The distance from the plate to the hood

Household appliance kit supplemented with installation instructions. The fact is forgotten in vain. Installing the equipment differently means floating against the current. The manufacturer does not guarantee the performance of products. And with kitchen hoods, the number does belong to the category of deadly tricks. The grease filter collects flammable substances, being low hung, it will just light up. On the other hand, the distance from the slab to the hood should not be too small, otherwise some of the pollution will be carried by the stream past the portal, clinging to the ceiling, walls. Ventilation, even forced, ineffective.

Typical examples of

Avoiding reinventing the wheel, we will choose one of the types of hoods that we have issued, and we will begin to suspend the purchase.

Traditional kitchen hoods Shindo

Dealers, ordinary people call the product the best, based on the price-quality ratio. For 1950 rubles, take the device with a capacity of 270-420 cubic meters( three speeds) with the ability to work for recycling. Traditional flat kitchen hood with a width of 60 cm. The heroine is called Metida 600 White, the manufacturer prefers to call the model Metida 60 W. We give some characteristics of a traditional kitchen hood:

  • Depth 50 cm.
  • Height 13.2 cm.
  • The diameter of the air duct is 12 cm( note, the value does not correspond to corrugated or smooth round ducts).

  • Relatively low noise level of 48 dB.
  • Average motor power 120 watts.
  • Ability to install a cheap carbon filter S.C.A.N.(the price is 240 rubles).For Krona, the accessory costs two and a half times more. Pay attention before buying, check the difference!
  • Incandescent bulbs( short-lived, inexpensive, uneconomical).

According to the manufacturer, the lifetime of the hood is 7 years with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. One subtlety. After purchase, it is recommended to remove the shipping fastener, Shindo insists that you should not remove the protective film before testing the kitchen hood. You must first check the performance of the product.

The installation rules do not differ much from the standard ones:

  1. The height of the hood above the electric stove is 65 cm.
  2. The height of the hood above the gas hob is 75 cm.

Please note that an open flame without dishes should not burn under the portal. Guaranteed to disable the device. Considering the above considerations, avoid installing an incandescent lamp, the power rating of which exceeds the specified passport for the purchased equipment. Kitchen hood Metida 60 W is designed according to the class I of electrical protection, it needs to be grounded.

It is forbidden to turn on equipment devoid of a greasy aluminum filter, with a carbon filter - this is a real mess. Shindo says: an acrylic product complements the kit, the dealer says the opposite. Call the manufacturer, inquire. It is unpleasant, if they try to earn some extra equipment. The grease filter is periodically washed, otherwise the device’s performance is impaired;

Kitchen hood installation Shindo Metida 60 W

Three equipment mounting options are allowed:

  1. Recycling. It is enough to hang the hood at the recommended height. Plug two air outlets with special plugs. The air will come out through a special grille of the Shindo Metida 60 W traditional kitchen hood.
  2. There is a hole on the back wall of the case that allows you to cut through the wall and discharge the combustion products to the ventilation shaft located behind it. It will take an air duct, the size is not clear( the manufacturer tactfully holds back).The opening of the upper face of the body is closed with a special cap.
  3. The third option is common. In the upper part of the case there is a round hole of 12 cm. To it, the exhaust duct, connected by ducts to the ventilation shaft, is connected. The hole on the back wall is closed with a special plug.

Read the instructions, the final clarity did not come. They found out at what distance the hood was installed from the cooker( standard figures), did not understand which ducts could be used. Included is a transition flange, from experience say: the accessory determines the size. Rather, the corrugation is 125, 150 mm, or a round plastic duct of 125 mm. Directly nowhere said. A manufacturer who fails gets a C-grade, the main thing is that the suspended height of the exhaust outlet is not indicated anywhere. The equipment is cool. Consumers praise these traditional kitchen hoods.

Fireplace extractor hoods Elikor

In the price segment below 2000 rubles there are no other fireplace extracts, excluding Elikor. Saturn M 60 sell for 1600 rubles. The performance of the device is 245 cubic meters per hour. Most likely due to mediocre characteristics, the manufacturer disowns prices from the brainchild, on the company's official website there is not a word about the product. Accordingly, there is no installation instruction in the network; we will use the generalized one placed in the Service Center → Installation section of the hood.


  1. The height of the hood above the electric stove is 65 cm.
  2. The height of the hood above the gas hob is 75 cm.
  3. The diameter of the duct is 120 or 150 mm. And the first among the standard nominal is not available. However, we are in Greece, so it is easy to find corrugated air ducts from Russia or WPA 120( Formic), which are just suitable for this case.

According to the instructions, the installation is carried out with a plastic duct. But there are no such standard sizes of round products in nature. We'll have to use a special gear( adapter), for example, Vents 120/125 mm worth 70 rubles. Details are important for ordinary buyers who like to do the work by themselves, but the designers of the company are professionals!- not enough time to work out unpretentious details, make life easier for an ordinary buyer. And this concerns not only Elikor. Remember, Shindo also missed trivia. This is understandable. Developing for each country with all the features instructions for the installation of a kitchen hood - is an archd task. But our domestic Elikor could strain. Under the force of one designer during the work shift, but buyers will be satisfied.

The instruction says: the kitchen hood comes with an adapter, there is a flexible phrase “depending on the model”.And what determines the installation kit Elikor Saturn M 60?Understand correctly, the equipment is good, the manufacturer gives a warranty on the motor for 5 years, but take the cat in the bag, counting on the eternal chance. Would pay better for the developed instructions. If we divide the workdays of one designer into sold copies of a product, we get a ridiculous sum of about 1 ruble. Would you agree to pay for such work, or is it better to spend your own time looking for the right parts?

On the geographical location of the outlet says nothing, judging by the mandatory requirement for the presence of grounding, the equipment belongs to the first class of electrical protection. Additionally, it is recommended to put a 6 A machine in the chain;Valuable, though general information.

For equipment, Elikor receives Pyaterochka, for accompanying goods is much less.

Kitchen hoods Bosh

Bosch pleased customers with well-developed instructions, so we take the first available umbrella( mantel) hood, we look that with the installation. Pleases the eye a clear thought out classification. Traditional flat kitchen hoods called visor, appropriate, taking into account the shape, method of installation. This product applies to wall( DWW 09W650, price 7700 rubles).

This model is 90 cm wide with a capacity of 650 cubic meters per hour. The first question is at what height to put the hood. We are looking for instructions through a special service site. There are a dozen copies, one in Russian. Installation instructions combined with the instruction manual.

We see a clear pattern, given the overall, other dimensions, housing, installation. At what distance to hang the hood from the hob, shown:

  1. Gas stove - 65 cm.
  2. Electric stove - 55 cm.

The rules for installing a telescopic kitchen hood cabinet are given. The figure depicts the slits used when recycling works. Given the height of the outlet, are the requirements of grounding. Explicit four. Fives requires say duct mounting options, dimensions. Unforgivable omission.

The following are general installation instructions. The upper segment of the telescopic cabinet is used when exhausting combustion products through the back wall with punching the wall. Given the minimum requirements for the diameter of the air ducts 150 mm. Below Pyaterochka. .. Detail painted wall drilling for any installation option. A competent technician will carry out the installation, understand what is the distance to the hood from the outlet or hob. Successes to all!

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