How to install an infrared heater

If it is easy to install a wall-mounted infrared heater, at least three types of devices are known that require complex installation and a pragmatic approach. Others are placed in the manner of oil or convection on the floor. So, the mentioned types: warm ceiling, ceiling radiators, gas fireplaces. In each case, the features are unique, consider the details. How to install an infrared heater correctly - the topic of today's review.

Film infrared heaters

Beginners do not understand how a 45 ºC film can heat people. It's easy to install an infrared heater, the typical energy limit of which is 60 watts per square meter to get rid of the cold. It is easy to make sure that the average indicator is not enough for the middle band, but in the southern regions the Warm ceiling system is able to heat the rooms. In other cases, the infrared heater will be an addition to central heating. Plus solutions: people will feel warm everywhere, cold air will not create discomfort. Recall the early morning when it is fresh, but the first rays penetrate to the ground, giving warmth. Similar is felt in the presence of a warm ceiling system in the house. Let the air cool, warm infrared heater will not numb.

This is interesting! The surface temperature of 45 degrees Celsius radiates. The result is more noticeable, the larger the area. Go to the deck of the Russian stove. Feel warm? Infrared frequencies of this range are more useful than others for the human body. Contribute to the cure of chronic diseases.

Do not wait for the warm-up speed from the warm ceiling. The process goes gradually, as the dawn gradually grows. Approximate procedure for installing an infrared heater:

  • First, the question of the issue of flooding from the top of the neighbors.

If the answer is yes, waterproof the ceiling. This costly process ensures the safety and durability of operating an infrared heater. For concrete and stone, it is recommended to use penetrating waterproofing, which is expensive. Take comfort in the fact that at the same time the structure is strengthened, floors, durability increases. With a tree, the situation is more complicated. Water is absorbed in volume, the material swells. Builders use, for example, self-adhesive membranes, designed to stop moisture from this side, not to let the liquid get into the floor. What if a flood is planned outside? In our own house we go up one floor, we are doing work there. In extreme cases, apply a waterproofing primer for wood coatings, stopping the flow of moisture.

  • The second step is the surface insulation work.

Suitable, for example, Penofol. Sticking silver side up( one-sided version).

We do not recommend using sprayed insulation for two simple reasons:

  1. Liquid rubber, polyurethane foam, foams burn and release toxins, decomposing thermally. Fire retardants are toxic, without exception, additives in materials good living room will not bring.
  2. The second reason is that polymers begin to decompose more actively under conditions of elevated temperature. This process is harmless to human health.

Try spraying ecowool, but tend to assume that for a horizontal surface facing down, this is not an option. It is difficult to get a uniform layer without a building compressor and gun. Penofol provides a derivative of the American spacesuits lunar astronauts. This technology has been used for a long time in space, despite its simplicity of appearance, has unique qualities. The material keeps warm. Polyethylene will decompose over time, releasing harmful substances, but is separated from the room with foil, which will reduce the risk. As for the material with double-sided foiling - there is a difficulty in installation.

Looking ahead, let's say that the complex of infrared heaters of film type Warm ceiling is mounted on screws or dowels-nails. It is clear that the idea is tempting to kill two birds with one stone by planting insulation and resistive heaters on a common fastener, but this will not work. The joints should ideally not be the same.

For example, put a film of heaters along, and insulation( Penofol is sold in rolls) across the room. A drill is used for mounting, do not forget that you need large caps to hold the foil without harming the material. In the stores you will find dowel-nails for concrete with large caps and screws. Find the right fastener.

  • Above the insulation on the screws or dowel-nails are attached film elements of the warm ceiling.

Dense material covers resistive graphite surfaces, therefore caps are of standard size. To install an infrared heater on the ceiling, you need two. The first holds the roll, gradually laying, the second manages the drilling of holes and fasteners. Stripes overlap. It is recommended to fasten the joint with the same fastener. An interesting technology is demonstrated when installing PEO( a kind of Warm ceiling complex).Reflective insulation in the latter case is tiled. The thickness of the dielectric is large, so large that the film is attached with a construction stapler( for assembling furniture, etc.).This will allow an elegant operation. It doesn’t do without troubles: it is necessary to lay aluminum adhesive tape along the tile joints. Penofol put butt, have to sweat. From experience, we say that in outdoor conditions the adhesive tape peels off easily, buy glue for metal separately, you need to mount( !) The other side.

Release tape is not removed from the tape. Of course, in the case of Penofol, it is permissible to skip this measure, this will increase the heat loss.

  • Electrical installation will ensure the performance of the design.

The rolls have leads that are recommended to be laid in a single cable channel. Sheets are connected in parallel, for this, the ends of the cables are stripped, twisting is performed. Due consideration should be given to safety. After installation, we recommend using standard electrical tape and putting it on glue at the same time, say, Titan. Arguments: assembly is carried out forever, even in the case of dismantling it is allowed to cut off the ends. Wiring is long, it is not necessary to cut excessively, the excess stacked in the cable channel. Cloths are connected in series. Graphite film surfaces are preferable to cable complexes, if a wire breaks, the wire fails, and the layer of coal continues to work for localized damage. The current flows over the area, disable the warm ceiling more difficult. Trying to install an infrared heater yourself, think about which type to choose( cable or graphite).The film itself is sealed, the installation should not be damaged, it is life threatening. In case of punctures, use adhesive sealants.

  • Harder to choose the option of decorative coating.

It is clear that Armstrong's ceiling is not suitable for a trivial reason: the gap between the film and the tile becomes an air cushion that insulates heat. In our opinion, the way out is the installation of metal tiles, if we can find them on sale. The film transfers heat to the ceiling, from which radiation is coming. It is clear that the decorative coating should conduct heat as well as possible, otherwise the process will be ineffective. Aluminum tiles on the counter stale.

Infrared film heaters are complemented by thermostats located in critical places. Under the bed this subject is not the place. Film infrared heater poorly supports sectoring, it is better to use ceiling emitters.

Ceiling radiators of the infrared type

In the previous case, the relatively low temperature of the radiating surface was compensated for by a large area. A distinctive feature of infrared heaters is fire safety, the warm ceiling is a vivid example.

In the case of emitters, we see a kind of construction resembling a fluorescent lamp, but the lower planes are made of metal, over which the heating element passes. The temperature of the infrared heater reaches 200 ºС, which is comparable with the sole of the iron, but fire safety is acceptable.

"Lamps" are suspended from the ceiling by chains, other extenders. The emitter itself is located at some distance from the decorative coating. Plus, the ability to convert already finished ceiling. Installation is carried out by a three-core cable:

  1. phase;
  2. neutral wire;
  3. grounding.

A suitable color cable is used, which is attached to the tin rollers on the dowel-nails.

Have told how to install an infrared heater with your own hands, do not forget to put a differential protection device at the entrance to avoid accidents. In parallel, perform work on the grounding arrangement. Without it, the differential automaton is unable to function correctly.

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