Which heater to choose for the apartment

Hundreds of reviews are devoted to the topic, today we will briefly go over the types of heaters in order to reveal the key advantages of various models. After reading the review, the last doubts will disappear, and the reader, based on the above arguments, will be able to decide which heater with which parameters to choose for the apartment.

Oil heater for an apartment

The appearance of an oil heater resembles a “steel squeegee” on wheels, consisting of:

  • sealed oil filled casing;
  • a pair of switches;
  • thermostat adjustment knobs;
  • two heating elements immersed in oil;
  • has temperature and tipping sensors installed inside; the housing is equipped with wheels.

The steel hull is heavy and heavy; apparently, the oil heated up inside the hull adds oil, but thanks to the wheels under the hull the movement of this device is not difficult. Moving the device requires caution - the wheels tend to fall off, and dropping the corrugated heatsink on its feet hurts, hot and traumatic. Children and animals, in order to avoid injury or burn, close to the device is not recommended.

The probability of spontaneous combustion of oil radiators is very low, thanks to two built-in sensors - temperature and tilting. The temperature sensor - a special thermal sensor( bimetallic plate) - turns off the device, more precisely, the internal heating elements, when the temperature has reached the specified value, so it’s not critical to leave the apartment, forget to turn off the radiator. The second fire-excluding sensor, the tipping sensor, will turn off the device, which has turned upside down.

Minus oil radiators in excessive air drying, which reduces its humidity, worsening the microclimate of the room. In order not to choke in the morning and at the same time not freeze at night, it is recommended to put a basin filled with water in the room or cover the device with a wet rag. It remains to add that for coiling the cord, for more convenient movement of the device, there is a coil on the side of the case.

Oil heaters usually heat the gatehouse, storage room, small and airtight rooms. The oil heater is hard to break, so this is the only and everlasting choice of employers for the needs of watchmen and gatekeepers. Choose oil heaters for an apartment with small spaces( up to 15 square meters).Where the area of ​​the rooms is large, pick up something else.

Infrared heaters for an apartment

Infrared heaters are divided into three broad categories, the first, although it will be considered, does not fit the topic of review:

  1. Gas( NOT suitable for heating an apartment).
  2. Tube.
  3. Micatermic( mica).

Gas heaters are not suitable for the apartment

Gas models of heaters have proven to be good at heating homestead plots and workshops of large factories, for the living room such devices are dangerous. There are two types of gas infrared heaters:

  1. Black( dark).
  2. Light.

They are distinguished by the appearance of open fire illuminating the surrounding space. In the light you can see the heating flame, the reflections of which allow you to see the outlines of the environment. In the dark, inside the pipe, of which the devices consist, are heated gases. Radiation from the metal is directed by the reflector in the right direction. Naturally, a solid tube without gaps does not allow reflections, not lighting the room.

So, the gas heater for the apartment will not work, only at the cottage. Take a small-sized Chinese infrared heater working with standard gas cylinders.

Quartz heaters and infrared light bulbs

A special lamp in quartz heaters has a spiral of nichrome wrapped inside a ceramic rod. The lamp is placed opposite the reflector. To the thread does not burn in the atmosphere, the tank is filled with gas. Quartz heaters are working due to heat radiation. First, the light passes through the inert gas of the flask, then penetrates the quartz glass and goes into the room.

The infrared heater is able to heat objects exclusively, and from them heat will begin to spread. The durability of the service is provided by separate fillers, which force the nichrome molecules burnt into the filament back on the helix.

Infrared radiation is beneficial to humans, penetrating several centimeters deep into the skin, and has a number of positive effects. Regenerative and regenerative processes are strengthened, blood flows more vigorously. Unlike ultraviolet radiation, which is strictly metered in order to avoid harm, infrared rays do not cause harm.

The obvious advantages of infrared heaters:

  • Lightness - it is possible to hang on the ceiling or walls beyond the reach of children and animals;
  • Efficiency - household and medical;
  • Fire Safety - the device is regulated by external thermostats;
  • Ability to synchronize with the "Smart Home" - remote temperature control in the apartment;
  • The right balance of price and quality;
  • Complete set with special brackets - for secure attachment to the ceiling and walls.

The second subtype of infrared heaters is infrared lamps( light bulbs).Ceramic glass with a spiral inside - such infrared heaters are screwed into standard lamp sockets and are ideal in small rooms, for example, a balcony or a storage room.

The undoubted advantage in saving - in parallel with the heating, the buyer receives coverage of a limited space. It will not be as bright as daytime, of course, but there is enough light to find something or to go through without injury. Heating with infrared light bulbs is 40% more efficient than convective heating, which will significantly reduce the payment for electricity.


The specified heaters with an appearance can remind the consumer of oil heaters - a steel case with wheels. But manufacturers and limited by the visible similarity - the composition and principle of operation have significant differences.

A spiral that passes through the mica plate produces heat. Both sides of a mikatermichesky heater have the frequent lattices from metal which are taking out heat to outside. The grids are frequent, so much so that children will not be able to stick their fingers in there, and animals will not be able to tongue, which prevents severe burns - the temperature of the mica plate inside reaches 200 ºС, like the sole of a hot iron. The heat radiates directly from the helix, and mica is transparent to infrared waves. Mica prevents the access of oxygen to nichrome, it is made for durability.


The choice of a heater for an apartment is a personal matter. The most efficiently heated space heaters are infrared or convectors. These two devices require a minimum of care. However, the first directionally warm a limited area, the second - immediately the room. It is possible, of course, to consider the option of combining devices. At the same time, infrared heaters are safe, and fast-acting convectors are fully capable of replacing traditional radiators.

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