Review of Washing Machines LG

Among a large number of brands of washing machines, LG always takes one of the leading positions. All thanks to innovative technologies, modern and stylish design, useful functionality. But what do you know about the brand of AlGe?

We'll figure out who is the manufacturer of washing machines, consider the features of the most popular LG models.

Review of Washing Machines LG

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do LG washing machines
  • 2Features of LG washing machines
  • 3Overview of AlGJ models
    • 3.1LG TW7000WS
    • 3.2LG F10B8MD
    • 3.3LG F1089ND
    • 3.4LG F-1096SD3
    • 3.5LG F-1296ND3
    • 3.6LG F-12A8CDP
    • 3.7LG FH-695BDN6N

Where do LG washing machines

In South Korea, in 1947, a company was founded under the name Lak Hui Chemica. It was this company that first invented plastic containers for products. Soon the second enterprise of the same manufacturer under the name Gold Star opens. They produce radios and televisions of Korean assembly.

Soon after the owner of the company Ku Ying Hoi opens the plant, where the plastic is processed, the first washing machine (1969) is produced.

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In the 90s, South Korea became famous all over the world, as Gold Star produces various high-quality household appliances.

Only in 1995 the decision is made to rename the Gold Star brand to the Lucky Group, which sounds like LG.

Today, LJ's stirrings are made in different countries of the world, including in Russia. The plant was opened in the Moscow Region in 2005.

Features of LG washing machines

Despite the external similarities and sometimes similar functionality, LG's stilalkas are different from other brands. Let's consider, in what their feature:

  • Standard, narrow and super-tight models with direct drive. It was the brand "AlJ" that first introduced an inverter motor. The engine without the belt works quieter and more efficiently. Therefore, the manufacturer gives him a guarantee for 10 years.

Features of LG washing machines

  • Built-in and stand-alone machines can have different types of loading: front and vertical. Frontal models are conveniently built into furniture: pedestals, kitchen set, niches in the wall. Stiralki with super-thin body will fit even in a small room. Vertical SMA can be installed in the bathroom, where there is no place to open the door to the side.
  • LG's lineup features reliability and useful functionality. Electronic control is intuitively understandable. The user can select steaming for refreshing linen, bubble effect to improve the quality of washing. There are also washing-drying models, which can dry several kilograms of laundry at a time.
  • The feature of the built-in drum is the possibility of rotation in six different ranges. This can be an easy wiggle, with intense washing or spinning - torsion. When an imbalance occurs, the drum starts reversing movements.
  • If you buy a stand-alone model, you will have plenty to choose from. The brand "AlGy" offers a design of stylalki in silver, black, white colors. There are models with a unique design. Therefore, the buyer will find exactly what will fit into his interior.

Below is an overview of LG's most popular washing machines. The service life of this brand is from 8 to 10 years or more. It all depends on the place where the styralka was collected.

Overview of AlGJ models

Having reviewed the rating of popular models, you can find out how they are arranged, and decide which machine is best for you. Let's start with the most interesting model.


This is a new development of the company "AlJ" - a washing machine with two drums! Yes, this is reality. Combined loading allows to combine laundry of usual things in one drum (1, kg) and care of delicate laundry in another (, kg). In total, you can wash 2 kg of laundry at a time.


Do you think this technique takes a lot of space? Nothing like this. The additional drum is compactly located just below the main drum. The bubble drum can rotate in six modes.

The inverter motor is not new to the AGR of LG brand. The touchpad allows you to select from a variety of programs and functions.


The function NFC Tag On allows you to follow the cycle through your smartphone anywhere. Details about the features of this machine, you can on the page "Washing machines with two drums."

The price is from 150 000 rubles.


The most interesting feature is the Smart Diagnosis option. You can conduct mobile diagnostics of the washing machine, and in case of a malfunction, you do not have to call the master. Having connected to the system through a smartphone, you will independently detect a breakdown and read its description.


The machine works quietly thanks to the inverter motor. The maximum spin speed is 1000 revolutions, while the power can be adjusted. The washing machine with drying not only effectively launches, but also drains the laundry. A full-fledged assistant for the hostess - loaded things (maximum, kg), pulled out, folded on the shelf.

