How to connect the machine to the mains

Do you think that to ensure the drain and fill the water in the machine are the most important stages? It is equally important to ensure the correct connection of the washing machine to electricity. It's not just the risk of breakage, it's also your safety.

So today we will talk about how to properly connect the washing machine to electricity.

Content of the material:

  • 1Electrical connection: Preparatory work
  • 2Rules for connecting the machine to the mains
  • 3Scheme of communication
    • 3.1Simplified connection of the washing machine
  • 4Additional protection

Electrical connection: Preparatory work

If you decide to organize the repair of the room in which your styalka is installed (or only will be installed there), immediately lay the laying of the wiring in the plan. It should take into account the connection of the AGR.

Drilling the walls, chipping off the tile, and then returning everything to the place is a waste of time and money, so it's best to do everything right the first time.

What you need to connect correctly:

  • Wires. Do not even try to save on them. Taking into account the average capacity of the connection of the washing machine, use a copper three-wire wire for 6 millimeters with good insulation.
    From the table below you will learn more about the characteristics of different wires.
  • The differential current switch is more popular among the people asemergency shutdown device. It is needed to ensure that your styralka is not burned when the power surge in the network. This means that the machine will not only not break, but there will also be no short circuit and ignition.
  • Circuit breaker. This part will protect the machine from short circuit and voltage drop below the permissible level. Together with the previous component, the machine completely protects you and your machine from any risks.
  • Accessories. Terminals, cable ducts, good clamps and so on.

Having bought everything that you need to connect the washing machine to the power grid, study the connection rules. Spend a little time, it will pay off - there will be no further problems with the operation of SM.

Important! Masters are not advised to take on their own and recommend to contact an electrician if you do not have experience in this field.

Rules for connecting the machine to the mains

So, let's consider the basic requirements for installing the machine:

  • Correct connection scheme. Do not use questionable "on the leaflet" schemes downloaded from the Internet, the scheme should be developed by a specialist.
  • Copper and aluminum wires can not be twisted.
  • To make the correct wiring, use the copper wires of the desired cross-section.
  • Do not ground the wires using batteries and pipes.
  • When choosing a rosette, choose your product based on quality ceramics.
  • Do not use an extension cord if the outlet is not near. The same can be said about the adapters from the eurovisor to the conventional one. It is better to install an outlet near the styralki than to take risks.
  • Do not twist the wires "Zero" and "Earth" in any case.
  • Before laying the wiring, perform a strict calculation of the number and power of the instruments, which, in addition to the styralka, will be connected to it.

Scheme of communication

Of course, you need a reliable connection scheme SM. In order not to risk, it is necessary to conduct a cable of the required cross-section directly from the switchboard, having concluded in this chain also three important components:

  • machine;
  • emergency shutdown device;
  • grounding.

If it is not convenient for you to pull the wire from the shield itself, because it is located in the corridor, or in general - in the entrance, that is, the solution is simpler. You can connect to another outlet - from the plate, too, will do. From the outlet, the wire must be routed to 3 cores.

Important! If the wires are made of different metals, for example, copper and aluminum, then they need to be connected, only using terminals, it is impossible to twist!

As a result, all the wires converge in a good ceramic outlet such as "Euro". It is important that in such an outlet it is possible to connect the ground wire.

Next, remove the wires in the boxes, and the trip device and the machine hide with special covers of aluminum or plastic. This design will look good in the interior and will prevent the harmful effects of moisture on the wires.

Simplified connection of the washing machine

The scheme of connection can be made even easier if you buy an automatic machine in which the shutdown system is already built in. But do not expect that you will easily find a high-quality device 2 in 1 - until there are not so many in our market.

Pay attention and the outlet. Buy one in which the system is designed to protect against moisture. For example, you can stop choosing on the brand Legrand.

Having figured out how to connect the washing machine to electricity, you can safely proceed to other communications - sewerage and water supply.

Additional protection

Qualitative grounding - a guarantee of stable operation of the stylalki of any brand and model.

Alas, before, when household appliances were not so much, little attention was paid to grounding. If your apartment is in an old house, do not expect that you have a properly grounded outlet. In new buildings, this issue has already received more attention, because household appliances are becoming more energy intensive and require a responsible approach to the quality of communications.

Ground the power outlet into which you will turn on the stiralk. Of course, it will take you time, if you live in an apartment, but in a private house ground the outlet many times easier.

Act this way if you live in a house:

  • The grounding wire should get to the street - for this purpose drill the wall of the house through and through, and so that its end was near the basement.
  • Vbeyte next to the house armature to a depth of 2 m. Its end should look out of the earth centimeters at 30.
  • Clean the insulation from the tip of the wire, and remove the rust and dirt from the valve.
  • Wire - bare part of it - wind on the armature, and if in doubt, additionally use cold welding.
  • Using an electrical tape, wind the junction of the reinforcement with the wire.
  • Put a piece of rubber hose on the fitting.
  • Done - you have done well grounding, you can connect the wire to the outlet.

Remember that it is possible to connect the washing machine to an electrical outlet without grounding, but then you act at your own risk. We warn you that this is not safe.

In the end, we want to say that the connection of the SM to the power grid must be given due attention, since the matter is complex and responsible. Do not ignore the rules and safety techniques, use proven schemes.

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