Built-in washing machines: TOP-8 models rating + selection criteria

A practical, convenient and neat built-in washing machine will help save valuable space in small-sized kitchen, and in a large room will provide an opportunity to create a bright individual design any difficulties.

The technical unit will not be evident and, thanks to the lowest level of noise produced in the process, will not prevent the residents with their presence.

The content of the article:

  • Features built-in appliances
    • Distinctive features of built-in erasers
    • Advantages and disadvantages of such equipment
  • The main criteria for the selection of units
    • The main characteristics of washing
    • Determination of technical parameters
  • Rating of manufacturers and models
    • Place # 1 - Hotpoint-Ariston BWMD742
    • Place # 2 - Electrolux EWG147540W
    • Place # 3 - Bosch WIS24140
    • Place # 4 - Beko WMI71241
    • Place # 5 - MAUNFELD MBWM.148W
    • Place # 6 - Whirlpool AWO / C0714
    • Place # 7 - Candy CBWM914DW
    • Place # 8 - Korting KWDI1485W
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features built-in appliances

The built-in laundry machine differs from the usual one in that it is rigidly mounted in the case. furniture items and, due to this feature, does not take up extra space, does not vibrate and does not make noise during working hours.

Distinctive features of built-in erasers

For correct installation, the lower part of the body of machinery is supplied with a special notch for the plinth format.

Built-in washing machine

In the kitchen, it is better to build a washing machine as close as possible to the water lines. Placing the unit near the oven is not the best idea. A working oven, adjacent to the side, will warm the side of the washer, thus increasing the physical load on the unit

Most models are simply installed directly on the floor, but some products are equipped with stable telescopic legs, allowing you to adjust the height of the mounted equipment.

The enclosures of the built-in washing machines are protected from above and on the sides with durable sheets of pressed metal. This element does not allow moisture, debris, grease and other waste products to get inside the unit.

Foam sealant

The built-in washing machine is very quiet. But for additional sound insulation, experts advise making a protective gasket between the table top and the control panel. Foam strips of suitable thickness can be used for this. This will make the wash virtually silent.

The lower tier of the unit is hidden by a common for the entire kitchen base, harmoniously combining individual elements into a common ensemble.

The front part of the door closes, made of the same material as the entire headset. It is attached to the facade of the machine, equipped for this purpose with durable hinges, and locked with a magnetic lock.

Built-in engineering kit

Usually, the client has the ability to move the hinges for the hinged decorative door on the right or left side of the machine. This facilitates installation of the unit and makes the subsequent operation comfortable.

Some modules designed for embedding, are equipped with legs that have an increased range of adjustment.

Thanks to this additional element, it is easy to give the device the most successful and user-friendly position.

Built-in washing machine in the interior

Built-in washing machines from different manufacturers differ in capacity and depth. The height of almost all the same and is 82 centimeters

Advantages and disadvantages of such equipment

The main advantage of the built-in equipment is its invisibility to the eyes and an excellent chance not to disturb the harmony of the design, color range and general style of the room.

In the kitchen or in the bathroom, the owners can realize their most vivid interior fantasies without worrying about how it will look complete with retro furniture, empire cabinets or high-tech standard washing set a machine.

Of course, this issue can be solved by choosing a more original, luxury model, but, having the same set of functions, it will cost much more expensive due to the extraordinary appearance and specific colors.

The following indisputable advantage is the ability to reasonably plan a useful area of ​​a kitchen or bathroom.

In a small room in this way, you can free up space and increase the size visually, and in a large, spacious room, you can avoid external congestion and add extra comfort.

Mistress in the kitchen

Household appliances, optimally concentrated in one room, will increase its functionality, greatly facilitate the process of doing household chores and reduce the amount of time spent on them. The hostess will be able to simultaneously cook your favorite dishes and wash clothes, without fear that the dishes will burn or something will run away on the stove.

The third weighty argument in favor of the purchase is silent operation and the complete absence of vibration in the washing process. Fasteners fix the position of the unit very clearly and do not allow it to absorb, gradually loosening and disrupting the integrity of the furniture cover.

The disadvantages of products should be attributed to a much smaller range than that of conventional counterparts. Not all brand manufacturers consider it necessary to produce washing machines designed for embedding in furniture blocks.

The low level of competition in this segment does not contribute to cheaper products. Aggregates are more expensive than ordinary styralok, and this trend has not changed.

True, manufacturers assure customers that they make their devices from a better material that has solid margin of safety and able to withstand intense operational load for a long time of time.

They also promise that the embedded technology will last much longer and will not let the owners down at the crucial moment.

Exquisite kitchen interior

Sometimes the presence of a washing machine in the kitchen is impossible to guess. The room looks spacious, bright and seasoned in the same style direction.