How to use the modes correctly, the electronic control with LED-display will tell. In addition to the standard set of programs - there are only 13 of them - there is a bubble effect. The washing temperature can be adjusted.

The machine consumes 3 kW of energy per hour.

LG F1089ND

This is a narrow washing machine that does not take up much space during installation. Despite the compact size, the model has a drum capacity of 6 kg, as well as a drying function. The direct-drive motor of the washing machine is attached directly to the drum, therefore it does not require frequent repairs and replacement of brushes.

LG F1089ND

The control panel allows you to select from 10 programs. A useful function is the "Baby's Clothes". It provides additional rinsing in a large amount of water, to completely remove the powder from the fabric. The intelligent management of Fuzzy Logic will help to effectively consume water and electricity.

The cost of the LG F1089ND is from 1, 00 rubles.

LG F-1096SD3

This stimalka collected the greatest number of positive reviews among all LG models. Compact SMA - 60h36h85 cm - contains 4 kg of laundry. The model is equipped with a powerful inverter motor. The maximum rotation speed for spinning is 1000 revolutions.

Convenient electronic control with a digital display has the technology of mobile diagnostics. 13 wash programs are integrated. Of useful functions:

  • Protection from children. The panel, after the button is turned on, is locked so that all buttons are not sensitive to pressing until the end of the cycle.
  • Partial protection against leakage of the housing.
  • Control of imbalance and foam level.
  • Delay start for 19 hours.
  • Automatic drum cleaning.

LG F-1096SD3

The machine spends resources sparingly. Energy efficiency class A +, water flow per cycle - 39 liters.

The price is from 21 000 rubles.

LG F-1296ND3

Unlike previous models, this styalka is more developed in terms of functionality. Stylish, modern design of the case, removable top cover. Can be installed as a stand-alone or embedded technology. Dimensions CMA - 60h55h85 cm.

The drum has a capacity of 8 kg, there is no drying. Comfortable loading of linen thanks to a door that opens 180 degrees. Intelligent control with a digital display makes it easy to select programs. In addition, all the modes are signed, so you do not have to search for necessary information for a long time.

LG F-1296ND3

The F-1296ND3 is quite economical to use. Has a class of energy consumption A ++, per hour takes 7 kW. The water consumption is 56 liters.

You can wash down things, delicate and athletic clothes. Also there is a program of anti-fouling. The housing is partially protected from leaks. The control of the imbalance will not allow you to start spinning until all the laundry is evenly distributed in the drum.


Stand-alone model with front loading, capacity of 6 kg with washing. Equipped with drying up to 3 kg. Intelligent control instantly weighs the laundry in the drum, displaying the parameters on the display. Then there is a calculation of the amount of water and detergent for washing things.


Energy consumption class when washing - A +++, but if you apply drying - will be class D, which is not very economical. Powerful inverter motor, fixed on the drum, accelerates to 1200 revolutions during spinning.

Of the interesting technologies - it's 6 drum movements, the function of smart diagnostics. The water temperature and spinning can be adjusted.

The cost of the model is quite high - from 3, 00 rubles.


This is the best model, according to consumers' reviews. Stiralka perfectly suits family people: capacity of the drum - 12 kg, drying - 8 kg. At the same time SMA is quite economical in operation: class A ++ and A even when using drying.

This model really surprises with a wide, powerful functionality and saving resources at the same time.

  • Power consumption kW per hour.
  • The water consumption is 72 liters.
  • The noise level is 56/75 dB, while the revolutions reach 1600 when spinning.


The steam function is integrated. It allows you to refresh clothes, clean it of dust mites, bacteria, allergens. In total, there are 14 wash programs to choose from, where the stain removal mode is enabled. The housing is partially protected from leakage.

Having become acquainted with the rating, you will quickly determine which model to choose. Washing machines from LG are competitive in value and their device. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a stylalk with direct drive, drying and other technologies than a different brand car with a mediocre set of functions. The choice is yours.

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