What convector heater to buy

Convector heater is sometimes a great solution. When compared with wall-mounted infrared plates - there is a small mass, while the efficiency is higher due to the well-thought form of the case. There is an advantage in the structures of quartz. Infrared radiation is useful, and convectors are completely devoid of component. Moreover, the structure of plastic is such that the spectrum of heat waves is not very useful. Often people think about which convector heater to buy, these are suitable for autonomous work under the control of thermostats. And here competitors are also noticed - infrared heaters.

Convector heater

Weaknesses of convector heaters

The principle of operation of a convector heater is similar to other devices. And sell gas and electric models. Often recommend the purchase of a heater-convector, but in this type of devices in addition to the advantages and disadvantages are present.

There is a heating element inside the convector heater. In shape - a plate of an elaborate shape, for example, in the profile poured out letter X. Surface temperature is above 70, sometimes it falls to a hundred. Convector manufacturers claim that the heating is less than that of oil heaters. We are skeptical about the statement, we will conduct an approximate simple calculation. For example, an oil heater of 1.5 kW and a convector of similar capacity were purchased.

  1. The surface of the oil heater shakes on the area - units of square meters. Meanwhile, the dissipated power depends on two parameters: the temperature difference between the heater and the room, plus the surface area of ​​heat exchange.
  2. From this point of view, the convector is flawed. The heating element can not be compared with an oil heater. Therefore, the surface temperature is higher.

This is a prerequisite. Meanwhile, it is known that the surface temperature of a typical oil heater does not exceed an average of 70 degrees. The second point concerns power.1.5 kW - peak consumption, used while the oil is warming up before reaching the mode. Then the power is turned off.

It turns out that the average return of the oil heater will be half that declared( depending on the number of sections).The temperature of the heating element of the convector in the region of 90 - 100 degrees. You will find out if you disassemble the device and look at what temperature the thermal fuse is rated.

Did not find a photo or technical specifications. Thermal cut-outs for Electrolux convectors are available. For example, on oil heaters, the response temperature of the relay is 80 degrees Celsius, and the thermal fuse is even lower. Dealers offer to clarify the price, in response to such secrecy, we offer owners not to guarantee the housing to open and buy a similar item in the nearest market for 10 - 20 rubles.

So, we see that the allegedly low temperature of a convector heater cannot be called a strength, this is not true. Interested sellers will object, saying that the passing stream cools the plate faster. Then take an oil heater with a chimney effect, it will be cheaper.

The second minus of convectors - the room is heated entirely by convection. Infrared heaters target selectively, it becomes possible to save on electricity. Here the convectors lose. Do not put things on the appliances to dry: a thermal fuse may burn out. Oil heaters allowed! They have a large inertia( due to massiveness), the probability of failure of the thermal fuse is not so great. In addition, many relays are reusable, turn on again when the mode returns to normal.

Design features of the heater

Convectors are equipped with a housing with holes, dust accumulates inside. As a result, the device requires frequent cleaning, which is not easy to perform. A number of models have a warranty seal; the others, although they contain a cascade of filters, are clogged up similarly to cheap counterparts. We see that oil heaters are much easier to handle.

Listed selected flaws in convector heaters, now let's look at the merits. Some people put the specified subspecies of climate technology in the first place, we believe that leadership depends on the situation.

Strengths of

convector heaters Advantages:

  • Convector heaters are simple in structure. In the lower part of the body, at the entrance of the air masses there is a temperature sensor, say, a bimetallic plate. Depending on the model, the location changes. And this is a crucial moment. The case of models, where the bimetallic plate is hidden in the upper part, is permissible, without fear of covering with wet socks and towels. In this regard, convectors do not differ from oil heaters, only by the type of heating element. In the first case, the plate, in the second - TEN.There are convectors more difficult, with an electronic unit inside. At the bimetallic plate the regulator is located there. Not any person will want to bend down to the floor. In electronic models, thermocouples are placed anywhere, the display shows the setting accuracy up to degrees Celsius.

    Installing a heater on the wall.

  • Convectors are light. Heavy part is considered heating element - plate. Oil heaters are losing heavily. And infrared with steel radiators are on a similar level. Convectors are positioned as appliances for the floor and walls, IR lamps are mainly hung on the ceiling.
  • Convectors are simply combined into systems controlled by external thermostats. The air warms up evenly, a single sensor installed in any place is enough for the room. From this point of view, infrared heaters are much more problematic( although it is possible to find a way out), and oil ones are not used at all in the complex: the only one placed on the room.
  • Convectors are not confused under their feet, if you are not too lazy to hang on the walls. Places are better to choose under the windows, as is done with central heating radiators. Conveniently in a working situation: hung up and forgot. At the same time, the opportunity to put a warm case under the table is lost.
  • The rate of air heating in convectors is high, at the level of oil heaters with a chimney effect.

The process of choosing a convector heater

It is easy to buy convector heaters on the parameters. You will see that the indicated type of appliances is more expensive, but better than oil heaters in terms of power consumption and power distribution over the heated area.

Convector-type floor heater

Selection of a convector heater according to the power

First, take a sober assessment of the possibilities of the switchboard. You will see that the average power of the convector is 1 - 1.5 kW.This is less than that of an oil one, but to its fullest the heating element works only when entering the mode. The heat recovery process is slower. Convectors do not have such inertia. Other things being equal, the power consumption is less. This is an additional, implicit, plus convectors.

Considering that the performance of a typical panel starts from 5 kW, it is impossible to exceed, we take two convectors of 1 kW for each room, winning in performance compared to an oil heater that consumes 2 kW.This is better than carrying the device from place to place. The choice for a typical apartment: a pair of convectors of 1 kW each. For an average apartment is enough.

Selection of the case of the convector heater

Not all convectors are hung on the walls, the elect move on wheels. Take a couple of these and put under the windows. However, the place has more. In addition, it is necessary to carry the bag everywhere. It is better to install the equipment once and entrust the rest to the thermostat.

By the way, please note that there are no parameters for convectors on the Yandex market. In practice, selected convectors, for example, Electrolux filter air. The elect are able to moisturize, fill with negative ions - to maintain a healthy microclimate. Humidity( according to SanPiN) is set within 40 - 60%, if the device is able to independently control the value, it is just a find. It is believed that winter epidemics occur due to excessive air dryness. Negative ions are the gift of mountains and resorts. Draw conclusions!

We hope we helped choose a convector heater. Now readers know what criteria to focus on.

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