How to choose furniture for a washing machine

How to save space and organically enter home appliances in the interior? Choose furniture for the washing machine. You can install a suite for a bathroom or kitchen - it is enough to embed a styalka in one of the modules to enjoy a free space. How to properly organize such an installation and what furniture to choose, we will tell in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1For installation in the bathroom
    • 1.1What furniture is suitable to install a styalka
      • 1.1.1Benefits
      • 1.1.2disadvantages
  • 2For installation in the kitchen
    • 2.1What you need to consider
      • 2.1.1Benefits
      • 2.1.2disadvantages
  • 3For a built-in machine

For installation in the bathroom

Even though the bathrooms in the apartments are small in size, they can fit all the necessary equipment. The correct layout and selection of furniture will help to place both a washing machine and a laundry basket.

What furniture is suitable to install a styalka

  1. Wardrobe or chest of drawers. For a small room, you can choose cabinets with a shallow casing. A machine is installed in the large lower box. The remaining offices serve to store a basket with dirty laundry, towels, linen, detergents.
  2. Cupboard with sink or table top. The kit combines several useful functions. On the top there is a sink, from below - a washing machine. If it is a curbstone, then the stylalka is closed by the door, if the countertop is a styalka is part of the interior. Convenient is the corner sink. First, the corners in the rooms often remain unused. Secondly - this is another way to save usable space. Under the sink there is a free space for installation.
  3. Rack.Almost the same as the cabinet, only the shelves remain open. The advantage of the design is that the machine is installed at different heights - convenient for loading laundry.


  • The floor location of the stylalko allows you to store things in the upper drawers.
  • Installing the technique in the curbstone, you hide it with a door.
  • Convenience of connection. The proximity of communications allows you to quickly and without unnecessary costs to connect the machine to the water pipe.


The disadvantage is the dimensions of the furniture. Not every room will have a closet or a rack.

Important! Before buying furniture, think through a design project. Do not forget to install and connect the washing machine.

Do you already have a styalka? When choosing furniture, be guided by its dimensions - it should stand clearly in the intended place. It is important to buy a cabinet or cabinet with a facade that is resistant to moisture.

For installation in the kitchen

Consider options for how you can remove the washing machine in the kitchen furniture. There are a lot of options for placing equipment in cabinet furniture:

  • Bar counter. This can be a closed cabinet with a hinged lid. The variant is ideal for placing the machine with the top load. Since you can not use the countertop for cooking, you can sometimes adjust it to a bar counter.
  • Frontal perfectly fits under the dining table top or under the work surface. The technology can be integrated with the cabinet.
  • The machine is built into the corner set for the kitchen.

What you need to consider

Accommodation SMA in the kitchen has its own characteristics:

  1. Before installation, consider vibration when spinning. Think of strengthening the floor so that it does not sink with time.
  2. Do not install the machine close to the walls of the headset. Leave a gap of a few centimeters. Otherwise, when spinning, the technique will shake the entire table top.

When installing, do not forget to follow the rules. The stylalk should be kept away from other devices. For example, a machine and a gas stove are separated by a curbstone. A large refrigerator is better to install on the opposite side.

  1. When selecting the stylalki, consider whether it will be closed with a door. Otherwise, you need to choose the color of the case, which will suit the interior of the kitchen.


  • The machine does not take up space in the bathroom, where there is not enough space.
  • You can install a model with a large load, regardless of the size.
  • Communications are in an accessible place.


  • Installation of a full-size machine requires careful planning. Subsequently it is difficult to change the location of the headset.
  • The coloring of the CM body does not always harmonize with the interior of the kitchen.
  • Dirty linen will have to be stored elsewhere.
  • Contact with detergent is undesirable.

In general, placing the stylalka in the kitchen is justified by convenience and space saving.

For a built-in machine

Built-in furniture has long been present in your kitchen? How to install a washing machine? The way out of the situation will be a built-in washer. You can install it under the countertop, in the cabinet under the sink. A variety of models allows you to choose a compact technique:

  • Stiralka with a removable lid. When the cover is removed, the legs are adjusted.
  • Low, small models can fit in a small cabinet.
  • Narrow machines are also compactly built in.

The advantage of the built-in model is the presence of hinges for hanging the cabinet door. It is recommended to place the equipment near the communications. For example, under the sink, near the dishwasher. Thanks to the embedding system, residents of small apartments can afford a washing machine. If in your home for each thing already has its place, then the built-in styalka is an excellent solution.

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