Review of washing machines Bomann

Washing machines Bomann won their popularity in the domestic market not so long ago. And if everyone knows perfectly well that Bosch sticks are German, and Samsung is Korean, then Bomann does not understand everything - where and who produces this household equipment.

Let's put all the dots over the "i" and find out what kind of machine it is - "Bomann where it is made, what are its features and how to choose the right model.

Review of washing machines Bomann

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do the washing machines "Bomann"
  • 2How the typewriter is arranged
  • 3Which "Bomann" model to choose
    • 3.1Bomann WA 5716
    • 3.2Bomann WA 9110
    • 3.3Bomann WA 5720

Where do the washing machines "Bomann"

Bomann is originally a German brand that belongs to the company C. Bomann Gmbh, founded in 1886 in a period of turbulent economic upheaval. The founder of the firm is an entrepreneur Karl Beaumann. The company started trading immediately, and from 1948 export of goods was set up, among which there were refrigerators, knitwear, watches, notebooks and so on.

Washing machines in the product line manufacturer introduced in 1961. The brand "Beaumann" delivers in Russia a huge assortment of household appliances - from blenders to washing machines.

Another question is, where do they manufacture the equipment of this brand? Basically, those household appliances that fall into Russia are going to China.

Where do the washing machines

Important! The producer country is the country in which the brand was founded and is currently headquartered. This explains the fact that the "Bomann" technique is positioned as German. And she manages to "keep the mark" - thanks to the fact that during production all the standards of the notorious German quality are observed.

How the typewriter is arranged

The device of washing machines Bomann repeats the functionality of other brands: it is usually automatic with a drum of 6 or 8 kg and a spin speed of 1000, 1200 or 1400 revolutions per minute.

The operation of washing machines is facilitated by the list of options and possibilities provided by the manufacturer:

  1. Class of energy efficiency from A +.
  2. In most models, electronic control is provided.
  3. Depending on the model, such types of protection are realized, as: from leaks, from children, from imbalance in the drum.
  4. In some washers, there is control over foaming, which prevents excessive production of foam.
  5. A wide range of wash modes: "Express-washing "Wool "Baby things" and others.
  6. Models with a removable lid open the possibilities for integration into the kitchen set or under the sink / countertop.
  7. In most modifications there is a delayed start function up to 24 hours.

About how to use the washing machine Bomann, is written in detail in the instruction manual, but usually the control is so intuitive that there will not be any difficulties when washing.

Which "Bomann" model to choose

The choice of these washing machines in the Russian market is not too extensive, therefore all models are approximately equally popular, and the reviews about them are neutral. Let's consider their features further in the review.

Bomann WA 5716

Bomann WA 5716

  • A model for 6 kg of dry linen, with a spin speed of 1000 revolutions per minute.
  • The depth of the typewriter is standard - 57 centimeters.
  • Classes of washing and spin - A and C.
  • The manufacturer provided for electronic control and foam control.
  • The balance of laundry in the drum is also monitored.
  • The noise level for washing and wringing is 60 dB and 73 dB, respectively.
  • You can adjust the spin speed and select the temperature wash mode.

8 washing programs will provide the needs of the average user, and the classic design will allow you to successfully enter the SMA in the traditional interior.

Bomann WA 9110

Bomann WA 9110

This detached front-end machine with dimensions of 60x53x85 cm for one cycle erases up to 5 kg of laundry.

  • The hatch diameter is 30 cm, it opens 180 degrees - it is even easier to load large items.
  • The plastic tank makes the construction light (weight SM - 60 kg).
  • There are 15 wash modes.
  • Protection against leaks is embodied in part (only the body), but there is protection from foam and balance control.
  • Classes and washing, and the efficiency of electricity consumption - A, spin class - C.
  • For one washing machine consumes 49 liters of water.
  • Spin parameters: speed - 1000 rotations, possibility of cancellation, regulation.

Bomann WA 5720

Bomann WA 5720

This modern model is one of the latest developments of the trade mark. The machine is designed for 7 kg of laundry, it is equipped with 16 modes and an LED display. Adjusting the speed of the drum during spinning: from 400 to 1400 revolutions in 200 steps. Noise when washing 58 dB, with spinning - 78 dB.

Bomann WA 5720

Some features of the model:

  • A temperature selector is provided.
  • There is a button for adjusting the spin speed.
  • Program selector with pre-set temperature conditions.
  • Self-diagnosis function.
  • Control overflow and overheating.
  • Anti-slip mechanism.
  • Controlling the balance of laundry in the drum.
  • The drum material is stainless steel, the tank is plastic.
  • The hatch in diameter is 42 cm, it opens 180 degrees.
  • The legs are adjustable.
  • Approximate water consumption per year: 1, 00 liters; power: 175 kWh.

Despite the fact that most of the Bomann models are assembled in China, the German quality set by Karl Beaumann remains in each new typewriter. And the transfer of production to Asia made machines affordable and affordable.

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