Make a self-powered irrigation tool


Tools for watering the site are sold in garden stores. It is uncomfortable to use long hoses. The hose clings to trees and bushes, and the pressure of water falls. For convenient operation and storage of soft hoses, plastic drums can be used. On sale there are drums, on which you can reel 15, 25, 35 and 50 m hose. If you need to store longer hoses, then you can make such a drum yourself from improvised materials. To make a drum for storing a hose made of metal, you will need: a bulgarian, a drill, a welding machine, a metal wire rod with a diameter of 5 mm, and a template for making circles.

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Manufacture of metal drums

As a template for the manufacture of circles, you can use a sheet of plywood, on which the contour of the drawn circle is screwed metal corners. The wire rod is clamped between two corners and begins to form a circle from it. Then the wire is welded. It is also necessary to make an inner circle of smaller diameter. To do this, in the center of the template you can put a three-liter pot. By the diameter of the bottom of the pan, you must bend and weld the inner circle. After this, at the same distance, dividing the circle into segments, welded pieces of wire-rod. It turns out one wheel of the drum.

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It is necessary to make a pair of such wheels. Then their inner rings are welded together by pieces of wire-rod. In the center of the rings, a hole of 8 mm in diameter is produced. A threaded pin is threaded into this hole, onto which the nut is screwed, so that when the hose is stored, the handle of the drum does not scroll. To quickly wind the hose after work, thread the handle from the grinder. The drum is made of metal. For convenient work with it you need to make a stand.

Manufacture of a support for a drum

For the manufacture of the stand it is necessary to use two pieces of threaded studs, each one and two pieces of wire-rod, and also a metal pipe with a diameter of 5 mm. One piece of pipe should be cut to make a stand under the handle of the drum. Next, two pieces of hairpin are welded together using a wire rod. To one leg of the stand, a cut pipe is welded, and to the second segment - a whole. With the help of a Bulgarian, pegs are made from a metal stud. Then such a stand is inserted into the ground. A drum with a hose wound on it is placed on this stand.

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