What does a fireplace hood mean for a kitchen: how it differs from other types, what criteria should be considered when choosing.

Fireplace hoodRegardless of quadrature, a modern cooker hood will become an indispensable attribute in the kitchen. In the absence of this kitchen appliance, not only can there be an unpleasant odor, but also fat and tar will settle on the surfaces, which will not be easy to wash. Currently, fireplace hoods are widely popular among consumers. What are these devices, what are their advantages and what criteria to consider when choosing.

What is a fireplace hood

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  • Advantages of fireplace hoods
  • What criteria to consider when choosing a fireplace hood
    • Power
    • Noise at work
    • Type of filter system
    • Production material

Fireplace-type ventilation is a device designed to extract smoke, unpleasant odors and burning objects emitted during the preparation of culinary masterpieces. This name is associated with its dome shape and design, which in appearance resembles a classic fireplace.

This range hood includes:

  • control unit of the front of the unit;
  • backlight;
  • filter system;
  • pipe and body.

At the same time, in such an extract both filter traps made of aluminum and carbon filters absorbing small impurities and odors can be installed. The lighting system uses halogen, neon or LED lamps. Incandescent lamps are less common, and their number will depend on a single model.

Advantages of fireplace hoods

Different fireplace hoodsThese designs will become not only indispensable in the kitchen, but also fit perfectly into the interior of any style. In addition, such a device will appeal to all housewives who dream of a fireplace, but do not have the opportunity to purchase it.

At the moment, the following types of design hoods can be distinguished:

  • wall;
  • hanging;
  • angular;
  • inclined;
  • island.

REFERENCE! In addition, all models have different sizes, and devices with sizes of 50, 60 and 90 cm are especially popular among consumers.

At the same time, fireplace hoods have many advantages, and the following can be attributed to the main ones.

  1. Appearance. These designs have a beautiful and stylish design.
  2. The shape of the dome. Such hoods do not require special masking in the ventilation pipe during installation. She will hide underneath all the details that you do not need to see.
  3. Efficiency at work. Regardless of the size and model purchased, a fireplace hood will delight you with a high level of performance. Some models even integrate two motors and reusable filters.
  4. Easy installation. For installation it is not at all necessary to have experience and any knowledge. Each user can install it independently with the help of dowels and self-tapping screws.
  5. Affordable price. Of course, the cost of the design will depend on a particular brand, functionality and size of the device, but in any case the price range is simply huge, and the consumer will be able to choose the suitable option for himself, starting from personal preferences.

What criteria to consider when choosing a fireplace hood

Most consumers are confident that the overall hood will be an excellent choice for any kitchen because it has great power. But for installation in rooms of a large area, fireplace models will not work. But they will be an ideal option for installation in small kitchens, because they have compact dimensions and save space for placing a variety of cabinets, drawers or shelves.


In order to verify the sufficient power of a particular model, you will need to use elementary mathematical formula, namely, to calculate the area of ​​the kitchen, and then multiply the resulting figure at 12. You don’t have to count at all, but find out the necessary information from a consultant in a household appliance store. According to established standards, consumers are advised to install models with a capacity of 350 cubic meters. m for small rooms (not more than 11 square meters. m). In the middle kitchens (11-18 sq. Km. m) you need to install a model with a capacity of up to 420 cubic meters, while in large kitchens (20 or more square meters. m) structures with a capacity in the range from 600 to 650 cubic meters should be mounted.

Noise at work

When choosing a fireplace hood, you need to consider power, sizeIt should be understood that the higher the power of the acquired model, the louder it will work. And you must admit, you are unlikely to enjoy cooking under the constant rumble of a device that does not even let you hear the voice of other households.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to select models whose noise level during operation can be adjusted using a special switch.

Type of filter system

Most hoods differ in filter type. Kitchen appliances are supplied with:

  • external filter - to delay fat and soot;
  • internal - to clean the air from unpleasant odors.

In more expensive models, you can also find grease repellent filters, which practically do not need cleaning. In devices representing a budget category, filters become dirty after only a few months of operation, and cleaning them is fraught with a number of difficulties.

IMPORTANT! If you notice that during the operation of the hood for an impressive period of time air purification does not occur, this means that the filter is very dirty and urgent replacement.

Production material

Another of the selection criteria will be the material of the device. The stronger it is, the longer the installed design will last. For the manufacture of fireplace hoods use metal, which is highly reliable. But sometimes there are also models made of plastic, glass and even wood.

In any case, which model to give preference will depend solely on you, but the information presented above should greatly simplify the selection process.

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