Another parameter, which is considered a disadvantage, is the mandatory closing of the water supply tap after washing. This is done in order to avoid possible leaks that are difficult to detect quickly due to the complete closure of the unit under the furniture fragments.

In order not to think about this problem, it is worth buying a car with a system AquaStop. She will take care that the moisture does not seep even in the case of water that is not blocked in time.

The main criteria for the selection of units

In order for the purchase of a washing machine to go smoothly and successfully, and the equipment served for many years, clearly performing all the functions, it is necessary to define its basic requirements for functionality and parameters.

When these positions are known, making the right choice is not at all difficult.

The main characteristics of washing

The ability of the machine to cope with its direct task - washing - is influenced by such factors as:

  • unit capacity (single load);
  • washing class (quality);
  • squeezing ability (level and strength);
  • the number of programs (the presence of a delicate or hand wash mode, etc.).

The capacity indicator means how much dry laundry can be loaded into the machine in one washing session. This is a very important parameter that must be taken into account.

For a family consisting of 2-3 people, enough aggregate, designed for 3 kilograms. For 4-6 people, you need a device that holds 5-6 kilograms of dry laundry.

Loading things in the washing machine

If there are children in the family, it is better to buy equipment with a margin, as there will be a lot of washing and a large volume at one time is much more productive than loading a couple of things and turning on the device several times day

The class of washing means the quality of cleaning the linen and is marked in Latin letters from "A" before "G".

Letter "A" It shows the highest quality processing, ideal for white things, delicate fabrics, satin bedding or soft organic cotton.

If you want to wash more simple things or work clothes, you can choose a unit with a lower class.

Things from delicate fabrics in the washing machine

The built-in machine, which has a washing class of level “A”, gently removes dirt from the finest fabrics and delicate items. However, the cost of such a "helper" seriously exceeds simpler analogues. In order not to pay too much, it is worth initially considering whether such a washing mode is in high demand and whether it makes sense to pay for it.

The ability to spin is also classified and denoted by letters. Spin class "A" It is considered the highest and means that the minimal amount of moisture remains in the washed laundry after processing.

Class units "B" and "C" are considered optimal for domestic use and combine quality spin and loyal cost.

Designations "D" and "E" indicate that the appliance is squeezing the laundry less. The farther the letter is located from the beginning of the alphabet, the lower the spin level of the washing machine.

True, this parameter is not so simple. If the technique for the most part performs washing of delicate items, then strong spinning does not make sense.

It puts excessive pressure on the fabric and may even deform the product. Therefore, it is quite possible to save and stay on average.

Built-in washing programs

The list of washing programs in some machines is incredibly long, however, when buying it is worth taking an objective view of their number and really see what options are really needed, and without which you can safely get along

It is better to buy a model that contains the most frequently used programs in the playlist, such as:

  • washing cotton (including heavily soiled);
  • processing of synthetics;
  • wash colored fabrics.

This is a basic set that is appropriate to complement the washing of delicate fabrics, if there are many items of silk, chiffon, fine viscose and other light and thin materials.

Essentially make life easier, especially in the autumn-winter period of time, the mode of washing wool, and the daily washing program will become a real lifesaver for families with young children.

If desired, you can add a mode "hand wash", which will replace the washing of delicate items and wool products.

Determination of technical parameters

When choosing the ideal washing machine, suitable for embedding in kitchen or bathroom sets, you need to consider such technical parameters as:

  • overall dimensions of the unit;
  • energy class;
  • type of control device;
  • water consumption;
  • additional functions.

Dimensions the purchased machine is a very important and significant characteristic, which allows the most correctly and harmoniously to introduce household appliances into the space of the kitchen or bathroom.

For most models, loading is carried out frontally and in rare cases vertically. The shape of the units are divided into:

  • full size;
  • flat;
  • compact.

Full size the modules look solid, but have large dimensions, which can be a problem for a small kitchen or bathroom.

Flat The washers are medium thick and neatly fit even into small rooms.

Cars compact type have the smallest size. This can be achieved by reducing the capacity and seriously reducing the internal volume.

Compact washing machine

A compact washing machine is very easy to build into any type of furniture set. However, it should be remembered that such units have a limited loading level and usually it does not exceed 3.5 kilograms.

Designation power consumption shows how much electrics are eaten by the technician in the process of washing 1 kilogram of laundry. Progressive modern units have an indicator "A ++". This indicates the highest economy.

A machine with such properties spends on washing 1 kg of linen from 0.12 to 0.15 kW / hour. This moment often becomes decisive when buying, because the cost of energy is constantly growing.

Washing machine built into the headset

Washers with a low consumption class electricians are initially cheaper, but more expensive during operation. Units of class “A ++” have a base price that is much higher, but then using such a device is much cheaper. What to save, the owners will have to decide on their own

Controlled washing machine in two ways: mechanical and electronic. In the first embodiment, suitable washing parameters are selected and set by turning the knobs located on the front panel.

