Which heater is better and more economical for giving: which model to choose, electric or gas

Most lovers of the cottage enjoy special pleasure after hard work, going to a country house. However, due to natural cooling and sometimes harsh climate, the long-awaited vacation may not be spent in the warmest conditions. Therefore, a device is needed that could warm every member of the family.

There are many different manufacturers of such devices on the market. It will not be easy for a person to deal with the characteristics of each unit and make a choice. To simplify your search, an article has been written that details the best technologies for summer cottages.

The best heaters for cottages, powered by electricity

The content of the article

  • The best heaters for cottages, powered by electricity
    • Infrared devices
    • Fan heaters
    • Electric fireplace
    • Oil cooler
    • Convectors
  • Gas convector for garden
  • The most economical models on the market

For an ideal version of the device, it is better that it is inexpensive, durable, possesses impressive power.

Infrared devices

Infrared heaters for summer cottagesA feature of the infrared device is that it heats the surface of the interior, for example, walls, floors, all kinds of furniture. Naturally, when heated, these objects give their heat to the air, after which a warm room is obtained. Such a technique can work either with the help of gas or electricity.

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The advantages include noiselessness during operation and the heating rate (approximately two to three minutes after starting). As for electricity, this option of heaters is quite economical, moreover, its price is low. Even after prolonged use, the unit in the room breathes easily, as it does not burn oxygen.

On sale there are models that are mounted on the floor or ceiling. It is also possible to use it not only in the house, but also on the veranda or in the gazebo. It is advisable to purchase it only for permanent use in a large-scale house.

REFERENCE! for one square meter, 1 kW is required, and if there is a nearby source of energy that would provide the necessary power for the device, this is good. However, the main drawback may not be the most positive effect of the rays of the apparatus on a person. You should not be long next to this type of heater.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters for summer cottagesHow to choose a heater for a summer residence? Fan heaters take first place among competitors in the rate of saturation of the premises with the desired temperature. It’s enough to turn them on, and the indicators will instantly reach 20 degrees.

Based on its main elements - heating heater and fan - we can conclude that the design is simple. The unit is easy to carry or store and does not take up much space due to its light weight and small size. However, for example, in comparison with the previous version, such a heater is uneconomical and emits quite a lot of sounds during operation.

In addition, all oxygen is burned, after which it becomes difficult to breathe in the room, the smell of burning from dust and dirt in the air is felt. The device can only be operated manually. And unattended to leave it undesirable. A sufficient number of shortcomings due to the low price.

Electric fireplace

Electric fireplace for a summer residenceWhich heater is better for giving and more economical? To give the interior a concise and pleasant appearance, you can afford an electric fireplace. However, it is better to use it for decorative purposes, and not as a heater.

In addition, such a luxury is not affordable for everyone because of the high price. The cost directly corresponds to the characteristics. Watching the fire, which literally cannot be distinguished from the present, you do not need to worry about the elimination of products after the smoldering process. The device can be mounted on a wall or put separately (and such models are available).

Oil cooler

Oil cooler for gardenWhich heater is better for giving? Let's analyze the advantages of an oil device:

  • The most reliable option that is not exposed to external damage;
  • Long operating time;
  • Safe. Has protection against overheating;
  • Low cost;
  • Fireplace effect;
  • Silent work;
  • Using the wheels, you can move the unit around the house.


  • Since a heating heater, which contains oil, is built into the device, it takes time to heat it. Accordingly, a large amount of time is required;
  • Loses on mobility;
  • Minor inconvenience to use, since control is manual;
  • Oxygen burns out during operation;
  • It has a large size.


Convectors for summer cottagesPrinciple of operation: with the help of a heating heater, the air temperature rises, which passes through the unit up and out through the slots. Thanks to this natural process, a complete silent heating of the room is ensured. Installation is easy: just plug the device into a power outlet.

ATTENTION! You can not use a convector with high humidity in the room. Profitability and reasonable price allow you to enjoy the warmth of this unit.

Gas convector for garden

Gas convector for gardenHow to choose a heater for a summer residence? Comparing the gas convector with the previous options, we can say that it is more economical. But, if we compare their dimensions, then this device is several times larger. And to establish it is more difficult, and there will also be a need to remove products of the result of combustion.

However, there is a guarantee of safety against fire. Heating will be carried out efficiently. In addition, you can adjust the heating and thermostat. Such an apparatus requires a connection to a gas source.

IMPORTANT! It is better not to leave the device in the open sun.

The most economical models on the market

Economical heaters for summer cottagesIt is best to consider electrical engineering. In this case, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors that will directly affect the choice. These include:

  • Area and volume of the premises;
  • Power of the appliance;
  • Desired price;
  • The material of which the building consists;
  • Ceiling height;
  • The number of floors in the house;
  • The climate in which you live.

You need to pay attention to all this. When choosing, it is best to consider vendors such as Ballu, Polaris, Royal, NeoClima, Timberk.

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