Properties of coconut tablets for seedlings

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Today, peat funds are no longer popular, they are replaced by coconut tablets for seedlings. This product is a compressed coconut in a tablet form, which is impregnated with special fertilizers.

This product is 70% coconut peat and fiber, 30% coconut shaving.

These tablets are used to germinate seeds. They contribute to the rapid rooting of cuttings, as well as the planting of plants. Thanks to the use of coconut tablets for seedling, a developed root system appears in the planted plants. The first harvest begins, as a rule, one or two weeks earlier than those plants, to which peat and mineral wool was applied.

Reviews of coconut tablets for seedlings indicate an improvement in the physiological and biochemical properties of the soil.

In addition, the coconut product for gardening has such characteristics:

  • aeration properties;
  • heat conducting properties;
  • structural properties;
  • moisture retention;
  • absence of pathogens and weeds;
  • resistance to degradation due to prolonged use.

To prepare the soil, you need 40 ml of warm water, which should be poured in a pill. After this, it is necessary to wait for a while, until the water is completely absorbed.

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It is not uncommon for the result that coconut tablets are given, and coconut briquettes, mineral wool is purchased for seedlings. However, they can not be compared in terms of effectiveness, since only the coconut seedlings can be disposed of.


Since the tablets have a porous structure and, therefore, are saturated with air, unlike peats they do not settle, in a short period absorb moisture without forming a crust on the surface.

A high level of oxygen is an important factor for the soil, because the viability of plants depends on it. If oxygen is not enough, toxic compounds appear that not only worsen the physical properties of the soil, but also negatively affect the level of nutrients. Ultimately, with a lack of oxygen, plant development slows down significantly.

With the help of coconut briquettes for seedlings and tablets, an optimal oxygen balance is provided - 20%.

In other words, coconut products make it possible to grow a variety of plants without podaplivaya their root system, providing an ideal balance of nutrients and oxygen in the soil.

Coconut briquettes for seedling and substrate action

Since the reviews on coconut tablets for seedlings are positive, coconut substrate is also in demand. All plants that are suitable hydroponics, can be grown on such a substrate, because it is actually a universal material.

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To judge whether there is a benefit from the coconut substrate for seedling, it is possible by its composition, where the main component is crushed coconut fibers.

He has a number of advantages, over the means that are bought for similar purposes:

  • The content of useful elements for plants;
  • Possessing antibacterial action, which provides protection of the root system from pests, as well as pathogens;
  • The coconut substrate is a self-healing product;
  • Provides free oxygen saturation and the necessary volume of moisture.

An important parameter of the substrate is the acidity level, which fluctuates within pH = 5-, . In addition, this substrate promotes the cultivation of environmentally friendly products.

The use of coconut fiber for seedlings

Often, gardeners choose coconut fiber for seedlings, which is made from short fibers and coconut dust. Since the composition contains a large amount of lignin, the decomposition of this structure proceeds extremely slowly.

The coconut fiber remains constantly loose, and therefore does not settle after a certain period, which can not be said about peat.

This material for gardening eliminates the need for drainage. The capillary system promotes a moderate and even distribution of moisture in the soil.

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It is recommended to use coconut fibers for seedling plants such as anthurium, azaleas and fuchsias. They can be used as a ready-made soil substrate, and as a component of the soil.

The acidity level of the product from coconut fibers is pH 6, and it is static. It does not contain pathogenic fungi, therefore, the substrate, tablets and coconut fibers are suitable for berry, flower, fruit, vegetable crops that are grown both in closed and open ground.

Properties of this product for seedlings are kept from 3 to 5 years. The undoubted proof of whether there is a benefit from the coconut substrate for seedlings is the lack of necessity recycling when growing crops on open ground, as it becomes an excellent fertilizer and baking powder for soil.

Video: seeding seedlings in a coconut substrate

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