The electronic system is much more modern, simple and equipped with a friendly, intuitive interface. The user simply loads things into the tank and activates the processing mode, indicating only the type of laundry.

Then the technician independently sets the most suitable way of washing, the optimal water temperature and the spin level.

If the choice does not seem entirely successful, or the user wants to change something, it’s enough to press 2-3 buttons or touch the sensors, activating the necessary parameters.

Control panel washing machine

A washer with an electronic panel is more expensive than analogs controlled by mechanics, but it looks more modern and at times simplifies maintenance and operation. Around mechanical turn signals, over time, grease and dirt particles accumulate, which are difficult to clean. The touch panel is sometimes enough to wipe with microfiber with a small amount of glass cleaner, and it will always shine like new

Cost of machines equipped with electronic control, as a rule, higher, but the costs are worth it. Models are very energy efficient in the process of washing and consume the minimum amount of electricity (consumption class A ++).

Customers who have a water meter should pay attention to water consumption level in the selected model, otherwise you will have to pay substantial money for every extra drop.

The average consumption is calculated for standard washing of cotton underwear at a base water temperature of 60 degrees. The smaller it is, the more loyal numbers the family will see in the water bills.

For additional features, models often differ greatly from each other, but among clients the most popular options are: “Delayed start timer” and mode "Half wash".

If you have the first option on the control panel, you can independently set the time to run machines, for example, to activate washing at night or on weekends, when there is a preferential tariff for electricity.

Half wash laundry

"Half Wash" allows you to handle a small amount of linen, while reducing the overall water consumption and reducing the time to clean things

Rating of manufacturers and models

Recognized leaders of the market of embedded washing machines are considered Hotpoint-ariston, Bosch, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Candy, Korting and Beko. Their customers get the most models and it is about them that they respond as well as possible.

Brands are widely represented in many countries of the world, have an extensive network of official representatives and modern service centers.

Place # 1 - Hotpoint-Ariston BWMD742

The first position is occupied by the budget model BWMD742 from the Hotpoint-Ariston brand, owned by the corporation Indesit Company. Its cost is an average of 38 thousand rubles.

Among its merits is the patented technology. Digital motion, which allowed to improve the movement of the drum. In combination with the latest digital inverters of the electric motor, it provides an unprecedentedly high level of washing quality.

An interesting feature of the model is the foaming of the powder, which makes it possible to obtain excellent washing results even in not too hot water.

Among the distinguishing features of the most delicate washing of wool products thanks to technology Woolmark Platinum Care, allowing to keep in an ideal condition properties and base qualities of things.

As well as the function of removing pathogens of allergies at certain temperatures according to technology Anti-allergy and effective destruction of complex stains when using powder with a bio-phase.

Place # 2 - Electrolux EWG147540W

The second position confidently holds roomy (7 kg load) Electrolux EWG 147540 W. Despite such a solid volume, the depth of the module is only 54 centimeters.

These loyal parameters make it possible to use the device even in a small room.

The unit has a high level of efficiency both in electrics and in water use, excellent spin efficiency and full protection against leakage.

The product is equipped with a progressive inverter engine, direct injection system and a variety of programs in the number 14 pieces. These include crease prevention and stain removal.

There is a built-in timer to delay the start of the unit start-up, the system of protection against children / leaks. The imbalance and amount of foam is monitored.

At the same time, the cost of the model starts from 41 thousand rubles, which is much lower than that of competitors with the same parameters.

Place # 3 - Bosch WIS24140

In third place is a laconic and functional model WIS24140 from the German manufacturer Bosch, costing from 63 thousand rubles.

Model WIS24140 consumes a minimum of water and in terms of the cost of electrical energy corresponds to the class A ++. What is considered a remarkable indicator in terms of energy savings.

It is equipped with leak protection function and easily copes with the washing of very dirty things from a variety of materials.

Washing machine built WIS24140 has 8 required programs, among which there is a quick wash, high speed spin, rinse and ironing. At the end of the work beeps.

The equipment has the ability to control the level of foam and imbalance between powder and water. Additional loading of linen during processing and simple adjustment of the device to the level of the surface of the floor or table top are provided.

Users reproach the model only with the absence of a control display and a somewhat overestimated cost for minimal functionality.

Place # 4 - Beko WMI71241

Beko's WMI71241 model is quite popular among buyers. Its average cost is about 26 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for many users.

In the Beko built-in WMI71241 brand, the washing and power consumption class corresponds to letter “A”. Spin with indicator in 1200 turns is at the level of the class "B".

The equipment capacity is 7 kgthat pleasantly pleases the owners with such a price tag. Electronic control, also for the convenience of users provides a digital display.

