Low washing machines

Have you thought about buying a washing machine, but do not know which model to stop your attention on? We will tell you about the low washing machines.

The standard height of the styara is 85 cm, but in the home appliances market you can find models of machines designed for installation under a sink or sink. Their height varies between 65-70 cm. This applies to machines with side loading through the hatch.

From the article you will find out what low washing machines under the sink are popular among consumers. In the meantime, let's get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of low stilalk.

Low washing machines

Content of the material:

  • 1Low stylalki: features, pros and cons
  • 2Why is it advantageous to have a sink over the styalka
  • 3Top 5 popular low-end machines
    • 3.1Electrolux EWC 1350
    • 3.2Zanussi FCS 1020 C
    • 3.3Electrolux EWC 1150
    • 3.4Candy Aquamatic 2D840
    • 3.5Candy Aqua 2D1040-07

Low stylalki: features, pros and cons

The washing machine has such standard dimensions: 85x60x60 cm. Manufacturers also produce narrower models with a depth of 37-55 cm. But if you planned to install the SMA under the sink, then such dimensions will not work either.

In a specialized store you can be offered a model with a height of 60-70 cm, a depth of 29-54 cm, a width of 46-60 cm.

Models below does not happen - only if it's a semi-automatic machine or activator-type stimulator.

Low washing machines have their pros and cons. For example, the advantage of installing such a model would be space saving.

Disadvantages of low models:

  • Small amount of load. The capacity of this model does not exceed 4 kg.
  • To install such a CMA, you need a shell "water lily".
  • A special siphon is required.
  • Low models have a low quality of spinning, unlike large impellers.
  • Compact stylalki less reliable and not so durable, in comparison with full-size models.
  • Low CM is more expensive than washing machines with more room for laundry.

Yes, the disadvantages are quite serious, but a washing machine up to 70 cm high is in great demand among consumers who need compact technology. Next, we will tell you about the convenience of this option in the interior.

Low stylalki: features, pros and cons

Why is it advantageous to have a sink over the styalka

Washing machine height of 60 cm under the sink is considered the right solution, especially if there is nowhere else to install it.

So, what advantages do you get by installing the washer under the sink:

  • Convenience in operation. This arrangement is suitable for small rooms. After all, it is here that you must be able to correctly arrange all the essentials for comfortable use.
  • Compact dimensions allow you to install the stylalk in any corner. And let the capacity of the laundry in such a model is small, the machine will save space in the room.
  • If there is a need to install, for example, a second washing machine, then a low washer with compact dimensions will become a real find.
  • Low in height washing machines - a good option for hairdressing salons or beauty salons. According to sanitary norms, there must be a machine - for washing towels. Such compact dimensions do not affect the space in any way.

It can be concluded that the styralka under the sink is convenient both at home and at work.

Top 5 popular low-end machines

Below is an overview of the styrene with compact dimensions and a small height. These models are most in demand among consumers.

Electrolux EWC 1350

Improved washing machine, automatic front-type middle price category. The drum capacity is 3 kg, the maximum spin speed is 1300 rpm.

The height of the machine is only 67 cm. It has long been on the market of household appliances, but this styalka is still sold in stores. According to statistics, the machine does not break down for 5-10 years, at the same time it perfectly launts clothes and copes with all tasks.

Low height combined with reliability.

Electrolux EWC 1350

Zanussi FCS 1020 C

The model with capacity, as with the previous machine (3 kg) and the same height (67 cm). But the maximum speed for this model is slightly lower - 1000 rpm.

A compact and reliable machine that has gained popularity among consumers due to high-quality washing and powerful pressing of laundry. During operation, the styralka emits small vibrations and noises.

Zanussi FCS 1020 C

Electrolux EWC 1150

An expensive model with a capacity of 3 kg, a height of 67 cm, a maximum spin speed of 1100 rpm. Users mark high-quality washing, many useful functions, reliability and durability.

Electrolux EWC 1150

Candy Aquamatic 2D840

A low styalka at affordable cost, designed for washing 4 kg of laundry when spinning 800 rpm. The height of the model reaches 70 cm, so it will perfectly "fit" under the sink.

Feature of the model - 15 washing programs. The machine works almost silently.

Candy Aquamatic 2D840

Candy Aqua 2D1040-07

Machine height of 70 cm, designed for four kilos of laundry. The maximum spin speed is up to 1000 rpm.

Manufacturers have provided convenient control of the electronic type. The model is partially protected from leaks, durable and reliable.

Candy Aqua 2D1040-07

In the review there are only low stilalki, received positive feedback from users.

It can be summed up: low automatic machines will be an excellent solution for installation in a room with limited space. It will perfectly stand under the sink, and it does not take much space.

Yes, it can cause some inconvenience, but if there are no other options, then the model with a small height (65-70 cm) is better than manual washing or the use of machines-semi-automatic activator type.

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