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If you do not live permanently at the dacha, there is no meaning to install a stationary heating system. To heat the house during the arrival it is enough to buy a good quality oil heater. How to choose the right model of the device, so that the room is warmed up quickly with minimal electricity consumption? This is today in our article.


  1. The device of oil heater
  2. Criterias of choice
  3. Models overview

The device of oil heater

For the manufacture of oil-type instruments, black metal is used. The details are cut out on a laser machine, and small elements are stamped. The sections of the heater consist of separate elements, connected together by a press and precise welding. The finished structure is painted with powder paint and sent to the oven for polymerization.

At the next stage of production, oil is added to the device and a tubular heater, electrical cable is installed, plastic or metal panels are installed. On one of the panels is set the thermostat on and off, the regulator degree of heating.

Oil radiators of modern models do not need to re-fill the oil, so they do not have a valve.

Drying of air is observed when the room is heated with an oil device. To avoid this problem, manufacturers install a water tank on the device. For easy movement of the heater in the right place, there are small solid wheels. Considering the arrangement of the oil heater, it is necessary to pay attention to the principle of operation.

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It consists in the following: when switched on, the heater is first heated, the second phase is heated oil, and the heater body is heated from it. From the body heat goes into the room. For faster warming up of air, manufacturers produce models of oil heater with fans.


Criteria for selecting an oil heater

Visit the store and take a look at the heater models for sale. You will be surprised by a large number of devices. Before you give preference to one of them, pay attention to their parameters:

  1. Oil Heater Power. To heat a room measuring 10 m2, a device with a capacity of 1 kW is sufficient. For a more accurate calculation of the required power, add more kW to the loss of heat through the external walls, doors and windows. The most powerful oil heaters for a house have a power of 3 kW. For rooms with an area of ​​30 m2, two or more appliances must be installed.
  2. External dimensions of oil heaters. Dimensions of heaters can be very different. For convenient movement of large radiators, special handles and wheels are attached.
  3. Specificity of the design.In addition to the basic structure consisting of sections, heating elements, oil, cable, the device can be built in: overheat protection, light indication, thermostats, mode switches. This is a very convenient addition to the device and with its help the consumer can save on electricity consumption.
  4. Humidifiershould be required. With it, the air in the room will remain moist.
  5. Daily Timerallows you to set the mode of operation on the device hourly. The heater is switched on at a certain time and completely disconnected at the set time without human intervention.
  6. Fan heateraccelerate the process of heating the room.

Heaters with narrow sections consume much less electricity and heat the room much more slowly. Devices with wide sections consume more electricity and quickly heat space.

Because of how much the oil heater consumes depends on your expenses for payment of utilities.

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If you liked the device of a large size, but light in weight, refuse to purchase. Insignificant weight with large dimensions means that a thin metal was used for its manufacture or the sections are not completely filled with oil. Such devices do not work for long.

For small rooms, it makes no sense to buy a heater with a large capacity. The air in the room will be constantly dry, which is undesirable for human health.

Wishing to purchase the device with maximum efficiency, pay attention to models of black color.

You will not be able to find in the shops an oil wall heater. There are no such models.

Overview of models of oil heaters

To understand which heater suits you best, we suggest that you learn some models from different manufacturers. Decide for yourself which firm oil heater you better yourself.

Oil heater Scarlett SC1154

The model consists of 11 sections. The power of the device is equal, kW. Three operating modes are possible. An oil heater with a fan made of ceramic, for a short juice, will heat the room, preserving the natural moisture in it. It is enough to establish the required operating mode and the device will heat the room to the required air temperature. Automatic switching on and off provides a thermostat. Easy movement of the device is carried out with the help of wheels.

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Oil heater DELONGHI TRD4 0820E

Video review of the oil heater Delonghi:

The model has an attractive design, the ability to adjust the temperature, protection from freezing and overheating, installation of an electronic thermostat. Operates in power modes from, to, kW. The oil heater Delonqhi EKV4 0820E consists of 8 sections.

Oil heater Tesy LB 2509 E04 TRV

The spiral heating element heats 9 sections filled with mineral oil. The device is equipped with a 500W fan, timer, thermostat, temperature regulator and protection against overheating. Easily moves on wheels. Works with maximum power in, kW.

Radiator oil LIGHT ERMTT / 220 (П)

Flat oil heater of Russian production is characterized by rapid heating of the panel. It is used mainly for drying lumber and walls during the renovation of the building. On the panel there is a switch with illumination. The device stands on the legs and has a protective function in case of overheating. Power consumption, kW.

Consumers in their numerous reviews of oil heaters note the reliability, efficiency, ease of operation of models with a built-in fan. We recommend that you purchase heaters before the start of the heating season in order to deliver them to the dacha in a timely manner. If suddenly you are in a summer cottage you will get under heavy rain, you will have a great opportunity to warm up in time and dry clothes so that you do not get sick.

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