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When the winter is in full swing and in the yard of January, it may seem that it's time to rest from the earthworks. In fact, for a real lover of green plants, winter is not an obstacle. He still finds pleasure in the efforts with fresh flowers.

Troubles with sleeping flower beds

Although the flower beds in the cold season are in hibernation, they should not be forgotten. In places where frosts are held until the very spring, it is advisable to constantly monitor the perennial shelter. A natural blanket, of course, is a layer of snow, if there is one. It is enough to tread lightly enough that it becomes denser and does not evaporate behind the wind.

In regions with milder winters, where rains are raining in January, and frosts are rare, but accurately, it is worthwhile to prepare an additional shelter. To do this, use fallen leaves, of which make a natural "veil". Due to the rotting process, the temperature in the leaves thickens, which protects the rhizomes of perennials from the cold. A wonderful shelter is also served by coniferous branches or embankments of the earth.

January efforts on the beds mean careful checking of the tubers of your favorite flowers stored in the basement. It can be:

  • dahlias;
  • gladiolus;
  • Cannes;
  • freesia;
  • Crocosmia.
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They should be without visible damage, resilient and juicy. Those that do not meet these requirements, it is better to put aside. This check will help prepare for the spring planting of flowers on the flower beds and will save valuable time.

Optimum temperature of storage of rhizomes of flower plants varies from 6 to 8 degrees of heat. Humidity should not exceed the level of 80%.

Technology of forcing bulbous flowers

With the arrival of winter, the landscape on the street becomes monotonous: dull gray trees, cloudy skies and short days. In areas where a lot of snow falls, the earth wears a white veil, which you want to dilute something. Therefore, true color-lovers create a real spring in their homes in January. For this they use bulbous plants:

  • crocuses;
  • hyacinths;
  • daffodils;
  • tulips.

It is interesting that these wonderful spring flowers can blossom even in winter. The main thing is to create suitable conditions for them. Dismantling bulbous plants - this is the unique way to arrange a real garden of enjoyment at home.

To get blossoming flowers in winter, it is necessary to create the optimum temperature for the plant and wait for the proper time.

Depending on when you want to see the blossoming buds of flowers, you should start out. On average, the whole process can take more than 16 weeks.

But to start choosing the right bulbs.They should correspond to such characteristics:

  • large sizes;
  • without any damage;
  • dense;
  • heavy.
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In addition, the plant varieties to be used should also be considered.

The next stage is suitable containers. It is best to plant the bulbs in plastic or clay pots with holes for special drainage. Even not very nice pots can be placed in a basket or decorate something. The main requirement is that they must be higher for the planted bulb. If you need to plant a lot of bulbous flowers, use a special racks or boxes.

When the tanks are ready, they are filled with fertile soil, which was prepared in advance. At the bottom poured a special drainage, mixed with sand. Cover it with soil, pour water and spread bulbs.In order for plants to develop successfully, they need regular watering with standing water and top dressing. After quite a bit of time, original house flowers will appear in the house, which will remind you that spring is just around the corner.

Bulbs of plants such as hyacinth or cyclamen should be planted just above the surface of the earth. Other plants should be deepened into the soil.

Harvesting of planting material

On cold winter evenings, when a snowstorm or a raging wind rages outside the window, real farmers prepare themselves for the spring. They check their "banks" of planting material and plan to purchase fresh seeds. Just January is the most suitable month for this important business.

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Some summer residents noticed that the product was updated in November or December. Therefore, in the middle of winter, you can safely acquire the seeds of vegetables, which for a long time retain their germination. In addition, during this period it is desirable to purchase seeds of hybrids, which in spring may be in short supply.

Since some plants differ in a long period of development, they are sown in boxes at the end of January. Timely purchase of seeds helps save time. To acquire planting material is better in special trade outlets, which have an excellent reputation. It is important not to forget to check the expiration date, so as not to be disappointed after sowing.

Residents of the Siberian regions will approach the seeds of cold-resistant plants. A vegetable should be selected early ripening species. In a short northern summer such crops will grow and give farmers a delicious fruit.

To summarize, it should be noted, January is a suitable month for hard-working summer residents. They will be able to take advantage of the height of the winter to observe the flowerbeds, to drive out the bulbous flowers and purchase planting material.

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