What to buy a washing machine

Choice is enormous. But better to stop at the LG or Samsung. Competition brings to the incident. Before the IFA 2014 the company's top manager of LG caught vskryvanii doors most expensive models of Samsung washing machines. On the eve of the demonstration. The maneuvers have not gone unnoticed. LG initially denied guilt, but later agreed to buy the damaged items. Today let's talk, what to buy a washing machine.

Features washing machines

People argue whether the detergent dosing function - Fuzzy Logic - cast in favor of the option money. Recall, using the analyzes of contamination of things for a number of directions. The first consideration fats and proteins. Special algorithms during the pre-rinse - permissible nazyvaat soak - washing machine evaluates the required amount of powder. This is quite different from the standard algorithm. A typical washing machine only washes away from the tray to pour all. Several pockets, each adjusts the direction of the jet.

Washing machine with the function of Fuzzy Logic

Washing machine with the function of Fuzzy Logic

Function Fuzzy Logic certainly useful for washing haphazard. Suppose a wise hostess keep records of laundry, saving up a certain period, then it starts all hands on deck. Known in advance, as it takes a powder, which will took time, the result is checked for years. Then Fuzzy Logic does not play a big role, but will make their own adjustments.

Excess powder is harmful:

  1. Excess detergent, rinse aid especially, often settles at the bottom of the tank as sludge, gradually acquiring an unpleasant odor.
  2. Excess powder badly affects the durability of PETN, is deposited on the hot ground. Any means of washing machine softening additives are added, but the law: the more - the better - does not work here.
  3. Means for the washing machines cost money. I do not want to overpay. Re-use of the pan is impossible, but if you pour over the edge, smart washing machine will give an error.
  4. An overdose of detergent easily lead to a breach of the draining process as informed in the Samsung Support. Then followed the need to rinse the filter, which is rarely want to do.
Washing machine

Washing machine

Now we tell about the algorithms in washing machines.

  • LG and Samsung have similar technology. Smart washing machine measures the weight of the laundry (for LG is a hall sensor on the motor, counts the pulses and determines the drum rotation speed. According to available data, the central electronic control unit knows how many laid linen). We believe the technology is different, but will remain firm secret. For example, over separate data measurements are carried out for wet and dry laundry. By the difference already judged on the number. The technology is designed to determine the dosage of the water and the cycle time (causing waste of electricity). As a result, washing machine saves, but not powder. Detergents in full will go into the tank, it is not necessary to go to far.
  • Gorenje washing machines have a sensor of water clarity. On the type of sensor does not say on the output of the electronic control unit decides how long to conduct rinsing. This helps obtain clean linen, ridding on 100% of the powder as required save water. Note that prior to the need to set up washing machine stiffness. The device is connected to the full, then select the desired function from the menu. Washing machine will do everything yourself. If you change the place of a disposition is required to carry out the setting for a new type of water.
    ISensoric washing machine from Siemens

    ISensoric washing machine from Siemens

  • Most innovative believe iSensoric from Siemens. It is a masterpiece, a washing machine is able to dispense detergents. Copies of Siemens in addition are able to determine the weight of the laundry. These are then used for washing. The most important will be the dosage of powder or other detergents. In the washing machine there are containers where SMS are taken as needed. Dosage is up to 1 mL, a single load is enough for about 20 washes. The miracles do not end there. When the optical sensor is further dosed water, cycle time, and energy. This washing machine is even able to determine the type of tissue on their own.

The function of fuzzy logic - a good thing, if the consumer is aware of the technology.

Smart washing machines Siemens

Do not consider the advertising market today but surprised, it is impossible to be silent. Siemens washing machines are able to select the temperature, powder dosage, the duration of the wash cycle time. Task clever technique may simplify and improve the result if help manually select the type of stain. Yes, if there is a tiresome spot, it manages to wash away the only movement of the finger, all the rest will be a washing machine.

For example, to get rid of rust stains are extremely difficult. I can not vouch that the washing machine Siemens win any type of stain, but make sure the last try.

Of course, smart appliances can save time and electricity. By Detergents additional advantage. Familiar with the spectrum of offerings Siemens iSensoric easy on the official website of the company where the option is highlighted in a separate group. There is given a chance to contemplate all members of the household appliances that meet the search criteria. This is a quick way to find out which brands are iSensoric, find them on sale - a trick! Start with Yandex-market. Be warned - the price bites!

The parameters of washing machines

Consider the basic specifications. Firstly, the amount of load, expressed in kilograms. Own needs easier to estimate using weights. Never exceed the limit of the scale, just to share the load on the share. Let each weighing, for example, 3 kg. Do not put the drum greater than specified, but be careful not to run the washing machine empty.

Setting the parameters of a washing machine for washing

Setting the parameters of a washing machine for washing

If the inside is the only thing underwear alignment system can not work properly. The logic is designed so that items are aligned on the surface in the interest alignment. When the drum will come to spin, due to the rotation speed of the laundry weight increases a hundredfold. It is clear that effort in a couple of hundredweight across the axis is able to disable the depreciation system, bearings, etc. If you put one thing, use a low speed or dry on the balcony.

Gradually moved to the drum rotation speed in the spin cycle. Similarly, let's say that even 400 tons is enough for the initial drying laundry. Then easy to finish the job already on the balcony. Masters is not recommended to set up 1000: linen land will not be a chance to damage the clothing is too high. Please note, gentle wash programs do not operate with great speed.

Often manufacturers offer a washing machine and dryer. First, requiring attention: the mass of laundry load in the ground and land modes is different. Discrepancy occurs, which is not everyone will like. One number is erased, and to offer less drying. Loading plan, given that the first part will be dry, and the second comes out on the balcony, kitchen, balconies, veranda and so on.

Variety of washing machines include models with vertical and front-loading. Took the last, simply because the mechanisms are common. At the same time if it reaches the vertical load will have to place. Look for a particular situation.

Individual buyers are trying to solve the problem, not stand a damn - buy a washing machine with a touch or mechanically controlled. Work will both panels, and to protect the device from unnecessary power surges, use a surge protector. On sale there are special (perhaps with a processor-controlled), conventional computer. Along with the question of what to buy a washing machine, choose the method of applying a voltage.

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