Why do magnetic balls for washing

To the washing machines make a lot of accessories that improve washing. Some are the skilful course of marketers, while others are quite useful devices. They include a magnetic ball for washing.

About how useful it is for a washing machine and what is the effectiveness, you will find out below.

Why do magnetic balls for washing

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  • 1Pros and cons of magnetic balls for a washing machine
  • 2How to use balls
  • 3Popular brands of magnetic balls for washing
    • 3.1Aquamag
    • 3.2White cat
    • 3.3Eco Life
  • 4User Reviews

Pros and cons of magnetic balls for a washing machine

Balls on a magnet are small balls made of rubber or plastic. Magnets are involved in softening water, provoking a chaotic movement of molecules of insoluble salt.

Pros of this ball:

  • The water penetrates more freely through the fibers of the tissues, due to this, detergents are washed out better.
  • They serve not less than 10 years.
  • Due to the weight, the wash ball knocks out stains and dirt from the fibers.
  • Save money for washing and rinsing.
  • Do not harm the health, do not cause allergic reactions.

The listed pluses are assurances of manufacturers, and in efficiency of this tool it is necessary to understand still. Also the balls have several disadvantages:

  • The noisiness of the work of the stylalka increases because the balls are beating against the walls of the drum.
  • Magnetic balls should not be used when washing bulk items: jackets, blankets, down jackets - because of low efficiency.

As for protection against scale, magnetic balls are also famous for this property. But you can use another tool - "Antinakipin which you can find out in detail on the page "How to use antiknakipin for washing machines."

How to use balls

Despite the fact that the balls hit the CMA drum, there is no harm to the machine, so they can be used for washing in automatic mode. But it does not hurt to follow the rules so as not to damage the tissues.

Depending on the type of laundry, the number of balls that can be thrown into the drum together with the clothes varies. Much depends on the size and configuration of the balls.

Recommendations for washing with magnetic balls are as follows:

  • During cotton washing, load a dozen small balls.
  • When washing delicate fabrics, such as velor, use 2 times less balls - no more than 6 pieces.
  • Wearing off the wool, do not load more than 4 balls into the machine.

Attention! Using the balls, reduce the norm of the detergent or liquid medium by half.

Why do magnetic balls for washing

Balls are not afraid of high temperature and the speed of rotation of the drum, so set a comfortable cycle and boldly erase. But temperatures above 80 degrees should be avoided.

Popular brands of magnetic balls for washing

The market has a large selection of detergents. Popular brands of magnetic balls:


Why do magnetic balls for washing

Balls "Akvamag produced by the People's Republic of China, can prevent buildup of scale on the heater, because they soften the water. Do not provoke allergic reactions and can be used when washing children's clothes for disinfection of clothes and fighting odors.

The weight of the product is, kg, so one ball is enough for a full washing. To enhance the effect of using the device, pre-soak clothes with powder and ball for 30 minutes, then load clothes and ball into the drum.

White cat

Why do magnetic balls for washing

Balls "White Cat" are produced by the German company TECHNOTRADE and are supplied in packages of 12 pcs. The magnet is covered with a rubber sheath, and the service life is unlimited.

The product removes scale, knocks dirt out of the fibers of the fabric. One ball can completely soften the water. At a cost of almost 5000 rubles, you need to carefully study the real properties of the device, so as not to let money down the drain.

On a note! If you did not find the balls in the department of household chemicals supermarket, try to order in the online store.

Eco Life

Why do magnetic balls for washing

The Eco Life ball also protects the details of the AGR from the raid. These balls are made in Austria, but the warranty for the product is only 5 years. The manufacturer assures that using Eco Life it is possible to save a third of the powder and save 20% of energy costs.

The cost of the ball is not more than 500 rubles.

User Reviews

To check if the ball is effective, as the manufacturers say, study the feedback from experienced users. We picked up the most well-reasoned comments.

Irene, Omsk

For more than three years I've been using the "White Cat" balls, but I still do not understand what their charm is. These are small balls, up to 4 cm in width, weigh about 35 grams. I use it for a long time, and only now I understand that the money was wasted, especially since the scum was, is and will be, because the master recently changed TEN and showed me the whole nightmare. And the quality of washing does not differ in any way, what with the balls, what without them. From the scum began to pour the lemonade, and the quality of rinsing in my case depends only on whether I choose the "additional rinse" mode or not.

Svetlana, Tver

I noticed the novelty in the homemade right away. A little later, the white cat was very recommended to me by the saleswoman. Has bought or purchased. Not really noticed the difference, well, except that the conditioner was used less. I can not say about the scum, because the machine has never been dismantled. Throw balls into the toilet bowl, then the raid for a week so nowhere and not gone. The big disadvantage is noise when used. Still faced with the fact that the balls are stuck in their clothes, constantly have to get out of sleeves, pockets and socks. I think you can buy ordinary balls, without magnets - cheaper and the effect is the same.

Lena, Moscow

Eko Life accidentally saw the balls on TV. Mom caught fire, so I decided to buy them. On the advice on the label, did not use a water softener, reduced the amount of gel for washing and rinse. I can say that with all this, the laundry is soft and there are no stains. But then I checked - at the same concentration of washing means WITHOUT BALL things are the same, moreover, checked repeatedly. I use the ball only because I paid a lot for it, and once I spent the money, it's a pity to throw it away.

We can conclude that with the high cost of the device and the promises of manufacturers, such an accessory can become both a good helper and an unnecessary waste. The choice is yours.

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