Provides partial protection against leakage, the ability to choose the temperature of washing and postpone the start for up to 24 hours.

Washer WMI71241 is equipped 16 operating modes. The owners of special programs distinguish fast and economical washing, preventing crushing, and also washing children's and delicate things.

Among the shortcomings, users note a plastic tank, insufficient pressing for certain types of fabrics and the lack of drying, which is not surprising for an inexpensive category of washing machines.

Place # 5 - MAUNFELD MBWM.148W

MAUNFELD MBWM.148W is in demand from buyers due to the optimal ratio of functionality and cost. Its price tag starts with a sum of 40 thousand rubles and depends on the region of residence of the buyer.

It is fully integrated into the kitchen or bathroom furniture set, has a front loading type, has an attractive appearance and wide functionality.

This machine erases absolutely silently, squeezes laundry with speed 1400 rpm and perfectly rinses things, completely freeing them from particles of detergents and aggressive powders.

She is equipped 15 operating modes and full protection against leaks in the process of washing. It is possible not only to wash everyday clothes, but also to carry out anti-bacterial treatment, to wash wool or jeans if necessary.

The tank and drum module are made of high strength materials. Due to this, the washing machine serves reliably, for a long time and practically does not need additional maintenance.

Management is carried out through an electronic panel and is not difficult.

The disadvantages of the model include a small noise that accompanies the filling and descent of the working water.

Place # 6 - Whirlpool AWO / C0714

Whirlpool AWO / C0714 is a spacious front-loading washer. It is capable of washing up to 7 kg with dimensions 60x54x82 cm.

The manufacturer did not stint and equipped this model. 18 modes, among which such, demanded among clients, as prevention of crushing, fast, economic.

At the same time, the cost is more than attractive - this is one of the most affordable options among embedded units.

As for efficiency, the washing machine is quite profitable: it spends 0.13 kWh / kg for washing; for one cycle she needs 48 liters of water; spinning speed when spinning is 1400 rpm.

The main advantages of the model: quiet operation (up to 50 dB when washing), a large selection of programs, perfectly washes things.

Among the minuses the owners complain about the flimsy mounts and shock absorbers, which are only enough for a year of operation. And then to do the repair.

Place # 7 - Candy CBWM914DW

Candy CBWM914DW is a smart model with a wide range of programs and useful options. She has touch control, there is an informative digital display, it is possible to control using the gadget on the android.

The washing machine is pleasant to clients, first of all, by perceptible spaciousness - it is as much as 9 kg with dimensions of 60x54x82 cm It is equipped with leakage protection, a timer to delay the start and a sensor that monitors the level of foam during operation.

The manufacturer has implemented in Candy CBWM914DW integers 15 programs for any occasion — along with a quick wash, you can choose delicate or for wool, if necessary.

Of the additional features, the owners are offered a mode for accurate processing of shirts.

In terms of power consumption, this machine meets the class A ++, according to the efficiency of washing - class A. Spin it is able to perform at speeds up to 1400 revolutions per minute. Moreover, this parameter can be adjusted or canceled.

Advantages of the model are in its affordable price tag, good quality washing and a variety of programs.

Among the shortcomings, users point to excessive noise and problems with the operation of the unit from a smartphone.

Place # 8 - Korting KWDI1485W

Korting KWDI1485W is roomy. washing and drying unit built-in type. The machine can wash up to 8 kg at a time, and in the drying mode it can process up to 4 kg.

It has 16 modes for washing and 4 for drying. The model is equipped with a display, control - touch.

For the best removal of powder residues from fabrics, the manufacturer offers programs such as washing with plenty of water and super-rinsing.

On energy efficiency the machine corresponds to class A. It implements a system for protecting the housing from leaks and controlling the level of foam / imbalance.

One wash requires 60 liters of water. Spin on 1400 rpmwhich can be reduced if desired.

In practice, the owners note the good work of the unit, a sufficient range of programs and excellent assembly.

The main disadvantage is the high price tag, due to the built-in type of installation and the presence of drying.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to choose the built-in units for washing, what to focus on when buying. Interesting information for consumers.

How to organically "fit" the washing machine into the interior design of a stylish kitchen. Several options for convenient location of the unit.

The hidden installation of the built-in washing machine in a glossy kitchen set. Features and tricks arrangement from a professional furniture maker.

A washing machine built into a kitchen or bathroom furniture is a reasonable, practical and modern way. optimize the usable space of the room and equip a harmonious interior in any color and style that you desire for yourself direction. Properly selected unit will silently and clearly perform all the necessary actions, without disturbing the wholeness and harmony of the interior.

It is necessary to buy a washing machine only in a specialized store, making sure that the consultant does not forgot to write out the warranty card, providing qualified and timely service in the service center.

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