Country holiday with mini-grill from China


Juicy and fragrant fried meat does not leave indifferent any passer-by. Appetizing shish kebab is the true "companion" of all sincere companies, as well as picnics. However, it takes a very long time to prepare and prepare such an oriental dish. To simplify this process will allow a portable mini grill from China. It can be quickly folded and carried around without worrying about being hot or dirty.

Design Features

The weight of a coal barbecue is a little less than a kilogram, because the metal is thin enough. Therefore, even a child can carry a barbecue. The case is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean, and it will last for many years. The height of the product is small - 25 cm, width - 2 cm. Still, a family of 4-6 people can be fed.

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Due to the fact that the boiler is covered with porcelain enamel, the heat remains in it longer, and the surface is resistant to corrosion. The same can be said about the lattice, three-layer chrome plated coating protects the parts from damage. This mini-grill is very easy to install:

  1. On the outside of the kettle there are two metal legs of removable type. Of course, they are rather thin, so it is not worth overloading the structure.
  2. Put the embers on the bottom.
  3. Set one, and then the second grate.
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It is noteworthy, but it is the legs of this mini barbecue that serve both as tongs and as supports. With their help in a few seconds you can remove hot grilles during dismantling. This model bribes its size. Miniature design is installed on the table, and then closely monitor the process of turning meat into a juicy barbecue.


Without these things here is indispensable. Manufacturers have made sure that users can easily take this thing with them without problems. A special refrigerator bag has two compartments located in parallel.On the bottom you can put a hot bowler, and on top the remaining products. Being in the neighborhood with flaming metal, they will not deteriorate, because the material does not miss steam. This tightness is very convenient during camping. Moreover, in such a bag are provided:

  • two pockets of flat form at the top;
  • long and wide strap over the shoulder;
  • plastic handle at the base;
  • double zipper.
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The cost of such a find in 2017 is estimated at , 30 rubles. on the marketplace AliExpress.Perhaps, similar goods are also found in usual online stores, but at a price of , 50 rubles.But to understand the difference between them, you can only with the purchase.

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