Review of washing machines Electrolux

When the Electrolux washing machines were assembled in Sweden, they combined a quality assembly and affordable cost. Today, "Electrolux" is produced in different countries around the world, so it's impossible to say unambiguously what their quality is, nobody can.

To understand whether it is worth buying such a car, we evaluated its advantages and disadvantages and compiled an overview of the models most popular among users. Study it and choose an option that completely suits you.

Review of washing machines Electrolux

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do they manufacture and assemble Electrolux machines?
  • 2How are the washing machines "Electrolux"
  • 3Models of washing machines
    • 3.1Electrolux EWF1408WDL2
    • 3.2Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD
    • 3.3Electrolux EWG 147540 W
    • 3.4Electrolux EWT1366HDW
    • 3.5Electrolux EWG 147410 W
    • 3.6Electrolux EWS 1064 SAU
  • 4Which Electrolux machine to choose

Where do they manufacture and assemble Electrolux machines?

Let's start with how the brand "Electrolux" was founded. In 1901, Lux was engaged in the production of kerosene lamps. But after the appearance of electricity, the company decided to unite with Elektromekaniska AB, which produced engines. As a result, the assembly and sale of vacuum cleaners began.

In 1912, the sales agent Axel Wenner-Gren started working with the firm. Successful cooperation grew into the opening of its own company - Svenska Elektron. A few years later, she bought Elektromekaniska.

Where do they manufacture and assemble Electrolux machines?

After the merger with Lux, the Elektrolux plant appeared, where since 1951, they have assembled and manufactured washing machines.

Over time, the structure of "Electrolux" includes such large companies as Zanussi and AEG.

Today, the producer country is not only Sweden, where the brand was founded, but also Italy, China, Poland, Ukraine. Whose production of cars is the most qualitative? Electrolux strictly monitors its reputation, so the build quality does not depend on the place of production.

How are the washing machines "Electrolux"

The manufacturer not only produces products with the usual functionality, but also develops new technologies.

Among the stylals of this brand, you can find models with drying, with vertical and front loading. All models have electronic control, and almost all are energy efficiency class A.

The peculiarity of these wastes can be considered additional functions:

  1. Direct Spray. The technology effectively impregnates the laundry with detergent solution, spraying it during washing. Things are exposed to less impact and friction, better wash.
  2. Steam System - steaming. You can use the function both separately and during washing. In the first case you will refresh things, smooth out the folds. Particularly useful technology for children's things, because it allows you to destroy all microbes and dust allergens.Review of washing machines Electrolux
  3. Eco-Valve. Useful function for saving detergent. Not all powder granules have time to dissolve during washing, many settle in the drain hose, after which they are washed off into the sewage system. Eco-Valve provides a special valve that closes the drain hose during washing, and the tool is used 100%.
  4. My Favorite Plus is designed to facilitate the management of the washing machine. The program remembers frequently used modes. In the future, it offers you to start the standard mode immediately after turning on the washer.
  5. "Autoparking" is useful for machines with vertical loading. The drum always stops up.

We examined the main chips "Electrolux". In addition, each machine provides additional modes, protection systems.

Models of washing machines

Comparing customer reviews, we compiled a rating of the most popular models.

Electrolux EWF1408WDL2

Frontal machine with a capacity of 10 kg. Has received the highest class of energy efficiency A +++. Spin class - В. The nominal spinning power is 1400 revolutions, the amount is adjustable.

Electrolux EWF1408WDL2

Intelligent electronic control allows you to choose from 14 programs.

The steam processing function allows you to refresh clothes, facilitate further ironing. TimeManager technology allows you to manually set the wash time. Now you can get your clothes when you feel comfortable. The built-in weight sensor shows the data on the display. Also, the system calculates how much detergent is needed for this amount of laundry.

The cost is from 62 000 rubles.

Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD

Washer-dryer with front loading and 3 degrees of drying. Standard sizes for a freestanding model are 60x60x85 cm. The capacity for washing is 9 kg, for drying - 6 kg. Electronic control, LCD display with backlight.

Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD

The machine is equipped with an inverter motor, which is directly connected to the drum. The spin speed reaches 1600 rpm. Stiralka belongs to the class of energy consumption A, consumes, 2 kW / h and 57 liters of water.

There are 10 washing programs, among which there is a steam supply. The only machine "Electrolux" with certification WOOLMARK BLUE WASH & amp; amp; RY. This means that the technology can wash and dry even the most delicate products.

The body is protected from leaks, the control panel is blocked from accidental pressing. There is a control of imbalance and foaming.

The cost of the model is from 79 000 rubles.

Electrolux EWG 147540 W

Built-in model size 60h54h82 cm can fit into the kitchen. The capacity of the drum is 7 kg, and the spinning power is 1400 revolutions. Economically consumes electricity 3 kW / h (class A ++).

Stiralka is equipped with electronic control and a backlit display. A noiseless and powerful inverter motor has a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Electrolux EWG 147540 W

There are 14 programs, among which there is a direct injection - the laundry is moistened by feeding water through the holes in the drum. This approach saves water and preserves the integrity of the tissue.

The optional Time Manager function allows you to customize the wash time yourself. The standard protection of the housing against leaks, control of imbalance, protection from children is established.

The price is from 65 500 rubles.

Electrolux EWT1366HDW

Vertical washing machine with loading 6 kg. The model has dimensions of 89x60x60 cm. Suitable for installation in a room where there is no space to open a front-loading machine.

Electrolux EWT1366HDW

The spinning power is 1300 rpm. The effective energy consumption class is A +++, the machine uses only 5 kW. There is electronic control with a digital display.

The most necessary washing programs are included. Of the additional functions Fuzzy Logic is present: the technology automatically determines the weight of the laundry, calculates the water consumption, and also selects the appropriate washing mode.

Electrolux EWG 147410 W

Washing machine with front loading and dimensions of 60x56x82 cm can be built into furniture or a niche in the wall. For one time you can wash up to 7 kg of laundry. Effective pressing up to 1400 rpm allows you to get semi-dry clothes.

The electronic type of control with a display makes it possible to select a program for delicate things. Also, you can easily get rid of stains by selecting a special mode. The program of express washing will help quickly to refresh things and to spend a minimum of time.

Electrolux EWG 147410 W

The body of the machine is protected from leaks. Also included is protection from excessive foam formation and imbalance. The A ++ energy efficiency class makes the model a worthy acquisition.

The cost is from 40 000 rubles.

Electrolux EWS 1064 SAU

Narrow compact washing machine: dimensions - 60х42х85 cm, front loading type, capacity - 6 kg of laundry. A high energy efficiency class A +++ allows the washing machine to use only 3 kW / h. The water costs per cycle are 46 liters.

Electrolux EWS 1064 SAU

The maximum spin speed is 1000 revolutions; adjustable, there is the possibility of turning off the spin.

Control includes 14 washing programs. You will be able to wash your outer clothing, sports things, delicate products. Also there is a mode of easy ironing and removal of stains. Standard panel protection against accidental pressing.

The price is from 23 000 rubles.

Which Electrolux machine to choose

Having studied the technical characteristics, you can formulate your opinion about the cars of the brand "Electrolux". According to experts, the most high-quality and expensive models are produced in Italy and Sweden. Customer feedback will also indicate the benefits of this or that option.

Be careful when buying, pay attention to the assembly site. Focus on free space in the room to select a machine with a vertical or front loading.

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