Washing a down jacket in a washing machine

To be honest, we had to solve the specified task. Down jacket shock water intake, poorly gives dirt. If it is thoroughly dusty, you cannot control at once what program of washing is specified. Get ready, the thing is badly wrung out. We'll have to dry out, be careful not to sit down. Washing a down jacket in a washing machine is a doable thing if you follow five simple rules.

The rules for washing a down jacket

It is allowed to use washing powder to wash a down jacket in an automatic washing machine, although network resources recommend finding a special tool like Unipuh. Liquid suitable for pillows, blankets, products of a similar sense. A bottle of 250 ml costs 300 rubles, enough for 5 - 6 washes. A down jacket needs to be cleaned at most once a season, if the yard is not purposefully sweeping up, dressing up, we consider the price of Unipuh justified. Difference from typical powder is missed by commercials.

Eco Nordland Sport Balsam is suitable for down jackets, sportswear. Impregnated fabrics, thermal underwear are specially created to deal with a liquid agent. Eco Nordland Sport balm, made from natural ingredients, starts at 20 ºС.A 750 ml bottle costs 224 rubles, enough to wash 50 kg of laundry. Will be able to wash the down jacket 25 times, according to the statements of the advertisement.

Dosage means given by the site, any free to check:

  1. Light pollution in soft water - 1 cap( 35 ml).
  2. Heavy pollution in hard water - 3 caps( 105 ml).

Balsam is enough to provide 7 washes of a dirty down jacket in the region with water of high hardness. Far East residents will have enough money for much longer, the water is devoid of excess salt content.

According to some reports, Moscow supermarkets sell Ostrich down jackets for washing, online sales are overwhelmed. Heitmann gel on the shelves is gathering dust at 209 rubles per bottle. These funds contain some surface active substances that allow to wash out the dirt from the inside of a down jacket. The manufacturer’s recommendations should be observed, similar for different products:

  • The dosage of the gel is determined by the hardness of the water. Above the level of salts of calcium, magnesium, pour more detergent. You can find out the hardness of the local organizations involved in cleaning, pumping water. Parameter norms must be measured regularly.

  • Washing a down jacket in an automatic washing machine is conducted in delicate modes at a temperature of 30 ºС.If there is a Super Rinse mode, be sure to apply it( avoid turning on the high drum speed).It concerns the first wash of the down jacket in the washing machine-automatic. Inside there are components of the technological cycles of manufacturing things that do not interfere with wearing, after drying, they will give white stains.
  • The spinning of the down jacket in the automatic washing machine is carried out at low speed.400-600 is enough. The problem for some is limited to the final drying of the product. We recommend the battery, if not hot. Radiator, burning his hand, bypass side. You can hang a down jacket on a rope under the ceiling of the kitchen inside out. It turns out an acceptable result. Avoid placing the item on the table, wait until the water evaporates.

On sale we will meet balls for washing of down-padded coats at the price of 380 rubles for couple. Hedgehogs PVC, interfering with fluff to pile, make the linen soft, accelerates the process of drying the battery. Warm air flows more easily through the fabric. The people's voice claims it is possible to replace with ordinary tennis balls. However, before using after the racket it is necessary to wash it thoroughly in an automatic washing machine. Poisonous yellow paint can creep out. The quality of the down jacket, according to eyewitnesses, is no worse than hedgehogs. If there are a couple of tennis balls in the house, you can try the advice.

PVC balls have an additional mechanical effect, improving the quality of washing. Hedgehogs can be used for other things. Give the linen softness.

Prepare a down jacket for washing

Let's help with a couple of tips to prepare a down jacket for washing with a washing machine-gun. The procedures concern the stripping of dirty places, some other aspects.

Before putting the down jacket in the washing machine, it is necessary to pull out the existing things, fasten buttons, zippers. We'll have to check if wool is in the fabric. The fabric can sit down, you need to be ready. It is recommended to clean the shiny spots with a tool, but at the current stage of development of technology looks frivolous. More suitable equipment for vertical ironing:

  • steamer;
  • steam iron.

With these means it is recommended to carry out the treatment before, after washing the down jacket in an automatic washing machine. Eliminates fat stains, straightens wrinkles, knocks out allergens, dust, and destroys germs from clothes. Of course, the temperature, the power of the steam jet must be metered. It is better to try the device on a similar old down jacket, invisible area, for fear of harm to the product. Dry cleaning technology is often carried out by similar methods. Buttons, a zipper are buttoned, from the inside there is a powerful jet of steam, bursting with clothes from the inside. Water is seasoned with special detergents that remove dirt.

The procedure is completed by the treatment with clean steam, drying. At the same time, the technology eliminates wrinkles. Know steam blow, steamers come from professional dry cleaners. Today, everyone is free to organize home dry cleaning. The technology involves the treatment of hot steam and cold. A special ultrasound generator is used. They are used when cleaning the evaporator of a car air-conditioning system, imitation of a flame by an electric fireplace.

After washing, the steamer helps to smooth out the folds, it is supposed to dry the product beforehand. It is not recommended to hang out a down-padded coat after washing in a washing machine-gun on the street, frost. If the sun is shining, the heat, of course, is allowed. It is not allowed to hang a down jacket on the convector, oil cooler, to substitute the wind blower jets. The thing will have to be washed in the washing machine-machine again, to achieve the best result, to dry every time will be almost a day. In favorable conditions.

Detergents: wash the down jacket in a washing machine-automatic

There is a special site called puhoviki.info. We do not promise that there may be such interesting reviews as VashTechnik puts the portal, but there will be clothes.

With reference to the source, we report that experienced hostesses use traditional means for washing down jackets:

  • "Ariel", "Weasel", "Perwoll Balsam Magic", and Nikwax liquid soap.

Professionals recommend using specialized products:

  1. Sport Fein Fashion in a 750 ml bottle is enough for 10 gentle wash cycles, 39 hand-held. Gel is cheap, hard to find on sale, try to sell in bulk. Eco Nordland Sport balm has similar properties. Specially marked with a label: the product is suitable for washing a down jacket in a washing machine. The composition is typical - ionic, anionic surfactants, preservatives, flavors. Among the unusual components of wheat protein as a conditioner, dyes.
  2. Woly Sport Down Wash &Clean. It is clear from the name. Down is used to name fluff. Curiously, Fuzz is a synonym. Recall LG with Fuzzy Logic( Fuzzy, vague, "fluffy" logic).Wash fluff, apparently, offered in washing machines LG.We wrote a review for detergents, helped make the choice of a washing machine for washing down jackets. Bottle of Woly Sport Down Wash &Clean 250 ml capacity is 300 rubles.


Hopefully, explained how to wash a down jacket in a washing machine. They told how to prepare the thing, what the work cycle would need, how many times to erase, how to select the parameters. Drying of the down jacket is carried out in warm, out of stale air. Warm ascending streams penetrate through the product.

Provided an exemplary list of products suitable for the wash cycle. Please note most overseas. It is better to search using Google by dialing down wash clean requests. The authors took a fair amount of time to find the appropriate information for Russian-language queries.

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