Glass Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters today have penetrated all spheres of life. Find in microwaves, aerogrills, night vision devices. True, in the latter case, the fixtures illuminate the objects, rather than warm the surface. But the process is due to infrared radiation. The advantage of the devices in the ease of construction and increased efficiency, and the Achilles heel is revealed - relative fragility. Glass infrared heaters fight like traditional fluorescent lamps, and there is no chance of protection with a thick transparent plastic. But heat-resistant materials are sometimes stronger than the shelves of Korean refrigerators!

The principle of operation of infrared heaters

Today, many families of infrared heaters have been created:

  • Glass:
  1. Halogen.
  2. Heat resistant glass.
  • Gas:
  1. Dark( pipe).
  2. Light( with ceramic grille).
  3. Fireplaces.

  • Film:
  1. Underfloor heating( the lion's part of the effect falls on convection).
  2. Ceiling.
  3. Wall panels.
  • Ceramic suspension type heaters.
  • Micatermic Heaters.
  • Wall mica heaters-plates( for example, Teploplit).

There are a lot of models, a great chance to get confused. The main feature of infrared heaters is the ability to transmit energy over a distance, bypassing the air environment. Subjects are heated exclusively.

This is well illustrated by the example of ceiling heaters that send beams to the floor. As a result, the air is cool, feet warm. This is not easy to achieve, for example, Peony Ceramic ceiling heaters are covered with a layer of special ceramics, which provides the best radiation characteristics at a temperature in the range of 150 - 200 ºС.This ensures maximum effect.

As for film ceilings, a lot of aspects are to be thought out, and the Underfloor heating works mainly due to convection.

Today there are two types of glass infrared heaters: halogen, with an abundance of descriptions, and heat-resistant glass, known to few people.

Let the glass infrared heaters

let the infrared heater thank for the appearance of Sir William Herschel, who discovered in 1800 that, in addition to visible radiation, the Sun also emits something else. Known from the school program experiments with a prism, splitting light into spectral components of different colors. Projecting the light on the table, the scientist made a cardboard with a small slot that let through the only one. Then he began to measure the temperature with a mercury thermometer. What a surprise it was when, following the visible eye, there was a red glow in the heat, where the naked eye did not fix anything! It became clear that man is endowed with nature by limited perception, energies circulate in nature until science is known.

In order to radiate the body, it is necessary to heat the object red hot, it is considered a sufficient threshold of 500 ºС.It is possible to get lower operating temperatures if you increase the area of ​​the working surface( cold plasma glows at 26 degrees Celsius).Due to this effect, infrared glass ceiling heaters work. Heats up the semiconductor element, the temperature is much lower than 500 ºС.For example, for Thermo Glass Peony it is 90 ºС.High speed is not to be expected, but the effect appears instantly in the form of warm rays coming from above.

Infrared glass wall heaters Thermo Glass Peony are made in the form of colorful compositions with views of mountains, other landscapes. On the glass from the back side there is a transparent electrode, invisible to the naked eye. The next layer of the sandwich is a colorful picture applied for aesthetic reasons. Finally, the back panel is insulated with ceramic or alternative multi-layered material so that heat goes only in the frontal direction. As a result, the person viewing the Peony infrared glass heater feels pleasantly warm on his face. Be careful, the appliance temperature is one and a half times( see above) higher than the permissible European standards for central heating radiators. For homes with young children, wall panels are not considered the best solution.

In the latter case, suitable ceiling glass heater Peony. The principle of operation is similar, but the suspension point is located on the ceiling. The device resembles a fluorescent lamp. According to our information, the design is impact resistant, inquire in addition from the dealer. Otherwise, it is better to take Ceramics for children’s Peony, where there is nothing more than steel and products for firing clay.

The worst thing that will happen is the detachment of the working surface, which is hardly possible, given that the layer is applied to stainless steel using the microarc oxidation method with a thickness of microns. Impact load falls on the metal.

Please note that glass heaters on the ceiling are different from Peony Ceramics. The latter are made according to the type of fluorescent lamps, due to the thoughtful division of the working surface into two plates, which are turned at a slight outward angle. The first are produced in two types:

  1. . Armstrong hinged ceiling element, which externally differs little from the surrounding tile, radiating heat. It is possible to equip products with the room during installation, or to amend the already finished structure, having carried out modernization.
  2. Flat panels, allowed to hang on the wall. Have a small height, do not stand out from the general background. We can say with confidence that visitors will not immediately realize that there is an infrared heater in front of them.

Peony products are suitable for all occasions. The glass wall heater with the image of the landscape will decorate the wall, it is better to hang in front of the front door, not close to the seating position, avoiding thermal shock. However, the warning concerns mainly elderly people; it is difficult to predict the reaction in advance among young people. Unlike ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation is beneficial to the skin and underlying tissues. Penetrates to a depth of 5 mm in the skin, causing:

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • metabolism acceleration;
  • regenerative function enhancement.

Dogs love infrared heaters, which means employees will enjoy it. We believe that it is possible to rely on the opinion of quadrupeds. Please note that because of the relatively low temperature, infrared glass heaters do not cause air ionization, but continue to dry the microclimate. Therefore, in other situations, control and adjustment of the microclimate will be required. For example, we will buy convectors with integrated humidifiers.

Halogen infrared heaters

Halogen heaters are heterogeneous lamps made of heat resistant quartz glass that contains tungsten heater inside the heater and is wound on a ceramic rod or suspended in a spiral in the air. An inert gas, nitrogen or halogens that prevent the electrode from evaporating are pumped inside, the phenomenon would be noticeable in vacuum. Due to this technique, it is possible to reduce the requirements for the strength of quartz glass, the pressure of the atmosphere is balanced by internal.

The gas is transparent, through it the buyer will admire the spiral of coal or metal. Tungsten is heated red hot, emits in the infrared. Energy easily overcomes gas and glass. Leaks are so insignificant that the efficiency reaches a record high of 97%( even the parasitic heat deposited on the flask is good).Infrared glass heater to buy - at the expense of power engineers to pay less!

Pay attention, devices are endowed with pronounced directional properties. This is achieved by using reflectors in halogen heaters. According to science, these are silver mirrors, but in practice, the construction is too expensive, costing stainless steel. As a result, the rays are reflected in the frontal direction. It turns out that we can focus energy on the desired part of the space, which other types of heaters will not allow.

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