Review of Kaiser washing machines

Washing machine Kaiser came to the Russian market of home appliances in the early 2000's. During this time, the buyers managed to form an opinion on this brand, and it turned out to be ambiguous. Commercials and brochures convince potential buyers in German quality. Is this so - you will learn in the review.

Review of Kaiser washing machines

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  • 1Where do they produce and collect washing machines "Kaiser"
  • 2Which model to choose
    • 2.1Kaiser WT 36312
    • 2.2Kaiser W 36212
    • 2.3Kaiser W 34210 NTL
  • 3Customer Reviews of Kaiser Machines

Where do they produce and collect washing machines "Kaiser"

The Kaiser brand is the property of the German firm OLAN-Haushaltsgerate. The Germans themselves did not hear about the manufacturer, moreover - on foreign websites find detailed information about the brand is impossible.

We can assume that the trade mark "Kaiser" is a marketing move by Russian manufacturers. Perhaps, the brand is only registered abroad, and the price of equipment, as well as the brand's fame, is the merit of rumors about the vaunted German quality.

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Review of Kaiser washing machines

There is evidence that the founder of the company is Pavel Loginov. The main production is located in Poland, and the legal address is German. It's only documents, so it's hard to say how much the country of business registration affects the quality of the final product. The fact that the Kaiser machinery is not produced for the European market, but is designed for the CIS countries and the Russian Federation, is confusing.

Let's sum up: in spite of the fact that the "roots" of the company are German, you get a machine not of German assembly, but Polish or domestic.

Which model to choose

If you are not embarrassed by the fact that the manufacturer is trying to mislead the buyer by giving the equipment for German, you can buy a car - its technical characteristics at the level with other more well-known brands.

There are additional benefits, such as a recirculation system, which reduces the consumption of detergent by 20%. Worthy of attention is also high-quality stainless steel, used in moving parts of the stylalki. Buyers appreciate the cars and the hatch, which opens 180 degrees.

Which model to choose

To make a choice in favor of one of the models of washing machines "Kaiser review the overview of the assortment.

Kaiser WT 36312

Kaiser WT 36312

Frontal washing machine with dryer. Wash 8 kg of laundry, dry 3 kg. Full-size, equipped with electronic control system. Special programs have been added to the main programs, such as direct injection and anti-fouling function. The bio-phase activates the detergent enzymes of the detergent powder.

The disadvantages are the vulnerable electronics and the awkward arrangement of the buttons. The cost of the machine is within 40 000 rubles.

Kaiser W 36212

Kaiser W 36212

Front loading machine without drying. The drum holds 8 kg of dry laundry. Programs are similar to the previous model, and the price is several thousand lower. An excellent family option.

Kaiser W 34210 NTL

Kaiser W 34210 NTL

Stiralka with a vertical load of 5 kg of laundry. The drum generates up to , 00 revolutions per minute during spinning. For comfortable washing, 13 programs are provided, among which there is a "Delicate" mode. Linen is automatically weighed to save resources. Partial protection from leaks is provided.

The average price is about 30 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews of Kaiser Machines

Nikita, Tver

Model W 34110 we have worked properly for almost 3 years, after which it fell into disrepair. The master asked for almost 10 thousand for repairs, so I decided that the new stylalka is not much more expensive. He concluded that there can be no question of any German quality. "The German" had to work for at least 5-7 years, or even more. But not three.

Alina, Kostroma

This is a nonsense, not a German typewriter. This I authoritatively declare to you, as the owner of the German refrigerator and BMW cars. Six months after the purchase, I realized that I made a mistake by choosing the Kaiser machine-I had to read where it was made. The mode does not work at 95 degrees, glitches of electronics, things do not reach. The name turned out to be very deceptive.

Valery, Novosibirsk

The mother-in-law presented a typewriter. Immediately I suspected something was wrong - my mother-in-law would not give me a normal thing. And it turned out to be nothing. Actively the whole family use a machine, though not all modes, mostly daily washing, small - such dirty. Washing coats and ski suits, nothing has deteriorated. In general, we are satisfied.

Anna Pavlovna, Noginsk

I will share my story about using the Kaiser W36310. Maybe I got a fake, but I need to inform the public. Month 3 problems were not - hooked up and everything worked. Then the powder ceased to dissolve. Then burned TEN. Then the machine (after repair) simply did not turn on. We can not sell it - who needs it, and it's terrible to take a new one now, if German cars - they also break down.

Let's sum up. Feedback from buyers is mixed, we found in the network an equal number of both positive and negative comments.

As experts, we understand that often the failure is not the fault of the manufacturer - hard water, voltage drops, improper installation and operation are not ruled out. But trust to the manufacturer, which hides the history of the development of his company, is still not enough. Therefore, decide for yourself whether it is worth buying a Kaiser technique.

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