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Such a culture, like wild strawberry Zephyr, a description of the variety and photo of which are listed below, is a very popular plant. This is one of the earliest species that has taken the highest place among gardeners and amateurs. Such its demand is explained by good taste qualities and abundant fruit bearing, which can not be said about other varieties.

Feature of strawberry variety Marshmallow

This species is the work of breeders. Due to their professionalism, the supernumerary strawberry was produced and is resistant to diseases and good yield.

The main advantages of the fruit of this variety:

  • an interesting form of berries, reminiscent of a cock's comb;
  • retains its taste and appearance when transported to different distances;
  • perfectly copes with the drought;
  • bushes are able to withstand a decrease in air temperature to - 350 C.

Everyone who at least once tried the fruits of strawberries Zephyr, assure that the berries have not been more delicious. The pulp is juicy and very fragrant. Ripe strawberries are quite sweet, but not cloying. Due to its high taste qualities, Zephyr belongs to the group of the most valuable varieties.

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Strawberry Zephyr does not lose its shape when transported and frozen.

The first fruiting can be observed in the year of planting. In the open ground bushes begin to bloom in the second decade of May, in greenhouse conditions - two weeks earlier. The flower stem is durable and quite long. This allows him to withstand the heavy fruits of strawberries over the surface of the soil.

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With proper care, the plant is able to give a large number of fruits over a long period of time. During the whole season, berries do not fade and do not lose flavor.

The bushes are quite powerful with a well-developed root system. The leaves are abundantly covered with small villi. All of them are attached to stems, which can grow up to 10 cm long.

How to grow strawberries Zephyr?

You can propagate this variety both with the help of antennae, which grow quickly and in large numbers, and seeds. The first option is the simplest, but it is not capable of giving the desired result. The bushes, which are grown with the help of processes, lose their characteristics. The quality of their fruits is reduced, and the plant itself has weak immunity.

If the grains are deeply placed in the soil, they will not germinate.

Growing strawberries Marshmallow from seeds provides for stratification. This procedure is mandatory, since it is capable of increasing the similarity of grains at times.

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Before using the planting material, it is necessary to place it in wet sand and leave it for three months in a cold place. The cellar or refrigerator is best. Sow prepared seeds should be in late February or early March. The container for growing seedlings must be wide and not too deep.

Particular attention should be given to the soil. Earth is recommended to use the purchased one. It should be light and good air flow.Sow strawberries should not in the holes, but on the surface of the substrate. Sprinkle a thin layer of river sand from above the grain. In order to accelerate their germination, it is recommended to install a mini-greenhouse. After the appearance of the first shoots, polyethylene can be removed.Planting seedlings in the open ground should be as soon as 6 full leaves appear.

Ripe strawberries are rich in folic acid and malic acid.

Care of the plant in the open field:

  1. Site selection. Plant young plants should be in the soil, which has a neutral acidity. Before the procedure, the area should be fertilized with compost or humus. This will increase the air permeability of the soil, and hence the yield.
  2. Watering. Despite the fact that the strawberry variety Zephyr well tolerates the drought, to provide it with a full watering is still worth it. For abundant irrigation, it will repay a good and delicious harvest. Watering is best once every three days. As soon as the berries begin to ripen, the amount of liquid should be reduced.
  3. Fertilizer. The first two years to feed strawberries is optional. It is necessary to make preparations before the third season. It is best to use complex fertilizers. You can also make ash and humus.
  4. Preparation for winter. To strawberries well-tolerated frosts and in the next season gave a qualitative harvest, before the onset of winter, it should be fed. To do this, you need to prepare a mixture of potassium (30 grams) and nitrofoski (40 grams). Both solutions dissolve in 10 liters of water. Under each bush pour out 1 liter of liquid and hibernate. It is also recommended to cover plants with branches or agrofibers.
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Strawberries Marshmallow - this is the best variety, which, with proper care, can yield a plentiful harvest. Timely watering and high-quality fertilizer are the guarantee of healthy bushes.

Planting strawberry seeds - video

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