How to sow a lawn in the country


No garden can do without a lawn. Lawn is a great place for outdoor activities or a picnic. Smooth green surface - the perfect background for any landscape composition.

Growing a lawn is a very difficult and troublesome undertaking. How to properly sow the lawn, so that in the future he brought us only positive emotions?

Stages of lawn construction

The device of a sowing lawn consists of several stages, and each of them is extraordinarily important:

  1. The first thing to do when setting up a lawn is to inspect your site. If it has weed vegetation, then it must be removed using herbicides or by hand.
  2. Carry out soil reclamation, that is, dig it.
  3. Bring a fertile soil and level it. The thickness of the fertile layer should be 6-10 cm, this is enough for the lawn. On loamy, infertile soils, 20 cm of soil can be poured. The composition should not include chernozem, as it eventually cracks and forms a crust. We use a peat-sand mixture with an admixture of turf ground. It is fertile and better suited for lawns. It is necessary to make a minimum bias towards the fence (1 cm per 1 m of the length of the site) to drain excess water.
  4. The fourth stage is ground roll-out with the help of a special roller and leveling it with the help of a rule (board).
  5. Next, we sow the lawn manually, in a "grandfather's" way, and seal the seeds in the soil with the help of rakes, or lightly mulch them with earth. Then it is necessary to water the area well by the sprinkling method. Seeds of lawn grasses, depending on the type of plants, can be in the ground for 7 to 20 days. Rigrass has the fastest shoots. The number of seeds is 3-5 kg ​​per one hundred square meters. Sowing should be carried out in dry, windless weather.
  1. After 20-30 days after sowing, it is necessary to mow the lawn, the height of the grass stand should be about 15 cm. We make the mowing to a height of 5 cm, so that the mower does not cut off the point of growth of the grass.
  1. After the first mowing of a lawn it is necessary to sustain 7-10 days, that the grass has grown on height about 12 sm. We make the second mowing.

It is better to use a lawn mower, and trim the grass near the curb, the corners of the house and other hard-to-reach places.

Lawn mix composition

Composition of the mixture: fescue, ryegrass, bluegrass and pimple. Fescue creates a common cover. Rigras is the density of the cover, it has the fastest shoots. Bluegrass adds silkiness and emerald color to the lawn. Polovitsa is a grass that forms an "undercoat". It is soft and of small height and very well forms sod. For 1 kg of the mixture it is necessary to take 50 g of bent grass.

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Deep shading, no lawn can survive. But on sites where for some time during the day there is a sun, you can sow a herbal mixture of three varieties of fescue: meadow, sheep and red in equal proportions. Such a lawn will not be very dense because water stagnates in the shade, moss is formed and the process of photosynthesis slows down.

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