Washing machines with a water tank

If there is no plumbing and sewage, do not deny yourself an automatic washing machine or buy a semi-automatic. The output is a washing machine with a water tank. Washing things in it is not worse than in simple typewriters.

In this article, we will consider the pros and cons of acquiring a machine with a water tank. Also consider its principle of operation.

Washing machines with a water tank

Content of the material:

  • 1Washing machines with a tank: features
  • 2Advantages and disadvantages of machines with a water tank
  • 3Connecting the washing machine with a tank
  • 4How the Stiralka Works with an Extra Tank
  • 5Purchase of the machine: important points
  • 6Overview of washing machines with a tank
    • 6.1Gorenje W72ZX1 / R
    • 6.2Gorenje W72ZXY
    • 6.3Gorenje WA60Z085R

Washing machines with a tank: features

It's easier to immediately buy a styaralka with a capacity than to separately connect a water tank to the machine.

Such a machine by design is identical to a simple machine-automaton. Capacity is attached to the side of the body.

Important! When buying a washing machine with a tank, many users equip it with a sink. The presence of contaminated water will adversely affect the washing of laundry. Therefore, one way or another, you have to get rid of polluted water.

Advantages and disadvantages of machines with a water tank

Washing machine with a capacity under the water has a lot of pluses. Consider what you get if you decide to buy such a machine:

  • stable operation without connection to the water supply and sewerage system;
  • the reservoir is removable, so if it becomes possible to connect to the water supply, you will no longer need a tank;
  • a medium-sized vessel holds water for two washings;
  • some models are equipped with a multitude of sensors that control not only the level but also the quality of the water;
  • economical water consumption;
  • if you prepare a special vessel for draining, you do not need a sewage system - dirty water will merge into a withdrawn capacity.

There are also drawbacks of such styaroks. They must be considered before buying a machine:

  • The dimensions of the machine with the tank are quite decent. This overall design takes up a lot of space. Therefore, for a normal location and convenient use, you need a spacious room.
  • The pump for water injection is not available for all models, so the filling of the reservoir often has to be done manually.

Stiralka with a tank is a technique created for connoisseurs of comfort outside the city, at the dacha. In the summer, it can be used with a tank, and in winter it can be taken to the house and connected to a water pipe. At the same time, the tank can be removed and the drainage tank is not needed, because there is the possibility to connect the equipment to the sewage system.

Connecting the washing machine with a tank

The most important thing that is needed to connect the SMA is a perfectly flat place, since the tank is large, like the machine itself. Therefore, the whole design should be on the same level, so that the work was not only stable, but also correct.

In order to install the machine, follow the recommendations:

  1. Choose a room where there will be enough space to install a machine with a tank.
  2. Install on a flat surface. Preferably on the concrete floor.
  3. Use the level and level the machine.
  4. Plug the power cord into the power outlet.
  5. Test the machine, including "idle".

The main thing is to install the styralka on a flat floor and connect it to the network correctly.

How the Stiralka Works with an Extra Tank

An ordinary washing machine intermittently draws in water, as programmed. After that, the technician takes the water to the rinse and drains it. On this basis, uninterrupted water supply is required. But the SMA with the tank draws all the water from it.

You can fill the tank yourself. The value has only one nuance - the water should be clean. Therefore, it is recommended to change the water as often as possible and not to let it stagnate.

The average capacity holds enough water to conduct a full cycle of washing, - 96 liters. Occasionally enough to wash two batches of laundry.

There are situations when water is not enough. Then the error code will be displayed on the control panel and the washing will be stopped. You will realize that you need to add water to finish the washing process.

Purchase of the machine: important points

Today there are not many washingtons with a tank. Often, they are issued to order. But we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the recommendations that will help you when choosing a machine. Consider these:

  1. Pay attention to models that use little water and electricity. You not only will not overpay for electricity, but you also do not have to run constantly for water to fill the tank.
  2. If you want to buy a model with a large capacity of the tank, it should be understood that this design will take up a lot of space.
  3. Not all models provide protection from children. If your children like to play next to home appliances, it is recommended to give preference to models with the option of locking.
  4. If the water quality is poor, purchase a model suitable for installing a special cleaning filter.

On the Internet, you can find feedback from customers who tested cars with a tank in fact. It can be safely concluded that they completely satisfy the needs of their owners.

Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  • the washers with the tank work too loudly;
  • it is not always possible to wash the tank, because the neck is too narrow.

Before deciding whether to buy or not, read the reviews, weigh all the pros and cons.

Overview of washing machines with a tank

There are not so many washingtons with a tank on the market. Especially popular cars are from the company Gorenye. We offer you a small overview of the AGR:

Gorenje W72ZX1 / R

A budgetary machine that consumes 56 liters of water per wash cycle.

There is no display on the control panel. The drum holds 7 kg of dry laundry, and its rotation speed reaches 600 rpm.

Gorenje W72ZX1 / R

Gorenje W72ZXY

All characteristics of this machine are absolutely identical to the previous model. Only in this styalka the volume of capacity is greater, and the speed of rotation of the drum is 800 rpm.

Gorenje W72ZXY

Gorenje WA60Z085R

The peculiarity of the model is ergonomic design. The drum holds 6 kg of dry laundry, and the drum rotates at a speed of 1000 rpm. 45 liters of water are consumed per wash.

15 wash modes - an additional bonus from the manufacturers.

Gorenje WA60Z085R

Interesting! Despite the fact that machines with a tank consume little water, things after washing become clean and fresh.

We offer you to watch a useful video about the machines "Gorenie


Now you know all about the models with the tank. As you can see, they have many advantages, and in the work they are no different from ordinary imps.

The only drawback is only in large dimensions. But this is not a problem if there is a spacious room where you can install the equipment.

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