put even voluminous things into the drum.
  • Electronic lock hatch protects the user from an emergency.
  • Steel TEN has a special coating, which prolongs its service life.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The legs of the stylalk can be conveniently adjusted in height.
  • The built-in stabilizer preserves the electronic "stuffing" at power surges.
  • Polypropylene tank is light and reliable. Works much quieter than its metal counterparts.
  • Useful functional: control of imbalance and foaming.
  • The ball valve allows you to keep the powder to the grains, not allowing it to drain into the sewer. So you save on using detergents.

Also, users identified such shortcomings in their responses:

  • Noisy and not always high-quality spin. Sometimes the laundry gets wet from the tank. It is necessary to include additional spinning.
  • In some models, powder is rinsed out badly.
  • It is not always correct to display characters on the display.

We can say that the shortcomings are not so significant. Some of them are easy to eliminate if you carefully read the operating manual of the AGR.

For example, the washing machine can work noisily, because the transport bolts are not removed. In the Atlant models they are provided for the successful transportation of the machine. This is written in the instructions in small print.

Also eliminate the foreign noise will help the rubber pads on the legs. They perfectly absorb noise and vibration.

Models of washing machines "Atlant"

We provide a description of popular and interesting models.

Atlant СМА-45У104

Washing machine with front loading. Drum capacity, kg. The maximum spin is 1000 rpm. Installation of the stylalko will not cause difficulties due to the modest dimensions of 5, x40x8, cm.

Atlant СМА-45У104

The model is fairly energy-efficient, since it has class A. The spinning is also performed at the proper level - class C. Electronic management includes 15 main programs. Of the interesting functions, one can single out a system of self-diagnostics and a delayed start (24 hours). The control panel is protected from accidental clicks.

Stiralka has a basic set of functions. However, at a cost, it can compete with better-known brands. Whether it is worth buying such a model is up to you. The price is from 9 000 rub.

Atlant СМА50У82

Narrow model size of 8, x5, x40 cm can be installed as a stand-alone or built-in. Loading - 5 kg. The machine economically spends water - 45 liters per cycle, and electricity - 5 kW / h. The spin speed is only 800 revolutions.

A hatch with a wide opening allows convenient loading of laundry. Electronic control with LCD display includes 15 washing programs. Here you can wash sports clothes and shoes, remove stains, take care of delicate items.

Atlant СМА50У82

The spin and wash temperature can be adjusted. There is a function of light ironing and additional rinsing. Built-in protection from children.

Technological features: unbalance control, saving of detergent, cooling of water before draining.

Atlant 60С107

Full-size washing machine measuring 8, x5, x5, cm. The drum capacity is 6 kg, the maximum spin is 1000 rpm. Maintenance of the machine is quite economical. At a time, it consumes 50 liters of water and, 4 kWh of energy.

Atlant 60С107

Electronic control with a display is intuitively clear. Therefore, you will not have any difficulties with how to install this or that mode. There are 15 programs for washing, as well as additional modes: delayed start, soak, ironing, adjustment of temperature and spin.

Features of the model:

  • Built-in surge protection for free operation in the range of 170 to 255 watts.
  • Imbalance is not terrible to this machine. The "Control" function provides for a reversible rotation of the drum for even distribution of things.
  • The water cools down in the drum before draining. The drainage system will last longer if the liters of boiling water do not pass through it.
  • Foam control. If the foam is excessively worked up during washing, a special pump is activated which pumps out the excess.

Also there is protection against leakage and accidental depression.

Atlant 50U108

This model belongs to the optimal control series, since it consumes only 5 kW / h. The water consumption is 45 liters.

Narrow body (8, x5, x4,) is convenient for embedding. Despite the compact size, at one time you can wash up to 5 kg of laundry. Spin class D, so the maximum rotation is 1000 rpm.

Atlant 50U108

Electronic control with a display allows you to choose from 23 wash programs. Only cotton things can be washed at a temperature of 20 to 90 degrees. There is a program for very delicate fabrics, as well as washing shoes from textiles and artificial leather.

The drain hose of the machine is equipped with an anti-leak AquaProtect. Electronic components are protected from combustion by a voltage regulator.

Having considered the features of each model, you can choose one that seems more reliable. Thinking about what kind of washing machine to buy, look not only at the cost, but also on the additional functionality.

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