Application of plastic bottles for watering in the garden

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I have a cottage with a small garden. But it's far from the city, so I come there only for the weekend. As the summer was hot, without regular watering, many crops were lost. Neighbor suggested that you can apply for watering in the garden plastic bottles. Tell me how to do this in practice?

Watering the garden is a sore point for summer residents, especially for those who visit the dacha only on weekends. And those who live in the country, but have problems with constant water supply, watering remains an urgent problem during the summer drought. Collect rainwater - not a very suitable option, when the rainfall is irregular and not abundant. The acquisition of a drip irrigation system requires considerable gardening from gardeners. And then come to the rescue unnecessary, at first glance, things - plastic bottles.

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Article in the theme: Crafts from plastic bottles for dachas made by own hands.

Among the many ways to use plastic bottles for irrigation, there are three simplest and easiest to assemble and operate:

  1. Watering from bottles without their digging into the ground.
  2. Drip irrigation from the bottles buried in the soil.
  3. Suspended watering system made of plastic bottles.

Advantages of using plastic bottles

The use of plastic bottles in the garden for irrigation will significantly save on the purchase of expensive equipment, moreover, with the help of such a system, it is possible to ensure the irrigation of the entire site, and not only individual beds. The advantages of the "bottle" system are also that:

  • the soil is moistened by a meter in depth;
  • plants receive already heated water;
  • You can use bottles both in open areas and in greenhouses;
  • there is no change in the composition of the soil;
  • it is possible to add liquid top dressing;
  • constant access to water does not allow plants to "starve
  • allows you to water not only garden, but also garden plants, shrubs and trees.
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A weighty argument in favor of the use of plastic bottles in the country is the fact that in the absence of the owner of such an irrigation system, thieves are unlikely to pozaryatsya.

Watering from bottles without their digging into the ground

Fill a plastic bottle of 2 liters with water, leaving a little empty space to the top of the bottle. Instead of the lid on the neck put a suitable piece of foam rubber. Put a bottle under the plant under the root.


Such containers with water are spread out throughout the site for each planted crop. When the bottles are completely emptied, they must be filled with water again.

Drip irrigation from bottles buried in the soil

At the bottle, cut the bottom, but not to the end - to get something like a cover (it will save water from getting into the ground and from evaporation in the sun). If desired, the bottom can be cut completely. Plug tightly tighten, and around the neck at the top of the bottle make small holes to exit the water. Such holes can be made directly in the plug itself.

When watering the sandy soil, 2 holes are enough, and for the SUHLINDER there are 4 holes.

A bottle is buryed between the seedlings at a depth of 15 cm, with the incised bottom on top and the neck on the bottom. To prevent clogging of holes, it is recommended to put dry grass under them. Pour water, cover with a lid-bottom. As necessary, top up.

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Suspended watering system from plastic bottles

Cut off the bottom of the bottle, and in the cork to make watering holes. Some truck farmers leave the cork whole, and just slightly twist it to allow the water to drain out.

Fit the support bracket: from both ends of the bed, install the holder, the slingshot, and put the crossbar on top. Hang the bottles on the bottle support with their necks down and pour water in them. The soil under the bottle, which will drip water, cover with a small piece of film and sprinkle it with earth. It is necessary that the drops fall on the film, and already from it they drain to the ground, and not blur it.

How to make drip irrigation from a 5-liter bottle will show video

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