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To resist a tart but divine drink is not in the power of people with fatal willpower. The stunning aroma of coffee will cheer and put on feet even the most inveterate fan of noisy parties. But especially great coffee is obtained in the coffee maker Vitek from China. With the help of this device, you can prepare several coffee drinks, which will also please children. Thanks to a variety of convenient and practical functions, this process is possible with one eye open, one leg and one arm.


This elegant model of the coffee machine "Vitek" will unequaled in the interior of the elite kitchen. Dark brown shades of technology combined with a rectangular shape and a caramel-colored panel will perfectly fit into the refined design. Simply pressing the appropriate buttons will help even the elderly person who is not very friendly with the technique, cook yourself:

  • aromatic latte;
  • Cappuccino with a decent amount of foam;
  • invigorating espresso.
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A few seconds and you can already enjoy a delicious drink. This is very important for busy, as well as always hurrying families. So they save time to make coffee and can enjoy socializing during breakfast. The Vitek coffee maker can be safely used in offices, which will allow workers to spend a peaceful coffee break. Moreover, the machine can provide everyone with boiling water for tea. The tank holds about a liter of water. But this is not all the features of technology.

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Powerful Functionality

The coffee machine has a unique automatic cleaning function. So, the housewife will be able to devote more time to children, rather than washing the details. Among other things, during operation, the device creates a pressure of 15 bar. Thanks to this drink is saturated with coffee aroma, which gives them an unrivaled taste. Among the useful functions, you can also note the following:

  1. Availability of a special container for collecting drops. It is easily removed and washed.
  2. Heated cups. For this purpose, a special tray is built.
  3. Formation of foam. The 300 ml reservoir is filled with milk. The machine has a special foaming mechanism, which gives the milk foam maximum volume, as well as stability.
  4. Select the volume of the cups. The program allows you to set the size of the cup (large or small), thereby simplifying the cooking process. The maximum height of the cups used is 1,
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For one approach, the technician is able to prepare several servings of coffee. The speed of getting latte, espresso and cappuccino is calculated in minutes, because the engine's power is 1 300 W. However, only ground coffee should be loaded into the tank.

Unique offers of the Vitek coffee maker can be found on the AliExpress international website. Here such a model costs , 44 rubles, including discounts.

Usual online stores sell this equipment for almost 16 thousand rubles. Saving on the face!

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