Tomato varieties for the Leningrad region

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When choosing a tomato variety for growing on your garden orchard site, it is necessary to pay attention to which zone of zoning it is intended for. Only suitable for these conditions, tomatoes will yield the maximum yield with the best fruit quality. Consider the varieties of tomatoes for the Leningrad region.

Variety parameters for the growing zone

For each growing zone, breeders create varieties with a certain set of characteristics. A total of 7 light zones are allocated, they are also called zonation zones.

They differ in the length of the light season for the successful cultivation of tomatoes without the use of additional light.

The Leningrad Region belongs to the 1 light-growing zone of tomato growing. In it, without additional lighting, it is impossible to grow products from October to February, as there is not enough light day to get enough solar energy.

Therefore, tomatoes for the Leningrad region should have the following parameters:

  • resistance to low illumination;
  • Early ripeness, short growing season with the earliest return of the main crop;
  • resistance to the greatest number of harmful diseases of tomatoes;
  • good formation of ovaries at low ambient temperatures;
  • good taste qualities, maximum effective use of solar energy for the accumulation of sugars.

Breeders managed to create not such a great variety of varieties of tomatoes that have these characteristics. The choice of them is no more than 3 dozen, which are registered in the state register of selection achievements. We offer the best varieties of tomatoes for the Leningrad region, which have proved themselves in a sheltered and open ground.

Tomato varieties for glass greenhouses

Alcázar F1- a hybrid related to mid-season tomatoes. Well tolerates unfavorable conditions of low illumination in winter and high temperatures in summer. The first fruit begins to mature after 110-115 days from the emergence of seedlings.
Despite the unlimited growth of the apex, it has short internodes, which allows it to grow even in low greenhouses. Smooth glossy fruits reach a medium size of about 150 grams, maturing very amicably on the brush.
From one plant collect up to, kg of tomatoes. Has immunity to viral diseases, several races of cladospheric spotting and fusarium wilt. Fruits do not crack, sustaining uneven watering.

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Evpator F1- one of the most popular hybrids of the selection company "Gavrish". A tall, powerful shrub gives excellent nutrition with a high load of tomatoes, but requires careful removal of stepsons. The variety refers to early-maturing tomatoes and gives the first ripened fruit on 105-110 days after emergence. Has rounded rounded tomatoes up to 160 g of rounded form sourish to taste. Possesses immunity to root nematodes, cracking of fruits and mushroom patches of leaves.

Titanic F1- the best grade of tomatoes for the Leningrad region, which has large fruits (up to 400 grams) of unsurpassed taste qualities. The hybrid created in the company "Ilinichna" well forms ovaries in insufficiently illuminated conditions in winter in glass greenhouses and has immunity to a record number of diseases, including viral mosaics, leaf spots, nematodes, mealy dew. High yield in this hybrid is combined with the excellent quality of beautiful transportable tomatoes.

Varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses with film shelter

Adonis F1is a standard hybrid, which has gained a high popularity among vegetable growers. It has a semi-determinant type of bush that allows to form brushes through 2 real sheets. The first fruit ripens after 115-120 days from the appearance of the first shoots. Rounded smooth tomatoes weighing about 100 grams are tied compactly for 4-5 pieces in a brush and have a strong cuticle, which allows them to be transported for long distances. Has immunity to TMV, cladospheric spotting and fusarium wilt.

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Kostroma F1- an excellent hybrid of breeding company "Gavrish". It has an early ripening period for the first tomatoes and a good ability to form ovaries in unfavorable conditions. Despite the high bush, brushes are laid through 2 leaves, which allows to form a high overall crop. Plane rounded fruits are collected up to 150 g and have good transportability. The complex of immunity genes to a number of diseases gives the variety a chance to grow successfully in the sharply changing environment of film greenhouses.

Red Arrow F1became the leader in the vegetable market among tomato varieties for greenhouses with film shelter. It is still unsurpassed in combining high yields, excellent taste qualities of tomatoes and immunity to a large number of diseases.
Growing tomatoes in the Leningrad region involves a significant use of areas of film greenhouses under this variety due to the ability to tie fruit in conditions of insufficient radiation from sunlight and low night temperatures. The early-ripening hybrid gives the first harvest already in 105-110 days after the emergence. Beautiful rounded tomatoes reach a size of 120-150 grams and have tight covers, which allows them to maintain their commercial quality for more than 1 month.

Tomato varieties for open ground

White filling 241is one of the oldest varieties and can form a crop under different growing conditions. Gives the first ripe fruit on the 95th day from the emergence of seedlings. On a compact shrub, a flat round tomato weighing about 150-200 grams is formed, and the first fruit can reach up to 400 grams. A tender peel with a pleasant sweetish pulp gives the fruits a real tomato taste. Rapid yield of crops allows to avoid many diseases spreading in the cold autumn.

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Ground Mushroom 1180- one of the best varieties of tomato for open ground, created in the middle of the last century. The first fruits can be harvested as early as 95-100 days from the emergence of seedlings, when they are maturing on a bush. On a low bush, up to half a meter, small flat round fruits weighing up to 90 grams are formed. It is characterized by the ability to withstand short-term cooling and even night frosts to -1 degree. In a dry summer forms a high yield, and in a rainy summer can be affected by fungal and bacterial diseases.

Sort MoskvichIt gained popularity thanks to the stamping type of bush with limited growth. He can withstand the whole harvest without a garter. Small tomatoes weighing about 50 grams have a dense peel, which allows them to be used in canned vegetables. Among the early-ripening tomatoes, he is one of the first to start ripening in the garden. Due to the constant growth of shoots, it is not affected by late blight even in wet years.

Siberian early ripeninghas the ability to give a full crop even in a cold summer. Its seedlings are able to survive a little frost and actively continue to grow. On a low bush, brushes with rounded tomatoes are formed every 1-2 leaves. The first crop begins to mature after 110-115 days from emergence. Fruits are characterized by high sugar content, which is quite rare for early-maturing tomatoes. They are well preserved and give abundant juice in salads.

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