What is the water consumption in the washing machine

The majority of people, going for the purchase of styralki, began to consider an important characteristic - the average water discharge for 1 time. This factor must necessarily be taken into account, because today few things are erased manually, and this leads to a huge monthly consumption of consumption. If you're wondering how much water a washing machine uses, the average figure is up to 1/4 of the water consumed by three people. Therefore it is very important to think about how to choose economical washing machines that help to rationally spend money.Find out how much water you need a washing machine for one wash, very easy. Setting the counter will help you cope with the calculations. Record the readings before the program is turned on and off. Carry out such studies with several modes. So you will find out which wash program allows you to consume the least.

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  • 2Economical Stiralki: Overview
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Consumption at washing

Any styaralka spends a lot of water on washing, and there is not always an opportunity to save, which leads to financial waste. What does the washing machine depend on? First of all, from the model of the stylalki. Modern automatic machines are equipped with "smart" modes, programmed for economy. Therefore, the purchase of a machine should be accompanied by the following knowledge:

  • The size of the tank. A large tank in the typewriter is the first sign of a large consumption of water for washing and rinsing.
  • The washing mode. Stiralki have many modes: some of them consume a minimum, while others, on the contrary, spend a lot of liters per time.
  • Frequency of use. Some landladies wash 1-2 times a week. At the same time assiduously collect the laundry in the basket, sort by color and load the tank as much as possible. So the average flow will be minimal. But other owners of stylals prefer to wash every day, but a small amount of clothing. This leads to a large flow of water.
  • Health status. Those who care about their health, are afraid to cause allergic reactions, which may appear due to the fact that all the powder was not washed from the fabric. Therefore, users select a mode, and then set to an additional rinse. So instantly increases the amount of water spent.

Important! Did you notice that when choosing an economical mode, the water consumption increases? Perhaps there was a malfunction in the stylalk.

The AGR is completed with a passport in which the manufacturer must indicate the average flow rate. When studying dozens of SM, it was calculated that water consumption per cycle is at least 38 liters, a maximum of 80 liters. We calculate independently how much water is consumed by the washing machine. The figure today is approximately 59 liters.

Important! If your AGR consumes more, the cause may be a serious breakdown. Look closely. After finding a malfunction, contact an experienced technician.

Economical Stiralki: Overview

Below is an overview of machines sold in virtually any specialized household appliance store. If you decide to buy a washing machine, this information will not be superfluous for you.Bosch WLG20265OEattracts reliability, original design, compactness in relation to low cost. The main advantage is a low water consumption: about 40 liters. In this case, you can use almost any mode. The capacity of the styralka is 5 kg. "Super-fast wash" will allow you to consume about 36 liters. This washing will be quality and effective.Samsung WF60F1R2F2Whas many advantages. This model is considered to be economical, since at a maximum loading of a tank of 6 kg, the automatic machine consumes approximately 39 liters per cycle. Has an affordable cost. With the previous model is similar in that in "Samsung" there is the same short program that allows you to save: for 1 wash 35 liters are wasted.Hotpoint-Ariston AQS1D29- an expensive narrow model, but with many functions. The water consumption at the washing machine-automatic machine for 1 time varies within 40 liters. Provides a short washing schedule, aimed at saving water. This mode allows you to spend only 34 liters. Capacity for 6 kg and a low consumption is the dream of every mistress.

Important! Before washing the laundry, read the instructions for the machine. Follow it, and then your linen will be washed cleanly, and the purse will not empty from spending for consumption of water.

We save water on washing things

There are several recommendations that will help significantly reduce consumption:

  • give preference to models that consume a minimum of water and light;
  • choose those machines in which the laundry weighing function is provided - the necessary volume for washing and rinsing is automatically calculated.

Simple advice will help you make the right choice in the direction of a modern model that does not spend a lot of water even with daily washing.

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