How to buy a used washing machine

Washing machine is designed to make housewives easier to use. With it you can save time and effort, but the quality models of the AGR are not always available at a cost. Alternatively, you can buy a used washing machine, which, with the right choice, can exceed new, but cheaper styralki.

The choice of technology must be approached responsibly.

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  • 2Recommendations for selection

Where to look for a similar product

If you can not afford to buy a new car, it is worthwhile searching for a good used equipment. The right approach to the selection will help you to buy a quality styaralka that will last for more than one year.

Where is it better to buy a used (b) washing machine?

Most Internet users find information about buying and selling on sites: for example, on Avito or Flea market. What is the advantage of such a search:

  • Availability of photographs and descriptions for used washing machines.
  • Contact telephones of the owner, direct communication. You can immediately call and arrange a meeting.

Another option: a search for stock shops, commissions. Pay attention to the price: if it is too low, it causes suspicion of malfunction washing machine.

The recommended cost for a used car is 50% of the price of a new analog.

How beneficial is it possible to buy a washing machine from Europe? There are adherents of this technology - they argue that such SMA serve longer domestic brands. However, not everything is so simple: most sellers from European countries are intermediaries who wind up an extra mark-up.

Tip: before you give preference to a brand, read reviews on the forums. Often in the home appliances stores negative reviews are deleted. So listen to the experience of the same users as you.

Recommendations for selection

Before you buy a washing machine bu, it is important to know how to choose it correctly. What you need to pay attention to:

  • Presence of warranty and reason for sale. Be sure to ask why a person decided to sell the styralka. So, the car of excellent quality from well-known brands can be purchased because of moving or repairing: some people sell almost new equipment. Perhaps it is still under warranty.
  • Lifetime. It is advisable not more than 2 - 3 years. Machines that used more than 6 years - not your option. Even if you check its efficiency, within a month you may need the help of a master.
  • Repairs. Find out if the SM was in repair.
  • Tank. Check the material and condition of the machine's tank: twist it by hand, feel the surface. It should be perfectly smooth, without burrs. The best material for the tank is stainless steel.
  • Rubber cuff. Carefully inspect the cuff of the hatch. Her condition is the key to quality washing without leaks.
  • Check the door fastener, handle and lock. How well and tightly everything is closed, because otherwise the program will not start.
  • Examine the case(especially at the bottom) of the washer at the time of corrosion.
  • If possiblerun the wash program, rinsing and spinning. Check the basic operating modes. Pay attention to the heating of water and the serviceability of the heater. For this, minutes after 10-15 after the beginning of washing, attach the palm to the hatch. If it is warm, then the water is heated.
  • An important factor isnoise of work. If the machine buzzes and jumps when spinning, it is better to refuse to buy. This may indicate the rapid wear of bearings, the replacement of which is not cheap.

What brands should I pay attention to? If compared with customer reviews, the best solution for purchasing will be the AGC Bosch, Miele, Kaiser and AEG. More and more users complain of a poor-quality assembly of brands Samsung, LG, Indesit, Kandy.

We do not deal with the purchase and sale of used equipment! We only collected the best advice from the masters and users.

We hope you have decided whether to buy a washing machine. If you arm yourself with information, you will understand how to buy high-quality home appliances.

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