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My lemon for three years, but he does not want to grow at all. Young shoots in the last year did not appear, and the old ones periodically crumbled leaves. Tell me, what fertilizer for citrus can be cooked at home by yourself? I prefer to avoid chemistry.

Citrus house plants need careful care, in which the main emphasis should be made on top dressing. "Free" citrus, growing in the open ground, have an extensive soil, on which, respectively, there is a large supply of nutrients and grabs them for a longer time.

Indoor plants do not have such an opportunity, they are limited by the amount of soil that is in the pot. As a rule, these are very small volumes, since young seedlings usually grow in shallow vases. They quickly choose from the soil useful micronutrients, and soon begin to starve from their lack.

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At home, citrus fruits can be fertilized with both shop preparations and self-made products.

Folk methods of citrus fertilization

Experienced growers, who are engaged in growing indoor citrus plants, have long noticed the positive effect of using organic materials when planting seedlings.

A mixture of horse manure and soil in the ratio: provides citrus nitrogen for the next 6 months.

For further feeding, you can use kitchen waste, food and other folk remedies:

  1. Ash. Dissolve 1 h. l. in a liter of water.
  2. Weeds. Trit the leaves of the quinoa and add to the soil.
  3. Tea Welding. Before application, dry, so that small insects do not start.
  4. Coffee grounds. Use similar to brewing.
  5. Sugar. Effective for weakened plants and at the stage of active growth. You can just sprinkle 1 h. l. on the surface of the soil and then water, or you can prepare a watering solution (the same amount of sugar per 1 tbsp. water). Apply not more than once in 7 days.
  6. Eggshell. Powdered shell to sprinkle the earth around the bush. For irrigation, insist in boiled water several whole shells 3 days.
  7. Water from the aquarium. Use for periodic watering under the root.
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The method of application for top dressing of citrus bony glue has proved to be well. The drug should first be dissolved in water (1 liter - 2 kg of glue) and boil until liquid consistency. Drizzle the plants under the root. When the ground is a little dry, be sure to loosen it.

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Feeding frequency

In winter, growth processes of citrus fruits slow down, during this period they need only one additional fertilizer per month. With the advent of spring and the activation of shoot growth, plants need to be fertilized more often. Ready-made preparations can be alternated with natural fertilizers and be applied once a week.


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