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The company "Viking" has developed a completely new technique for mowing lawns. High skill of engineers of the company allowed to design and construct tractor models for lawns T5 and T6.

Good quality of lawn processing, ergonomics and comfort of management are just some of the advantages of these models.

Body and interior

The frame is constructed according to the special technology of the company "Viking". The welded construction gives it strength. The bumper protects the device from damage. Thanks to a wide range of seat adjustment, the driver's seat is comfortably fitted, and the ergonomic steering wheel allows the tractor to be comfortably operated. The electronic display of the lawn mower displays all the important functions of machinery, we'll talk about them in more detail in the next section. The gas pedal is on the right, the brake is on the left, as in a conventional car.

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Chassis and functional vehicles

The tractor has a convenient lever for switching the rear and forward travel, equipped with a hydrostatic transmission. If you activate it, you can precisely adjust the speed. The tractor models T5 and T6 have a function of adjusting the cutting height of the lawn. Adjusting the height of the mowing mechanism makes it easy to stop on the sidewalks.

Technique is equipped with the option of locking the mowing device, which allows cutting the lawn on one level while driving on a flat surface.

On these models of the tractor there is a shaft for smooth mowing of grass on a hilly terrain. It is powered by a touch screen. Thanks to a well-designed mowing mechanism, it is possible to level the grass near the curbs and sidewalks without approaching them closely.

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Convenience of maintenance and operation of the tractor

The engineers of the company took care of convenient maintenance of equipment. Remove the mechanism for cutting grass, disassemble and clean it without tools. Install the mechanism back will not be very difficult. You can fix it by pressing the button on the touch screen or using the clutch lever. Tractor T6 has a large capacity for collecting grass. The container is equipped with a filling sensor. When the capacity is filled, the sensor emits a special signal. Pulling the saber-shaped lever can easily empty the container. It is also possible to easily remove the container from the tractor and clean it of the grass remnants. The technique runs very easily. You can fill it with fuel without opening the hood.

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The company "Viking" has developed a unique tractor for lawns, which fully satisfied the wishes and needs of customers.

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