Lawn Care Tips After Winter

After the winter season, last year's dry grass forms a dense layer that does not allow young growth to develop, preventing macro-and microelements, water and air from reaching the roots of the plants. If no action is taken, the lawn will look untidy, will begin to turn yellow and may even die.

Lawn aeration and scarification

In addition to such important procedures as watering, fertilizing, shearing, lawn aeration and scarification are also necessary.

Scarification is the combing out of old dry grass with the help of special garden equipment or manually with a rake. Aeration - cutting in the soil furrows to saturate it with oxygen. Aerating and scarifying the lawn is necessary for its improvement. At the same time, it is necessary: ​​

  • to remove dry grass that does not allow new shoots to grow;
  • remove moss;
  • make holes up to 5 cm deep in the soil so that the roots of the plants can breathe.
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This will ensure that the air and sunlight reach the lower layers of grass cover, as well as allow the nutrients and moisture to get to the roots of the plants.

Aeration should be carried out monthly during the season or at least twice a year: in early spring and autumn, in October.

How to conduct aeration

If your lawn occupies a small area, then aeration can be done with a normal garden rake. On large areas, it is better to aerate the lawn with the help of special garden equipment - a gasoline or electric aerator. The tool cuts the grooves with knives to a depth of 3-5 cm while simultaneously combing out the old grass and lifting it upwards.

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Before aeration, the area must be cleaned of large debris, sticks, bark.

If you have an automatic irrigation, then mark the nozzles with the help of checkboxes in order not to damage them during aeration.

After processing the area with an aerator, all straw is collected with a rake or garden vacuum cleaner. It is also very convenient to collect dry grass using a lawnmower.

Rake is better to take ordinary metal. They collect old grass well, there is no need to go through the same place several times and redo work. Light fan rakes make a lot of passes.

Then we pass the aerator once more in order to permanently remove the dry residues and cut more holes in the soil.

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We give the lawn the opportunity to recover, and the big bald spots are seeded. After aeration, it is desirable to make dressing and small watering. The grass will begin growing season and will quickly grow. Your lawn will have a bright green color and a uniform dense turf.

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