What is an inverter washing machine

Choosing a washing machine - the first in your life or in return for the old one - you could hear about inverter washing machines. What are they different from the usual ones, and why are they so little known in the circles of potential buyers?

The answers to these and other questions we will give you in this article.

What is an inverter washing machine

Content of the material:

  • 1Inverter engine - successful development
    • 1.1Inverter motor saves water
    • 1.2Increases washing efficiency
    • 1.3All about motor-inverter
  • 2Inverter car: pro and contra
    • 2.1Myths and Reality

Inverter engine - successful development

The efforts of engineers led to the fact that, among others, the inverter engine was invented in a washing machine. Thanks to its appearance, the new generation machines surpassed all previous models for energy efficiency by as much as 20%.

In addition, there was another "bonus" - automatic shutdown, which helps to save bills for electricity consumption.

Features of inverter motors:

  • The induction motor is not equipped with brushes - which means they will not wear out. Nothing will have to be changed, as in collector and brushless motors.
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  • The machine with this engine squeezes at a speed of 1600 revolutions per minute - the laundry at the exit from the drum is almost dry.
  • Washing machines with inverter motors, again, thanks to the lack of brushes, have become famous as silent. Depending on the selected mode - "Wash" or "Spin" - the noise level varies in the range of 53-76 dB.

Inverter engine - successful development

Inverter motor saves water

Thanks to the modified design and a slight slope of the drum, you can significantly save water. Maybe for someone 10% will not be an impressive figure, but for users who actively use the machine, this will be a weighty argument.

The drum of the typewriter with the inverter type of the engine also makes it convenient to load and unload things for washing.

Increases washing efficiency

"Faster, higher, stronger" - this almost Olympic principle is realized due to the Beat Wash system, which presupposes the presence of a 3D-sensor. It is he who increases the efficiency of washing.

The system can make adjustments to the trajectory of moving things around the drum to achieve the ideal balance of the laundry. All this provides a so-called "three-dimensional" washing.

Increases washing efficiency

Advantages of 3D-system:

  • The washing becomes delicate: the laundry does not crumple and does not curl up as horrible.
  • The system adapts to washing and features of different types of fabric.
  • Beat Wash can reduce the time required for a cycle, depending on the type of laundry loaded.

All about motor-inverter

Consider what an inverter is in a washing machine. The principle of operation of such an engine lies in the fact that the frequency converter is responsible for its speed, and the inverter is simpler.

Its task is the conversion of an alternating current into a constant one, and then the formation of an alternating current of the required frequency. The process is good because the engine speed is adjusted with high accuracy to maintain the required frequency.

The main feature, which distinguishes the inverter motor from any other, is the absence of brushes. The rotor of the engine, as in all others, rotates on a single principle - under the influence of the electromagnetic field.


  • High efficiency (EFFICIENCY).
  • Durability (no replacement parts).
  • Accurate maintenance of the required speed and instant output to the desired number.

Inverter car: pro and contra

Having disassembled in principle the operation of an inverter motor, one may wonder - is this really a useful technology in a dumb-bell, or just another advertising move by PR people? We do not want to overpay for nonexistent benefits, so we will understand what is true and what is not.

Myths and Reality

  1. Energy efficiency. True, and above, we explained why.
  2. Silent work. Proved and tested.
  3. Spin at high speed. You yourself will feel that this is so, getting out of the drum almost dry clothes.
  4. Durability. The motor is yes, it is durable, but the inverter principle does not affect the other parts of the machine. If it starts to run bearings or burns the heater, no engine will save from repair.
  5. The speed is observed with mathematical precision. Also repeatedly confirmed by experts.
  6. Affordable price. No - the cost of such a washing machine sometimes "bites".
  7. Affordable repair of the electric motor. This is unlikely: in view of their novelty, repairing inverter-type motors is expensive - the consumables can be worth decently.

Myths and Reality

We are not going to judge which type of engine is better in the washing machine. Having collected all the facts given in this article, you yourself can draw conclusions whether it is worth taking a new-fangled styalka.

If you are going to often include AGR, want to save on electricity and do not flinch from the noise, then, undoubtedly, this is your option. And if the budget is limited, then you can not overpay - the decision is yours.

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