Inverter heater


gives you a 10-year warranty on refrigerators with inverter compressors. What allowed the company to take such a decisive step? We know for certain that the typical warranty period of Samsung is 3 years. This applies to monitors, televisions, washing machines. And on the fridges suddenly the whole 10 years! Inverter compressors will allow you to flexibly control the process of freon current, reducing the overall load on the mechanical part. Today we will talk about this technology and fantasize how an inverter heater could be arranged, which are not in nature today.


The inversion operation is known from Boolean logic( algebra), which consists of elementary negation. False statement becomes true. In common law practice, the situation is called slander and is used by separate organized groups of individuals. In logic, this is called inverting.

At school and college students with inverting introduces Boolean algebra. Science came from England, where George Boole worked as a teacher of mathematics in the rank of professor. Gradually, verbal and symbolic logic formed the basis for creating encrypted electrical signals, due to which personal computers work today. Boolean algebra is chosen as the basis, due to the simplicity of the implementation of the elements of addition and inversion. The electrical system accepts, understands and reproduces only two states:

  • is a signal;
  • no signal.

Modern computers perform calculations of three-story complexity, and the first computers are built on glow lamps with different numbers of grids, the control signals are close in shape to today's and had a discrete character, laying the foundations for the use of inverters. Later in the 1950s, the invention of transistors made it possible to make a breakthrough in electronics, which brought the world to its present position. In binary algebra, the division operation is absent, the action is replaced by multiplication, represented as a series of addition and subtraction operations. Subtraction and addition is where the deductible is inverted:

  1. The unit( signal) becomes zero( no signal).
  2. Zero becomes one.

For this, the signal needed to be reversed — what was called invert — plus a level fit. There are several types of logic circuits operating in different ways.

To implement the logic, inverters are invented, turning one into zero and, conversely, zero into one. The western term DC / AC Converter( DC to AC converter) was heard as “inverter”, which became a fashionable and popular word in the era of electronics. Probably, the power source of the welding arc is called inverter due to the considerations expressed. The point is that the AC voltage:

  1. is straightened.
  2. Converted to a voltage of a different frequency and amplitude.

The use of inverter power supplies in the

technique Inverter power supplies made it possible to make a kind of breakthrough in engineering, including the heater segment. The first touched welding machines. As is known, in this case, it was required to obtain a current of an extremely large value at low voltage. In the absence of inverter power supplies:

  • The mains voltage was applied to the transformer, where the voltage simply decreased with an increase in the output current.

Circuit without inverter showed, in addition to instability, a lot of flaws. The transformer in the absence weighed immensely. The weight of the device was simply unacceptable. To correct the situation, it was proposed to use high frequency inverters inside.

With an output on ultrasound and above, the mass of transformers at equal power strongly decreases. For this we needed inverter power supplies. The experimenters changed the frequency, bringing up to 50, even up to 100 kHz, which made it possible to drastically reduce the size of welding machines and achieve a number of useful properties. For example, implemented fine tuning of parameters and controllability.

Similarly, inverter power sources gave birth to mobile and “smart” welding machines.

And here Samsung coolers and heaters. Inverter compressor works in a special way. The scheme of action of a typical refrigerator:

  1. The compressor runs until the thermostat detects the presence of the desired temperature.
  2. Compressor stops.
  3. The thermostat detects the deviation of the microclimate parameters from the set ones, the compressor starts up again.

In this case, the operation of an electric motor without an inverter is of a stepwise nature. The scheme has three drawbacks:

  1. Increased consumption in run mode.
  2. Increased noise level.
  3. Increased load on the mechanical part.

How to solve the listed difficulties invertor compressors. In the second step, the engine does not stop, but runs at low speed. The temperature does not rise so rapidly, it turns out that the engine is loaded by 5 - 10% most of the time. This will extend the warranty life of inverter compressors to 10 years. What is the company Samsung.

As it became possible to manufacture inverter compressors. Invented by Nikola Tesla asynchronous motors. The speed of rotation of the shaft depends on the frequency of the pulses.50 Hz network is not enough for them, here the inverter power supply is taken into account. Generates the parameters of the supply voltage so that the asynchronous motor runs at the desired speed.

How an

inverter heater could function? Refrigerators do not differ in principle from the split-system type air conditioners. The process consists of four phases of freon, driven around the circuit by an inverter compressor. Four whales refrigeration and air conditioning equipment:

  1. Compression.
  2. Condensation( heat rejection).
  3. Expansion.
  4. Evaporation( heat absorption).

Compression performs an inverter compressor. For condensation and evaporation, two coils are invented, the first geographically in the room( refrigerator chamber), the second in the street( on the back of the refrigerator).The expansion takes place in a capillary tube made of metal of small diameter. The inverter compressor does not push Freon through the tube quickly, so the pressure at the capillary outlet drops dramatically, causing a change in the state of aggregation on the evaporator, where Freon takes heat from the room( the refrigerating chamber).

Now turn on the heater with a remote control( most air conditioners are remotely controlled) for heating, the inverter compressor starts to drive air along the circuit in the opposite direction. To implement the combat maneuver, a special four-way valve is added to the structure, changing the inlet compressor inlet with the outlet. Similar conditioners have already been seen: Haier Aqua DC-Inverter. The devices operate mainly in autumn and spring. It is possible that the monoblock type inverter-heater working in the winter( true, in the wind-blow mode) will be published.

Revealed the origin of the phrase inverter heater, the meaning of the application to electronic devices and the connection of the latter with air conditioners working on heating. Hope the reader liked it.

Instead of the inverter gas heater

In the load we will tell you about the gas heater that you use for fishing. Heater Prometheus - the creation of the domestic industry, works on any gas, it is a typical burner enclosed in a steel case and fitted with a fitting for docking with a hose. In the portal, protected by a steel flat grille, there is a quartz plate, which is heated, turning the heater, into a real infrared device.

Dignity has already been named - powered from any source, even from a pipe. These heaters for fishing should not be left unattended. Let's say that the fire is protected from the blow of the wind by a quartz plate, prepare food on the grate.

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